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mashabiki wanachagua: Ashton Kutcher
mashabiki wanachagua: Yes
mashabiki wanachagua: Yes, It's my favorite!
Yes, It&# 39; s my favorite!
Yes, but I also upendo other...
mashabiki wanachagua: Yes
mashabiki wanachagua: Yes! I loved it!
Yes! I loved it!
What are wewe talking about?
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bado hakuna aliyejibu hili swali
bado hakuna aliyejibu hili swali
bado hakuna aliyejibu hili swali
bado hakuna aliyejibu hili swali
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tinytynan alisema …
Hi Ellen- I am uandishi to wewe because I just Lost my younger brother who was 36 a week zamani tomorrow. It has been literally the worst week of my life and I have such a strong mother I don't know how she is doing it. There were two sides to my brother, the brother I knew and loved and was funny and the addict. Unfortunately when he passed I had to defend and blast people on social media bc they knew he was an addict. I will fight to end addiction bc I upendo my brother and he would want that. Thx ilitumwa siku 15 zilizopita
Janice63 alisema …
Hi Ellen I have loved your onyesha for a very long while now. I upendo your kind moyo and your humor, your onyesha is positive and optimistic in this crazy and stressful world right now. I am a licensed clinical social worker in private practice in Middletown, Connecticut. I have been in the field of social work for over 40 years, the first 20 being in the field of child welfare. I am now looking for open a center for art and creativity and need funding for a space to do this. Can wewe help ? ilitumwa siku 16 zilizopita
ladyv3 alisema …
Hello Ellen I just love,love,love your onyesha but it's just been hell getting tickets to come to the onyesha how can I get tickets to the onyesha so I can have just as much fun I see on your show. ilitumwa mwezi moja 1 uliopita