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posted by lauren777222
I slayed here.I was born here.I was loved here.I was fooled here.But most of all,I was made fun here.I'm Leora Contessa Salone.Most people call me Leo au Tessa.I'm a pretty normal 14 mwaka old girl.Except,at least,of course,if normal girls slept in vortex's trying to defend her ultra evil father from a crazy cat goddess named Bast.Odd life,Huh? I'm an offspring of an Eygptian god named Apophis.I look like my fathers human form:amber eyes,Blonde hair,and petite figure.I decided to leave my fathers wing-or is it tail since his a snake,when I was 13.Here's the story.———————————————————————————...
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posted by PercyJackson11
Got ideas for a new banner?

Then create it, and send it to me through fanpop messages, and I will post all the submissions as a pick, and the winner (obviously) will be the new banner!

So, please come up with a creative banner, and send it to me, PercyJackson11.


2) Must be a suitable size for the banner. (a.k.a. a normal square picture won't work, it must be a rectangle sized well enough for none of it to be cut off if ilitumwa on Fanpop.)

If wewe are the winner, wewe will be credited and get the honor of having YOUR ARTWORK as the club's banner.

I will not be the one to decide, I will take all the submissions, place them into a shabiki pick, and have the mashabiki decide which banner looks the best!

Please feel free to send as many submissions as possible.

Thanks and good luck!