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Okay, so basically, I had to type up a loose translation of the song for an uigizaji group. We were going to perform it with actions. Though, of course, I had to maoni on the lines. xD Read ahead. OwO

The first Alice bravely wandered into the Wonderland, sword in hand. (plastic sword)
Cutting down countless creatures, she left a bright red path behind her. (red paint :D)
This Alice is the one of the forest, (...trees :D)
Locked away as a fugitive. (mini-jail cell...?)
If it weren't for the path she made in the forest, no one would know she existed. (and... she falls)

The sekunde Alice meekly sang...
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posted by zerowakakkoi
Anyone heard it? It's really funny. I'll put the lyrics here because they're fun to write. Yes, I know they're in the video description.

Look at that! I've got a sword! I'm in a maua, ua field!
HEY! Look! A spade's on my hand! The ghost is now concealed! (IN DARKNESS!)
I'm cutting down these cool roses! I make scary face!!!
I walk down a path of red onto another place! (SAD FACE!)

Look at that! wewe see shadows of hands in my eyes!
OH MY GOD! They're grabbing at me! Let go of my thighs!!! (FAN SERVICE)
The background before is back, but I have disappeared
Never mind, wewe see my bleeding hand. This just...
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