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Bella: “Whatever you’re thinking, Alice, I doubt I’m that free.”
Alice: “Free is free, right?”
Bella: “I’m sure I still have boundaries — like the continental U.S., for example.”
Angela and Ben laughed, but Alice grimaced in real disappointment. – pg 38

Alice’s expression was something I recognized — an expression that sent an automatic shock of panic through my body. The vacant look in her eyes told me that she was seeing something very different from the mundane lunchroom scene that surrounded us, but something every bit as real in its own way. Something that was coming,...
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Alice Cullen
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This is a FanFiction starting when Alice first woke up as a vampire.

Alice P.O.V.

My eyes eased open slowly. I couldn't remember why, but my body ached all over. I groaned. Now I thought about it, I couldn't remember anything...Not what I had done yesterday...Not who I had been with...Not even the date. The blackness disappeared as my eyes finally opened, facing a foggy sky. Slowly, I took my right hand and rubbed the back of it over my eye. What had happened???

Suddenly, I wasn't lying on my back facing a grey sky and aching all over...Instead, I was somewhere else and I wished I knew where....
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Alice is a very friendly person and she shares many of the physical traits associated with Twilight vampires, such as inhuman beauty, pale skin, golden eyes (which darken as thirst increases) and deep purple shadows under her eyes. She is described as being petite, the shortest of the Cullens at 4'10", "thin in the extreme", with small, "pixie-like" features. She is also described to have large eyes and long, delicate eyebrows. Her hair is described as cropped short, spiky, and deep black. She moves gracefully, continually cited as dancing, with a carriage that would "break any ballerina's heart", as described kwa Bella in Twilight.
At the beginning of Twilight, when Edward Cullen first states his attraction towards Bella Swan, Alice is interested. Alice had a vision about her and Bella becoming Marafiki and knew there was a distinct possibility that it would one siku happen. Therefore, she is very supportive of the relationship between Edward and Bella. When Bella comes to visit the Cullens' house, Alice is polite and friendly, uigizaji as if Bella is already a member of her family. With her mental powers, Alice also knows that Bella could very well become a vampire and the spouse of her adopted brother.

Alice with Jasper...
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Alice's early history is very vague, as she remembers nothing of her human life and woke up alone as a vampire. It is eventually revealed that she was born around 1901 in Biloxi, Mississippi and was kept in an asylum because she had premonitions, which intensified into her "special ability" when she was changed into a vampire. While at the asylum she was always kept in a dark cell, which is another reason why she remembered so little. Alice was changed kwa a vampire who worked at the asylum, in order to protect her from James, a tracker vampire who was hunting her. She and Bella are the only...
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Alice foresaw Jasper Hale finding her in a vision before he even knew he was looking for her. They met face-to-face in a diner located in Philadelphia, where she told him that she had been waiting a long time for his arrival. A little bewildered but intrigued with her knowing him, Jasper "bowed his head like a good southern gentleman" and answered, "I'm sorry, ma'am." She offered him her hand, a non-verbal swali of whether au not he would like to go with her. He did indeed take her hand, as the sight of it brought him hope "for the first time in almost a century". During their companionship...
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