Liana Monroe 🌺

fanpopping tangu December 2016

  • Favorite Movie: 🎬 Vanilla Sky, Cold Mountain, Amelie, Moulin Rouge, Gone With The Wind, and a lot of others. 📽️
    Favorite Musician: 🎵Mostly muziki from movies. Different songs kwa different artists. Instrumental music. 🎶
    Favorite Book or Author: 📚The Book Thief kwa Markus Zusak, Le liseur du 6h27 kwa Jean-Paul Didierlaurent - I just upendo that light atmosphere. 📖
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namelessbastard alinipa heshima za my comments
thanks and wewe too ilitumwa siku 5 zilizopita
JosepineJackson ametoa maoni…
You're welcome 🌸 siku 5 zilizopita
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Thank wewe so much Josephine 💛 Update about you? What are wewe up to these days?
I hope wewe are having a good time.too🌸 ilitumwa siku 5 zilizopita
JosepineJackson ametoa maoni…
wewe are always welcome Rahul 💜 I'm just enjoying summer, my body getting back to normal after a pretty bad stomach virus 🌼 Just doing a lot of DIYs, kusoma books, watching sinema and just spending time with family 🌺 Hope you'll have a beautiful siku today 🌸 (by the way, my real name is Liana so wewe can call me so) ☀️ siku 5 zilizopita
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Give ♥ this ♥ to ♥ the ♥ twelve ♥ nicest ♥ people ♥ wewe ♥ know ♥ on ♥ fanpop ilitumwa siku 6 zilizopita
JosepineJackson ametoa maoni…
Aww, thank wewe 💜 siku 5 zilizopita