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zanhar1 alinipa heshima za my polls
I just upendo muziki in general, gotta support my bands and make sure they can put out new albums. The reason I go to so many concerts is because they give me something to look mbele to during rough patches. As someone who has seen around 50 bands in concerts (mostly metal) I can tell wewe that (IMO) it's not that bad. The volume really depends on the band you're seeing and where you're at in the crowd. I've only ever come out of a tamasha with my ears ringing once. And that's because... ilitumwa masaa 23 yaliyopita
zanhar1 ametoa maoni…
I was standing right in front of the speaker and I'm so short that I was ear level with it. I've even gone to a tamasha with an ear infection and came out fine. The noise level surprisingly isn't that bad. au maybe my ears are just used to being constantly exposed to that kind of volume. Honestly all wanyama are good imo. I'm especially partial to dogs, they just stick with wewe and support you. Rabbits are great too if wewe want something to hold and cuddle with. masaa 23 yaliyopita
zanhar1 ametoa maoni…
I hear wewe on the procrastination. I'm so bad that I procrastinate things I enjoy. I finally wrote a fic yesterday for the first time in months. Finally got back to my original story too. Seriously though, good luck with all of the blogs and guilds! I'm sure people appreciate them. masaa 23 yaliyopita
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I hope so too. I think any decent person would be upset if their pet was in pain. Ton of concerts lol. I swear no bands I like came around in the fall & winter. They all popped out like spring daises this month. Saw Miyavi a few nights zamani and I'm gonna be seeing Delain (for a 4th time) this week. They're with Hammer fall who I also like. And a few weeks from now I'll be seeing Battle Beast with Sabaton and Leaves Eyes. I upendo all three. ilitumwa siku moja 1 iliyopita
zanhar1 ametoa maoni…
And a few days after that I'll be seeing Sirenia with Arkona and MindMaze. Again I upendo all three. I might even get to see Xandria. But that depends on my wallet lol. I've kind of spoiled myself with concerts. But winter and fall were so quiet. Legit all of the good bands always onyesha up around the same time as each other, it's crazy. Pets are always fun, hopefully wewe can get some space. I haven't been on DA in ages. Sounds like a lot to do. Some of it fun though, hopefully. I hear ya on the money thing. I'm terribly materialistic but don't have the funds to be. It's a problem that I need to work on. Good luck though, get that cash, man. siku moja 1 iliyopita
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His back leg isn't working so to speak. It's either broken au paralyzed and we legit can't afford to take him to the vet. He's having trouble hopping. For a little bit there it looked like he was going to die. And I'm still not sure if he's gonna be okay because his breed has a lifespan of 4-5 years. And he's gonna be 5 soon. He seems like he doing alright now though. As for myself, I'm doing better now. Last week was just a bad one. This week has been full of concerts so my mind has been off... ilitumwa siku moja 1 iliyopita
zanhar1 ametoa maoni…
of the bad stuff. Plus I got a new book about Regina. Hopefully it stays that way. Thank you. How about you? wewe doing good? siku moja 1 iliyopita