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Earlier this week, B.A.P returned to New York City for their third tamasha in Times Square's Playstation Theater since debuting in 2012. While one would think they'd find the venue comforting, the boy band expressed a nervous excitement ahead of the show, which was the seventh North American tarehe in their current 'Live on Earth' world tour.

Before the boys proved how much they've grown since their last NYC onyesha two years ago, the group's Yongguk, Himchan, Daehyun, Youngjae, Jongup and Zelo spoke to Fuse exclusively about their current tour, future muziki plans, friendship and more. Read on for...
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After a much-anticipated wait, B.A.P has finally made their comeback after a mwaka and nine months on “Music Bank.”

The members of B.A.P opened up in an interview, talking about their new album “MATRIX.” Bang Yong Guk said, “A lot has changed since the last time we had a comeback, even the waiting room. I’m so nervous for our first stage that I’m trembling. I have the same feeling now as I did when we were making comebacks as rookies. Also, it’s strange; we only debuted in 2012 but we already have a lot of juniors now. Originally we had zaidi seniors than juniors, so it’s unfamiliar.”...
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English Translation:

Yeah, sounds good!
We fly here B.A.P, leggo!

Boom clap! boom boom clap! (x 3)
Yeah, let it go something like

Dudes, that’s just not it
Is muziki a joke? It’s not for us
Because you’re like that, I’m like this – if wewe weren’t like that, would I be like this?
Just stop and quit it – just go away over there

Goodness, their attitudes are really not cool
Oh my, hyungnims^, look at them – that’s just really not it
Isn’t ignoring and badmouthing bad guys what a real man does?
Rapping like this – isn’t that the good stuff?

I will break apart the paradigm trapped...
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English Translation:

I can’t believe it, it’s really perfect
I am breathless, it’s not fair
Your eyes, your lips, you’re everything really left me shook up

Like a fool, I Lost myself to her unforgettable first impression

It’s like my moyo is broken (malfunctioning)
My upendo is on fire
My moyo beats thump thump (and beats)
Please save me (You’re my girl)

Help me help me help me
My breath quickens when I see you
Help me help me help me
When I see wewe my eyes get dazzled
My moyo thumps thumps and looks for you
Wehere wewe are? I’m waiting for you

You wewe wewe – meeting wewe is really...
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English Translation:

To all my baby, yessir!

Follow us yessir!
Start, ready action
We’re back to the, to the oldschool.

Living pearls that flip over the standards of success in this floow
Criticism and artists are water and oil, don’t mix
Don’t wear it, a tarnished name

Prsent a new paradigm
Our lyrics are essays that wake up little children
Ain’t nobody living there’s only room to go up
Ready action all worship, raise your hands and everyone yessir!

Ready to fly, fly
We gettin’ high, high
We don’t have limits, wewe can’t know the end oh~
Ready to fly, fly
We gettin’ high, high
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English Translation:

Don’t frown with that pretty face
If you’re not mad, don’t kill me
Don’t just say you’ll understand and that it’s fine
Don’t be mad, I want wewe to smile

You can do whatever wewe want in front of me
wewe don’t have to be coy with me
So please don’t get mad at me

Tell me, this isn’t right, this is too much baby
You get mad, then upendo me again
Why do wewe go back and forth, why? (oh baby)

You might get upset at me and resent me at times but
I want to tell you, who gets mad so easily

Don’t get mad at me, stop it, please don’t do this
I’m getting annoyed, I’m...
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English Translation:

Listen babe,
I’ll dedicate this song for you.
A really happy you, who is inayofuata to me
I waited for today, your birthday

Your smile that looks at me oh
It’s really, really bright
I want to pick those stars for you

Happy birthday to you
My beautiful love
Baby, only for you
Because you’re here, I’m happy
Happy birthday to you
Just like today, forever
Baby, only for you
We’re going to be together

From when I open my eyes till I close them,
I only think of wewe for the whole day
It’s lonely, a night without you
You, who is like the sunshine that shines through the window
You wake...
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English Translation:

Yeah return to battle field
Pay attention everybody

Hey my fellaz take a look around
Everyday strugglin’, ready to rumble

Ay ladies and gentleman
Follow the leader BAP

Hit it yo bring it on
There’s nothing that wewe should give on up, because wewe Lost your way
Small scars are just gears to me
Get down
I scream at the juu of life
Round the clock
Realize it
I stand up again
I’m the Ijak-do Mountain that even ignores curses
King kong
Everyone attack me, I’m still strong

Through the eyes that are looking at me
Erase those worries
I won’t fall down
I won’t onyesha any cracks

Err Err...
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English Translation

One shot, Let me tell wewe something that wewe already know.
You just get the rock to me.
You know what I mean?

There’s only one chance as wewe walk on this dark path
Shine the light like Martin Luther King
Get your mind outta the gutter
It’s too early for failure, you’re still young
One shot, one chance
There’s no sekunde chance, don’t lose it, get ready now
Hell yeh, challenge yourself, spread your small self out, just do it

One shot!
Are wewe gonna give in? Are wewe gonna be caught kwa the surrounding traps?
Only one shot!
Don’t run away, turn around and face your faces
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English Translation:

Ladies and Gentlemen
B.A.P’s Time Is Back, Leggo

Only your mouth is alive as wewe say “I’m ill”
Our size is different, wewe think you’re something because wewe debuted?
You put in your insoles and challenge me but wewe can’t even reach my height
I wash my eyes and look but still can’t see you
I’m already up higher than you
Everyone walking on this oath
I’ll ask wewe to wind up and songesha out the way
I believe in myself, I stand out
Take it to the top
Get out of my way, I don’t like you, all of you

I’m different from wewe all, it’s my music, my music
Look carefully, let...
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English Translation:

“Hey! What’re wewe doing?”
“Did wewe see her?”
“What?? I’m right inayofuata to you!”
“Ah, I’m just looking”
“I can’t believe you”
“No no, guys are all like that, listen to my story”

Long hair rather than short
Small mpira wa kikapu shoes rather than heels
Even without makeup, a girl who overflows with confidence
When I see a girl like that, without knowing, my eye goes to her
Rather than a voluptuous body, I like a girl whose fit naturally comes to life
I’m not looking for a fight but whenever I see a girl like that
Without knowing, I just go bow wow...
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