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For advancement in spiritual world we need to surrender ourselves to spiritual “Guru” (teacher). Surrender here means with body, mind, moyo and most important with our “ego”. Why is it important to surrender ego? It is because ego stops us in surrendering ourselves to guru. Therefore to surrender to guru, it is very important to remove ego within us. Here we will try to know kinds of ego found within us.

Within us we can find two kind of ego. The first one very familiar with us related to “I, me, mine etc”. As we assume I’m the doer, achiever of something, it is mine etc. This...
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posted by lilylove89
Angels are spiritual beings often depicted as messengers of God in the Hebrew and Christian Bibles along with the Quran. The English word Angel is derived from the Greek ἄγγελος, a translation of מלאך (mal'akh) in the Hebrew Bible (Tanakh); a similar term, ملائكة (Malāīkah), is used in the Qur'an. The Hebrew and Greek words originally mean messenger, and depending on the context may refer either to a human messenger (possibly a prophet au priest, such as Malachi, "my messenger", but also for zaidi mundane characters, as in the Greek superscription that the Book of Malachi...
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posted by Silverdoe
 "Look, all I know is, I was not groped kwa an angel."
"Look, all I know is, I was not groped by an angel."
“I’m an Angel of the Lord.”

This single line uttered in Lazarus Rising was an unbelievable one and had mashabiki questioning on whether Castiel, the person claiming to have pulled Dean from Hell, really was an Angel au if it was some horrible trick. But it’s quickly dismissed.

“This is your problem, Dean. wewe have no faith.”

Lightning flashes, engulfing the room and on Castiel’s back great shadowy wings appear, stretching off into the distance. The light goes out and the image disappears. It was the truth. It’s an angel. The maswali then begin.

Over the centuries there have been...
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“Unheeded warnings pushed me to the ground,

They pushed harder and harder till they knocked me down.

Only left with the desire to rise,

Into those lovely empyreal skies.

My wrongdoings, my feelings of hate,

Caused me to carry this troublesome weight.

To make things right is not always the goal,

I will be free when I earn someone’s soul.

I must win one heart,

Somehow, someway,

Or after ten years I won’t live one zaidi day.

My dire situation, with my trust and my fear,

I must find just one person, one person to hold dear.

The skies are calling,

I’m wanting to fly.

My wings are broken, frozen stiff...
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posted by amethyst44
wewe can't see me, but I can see you,
Forever and eternity, no matter what wewe do,
I'll always be there for you, don't worry,
Because the tale will live on, our everlasting story.

Don't think about Death being a pit stop,
Because there is no end to this heavenly drop,
Of dreams that float in your dreams all night,
For I will be there to calm your fright.

Cascade over clouds and suns that only demons could wonder,
And let me guide wewe past all the disasters and thunder,
Of clashing wars and all these ready dynamite,
Won't ever take away what we hold in light.

So I will protect you, save you,
Do whatever I can to be true,
So I can prove to wewe what I really am,
A beloved Angel and your Guardian.
posted by lilylove89
"One night when me and my stepdad was outside in the backyard listening to some music.I was looking at something.Then my stepdad told me to look at this star.then i looked at was comeing to us.And it lit my whole backyard.while the other backyards were dark.then it went away."
"When my step-Grandmother past away.I was so Upset.Because i was so close to her.i wasn't very happy.i mean people tried to make me happy.but it didn't work.So when i was in my room.I heard this horn noise.and i knew it wasn't no car au train horn.Then i asked my mom and my stepdad."Did wewe here that big horn noice."But my mom alisema no.while my stepdad alisema yes.ANd then i knew she was with the angels.
“The Angel of the LORD encampeth round about them that fear him, and delivereth them.” Psalm34:7(KJV)

There are angels all around us, placed there as ministering sprits to help and deliver us. I have been kusoma this scripture for so long and I really never got it, until yesterday the pastor read in church a scripture that I must share in order for us to see how much God has his angels all around us protecting, and not only protecting but delivering us from all things.

Let’s briefly look at this story and wewe may read it in 2 kings 6. The king of Aram was angry at Elisha because he was...
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posted by emo_grl_4eva
I sit alone
Wandering if wewe know what I'm feeling
Cuz I know
I never meant to hurt you
And I know
That I was broken
And I was Lost before i was blessed with you

When wewe hold me in your arms
I know you're here to save me
I know that wewe were made for me
You're my guardian Angel from god
And oh everytime wewe are with me
I know that wewe wont break me
You're my guardian Angel from god

I cried alone
All my past I was lonely
You came along
You took my hand and washed away my doubt
And now i know
All the things i've alisema wont matter
In the end when wewe say "I upendo You" again

When wewe hold me in your arms
I know that...
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