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As wewe can infer, this is my personal rank about Belle's outfits, one of the best dressed Disney animated females, in my opinion.

See also my orodha about link.

 The brown sequel vazi, pazia
The brown sequel cloak

8. Brownish-red Cloak

Movies: Beauty and the Beast: Belle's Magical World

I know I can't expect so much from a sequel animation, but this vazi, pazia is awful. The color is too dark, I've never liked brown. Belle wears it with her blue dress and this is a really terrible combination. The kofia also doesn't fit with her hair: brown kofia with brown hair? Bad.

 The every-day blue outfit
The every-day blue outfit

7. Casual Blue and White Outfit...
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 [i]Belle & Beast[/i]
[i]Belle & Beast[/i]
Profile on her

Name: Belle
Height: 5ft 2 ins
Star sign: Taurus

Her strengths:
Is kind-hearted,brave,friendly,daydreamer.

Her weaknesses: Is stubborn

Like: Reading books, daydreaming about romance and handsome princes

Self-centred men who are vain.


‘His no monster Gaston wewe are’
‘If wewe didn’t frighten me, I wouldn’t have ran away’
‘Please don’t leave me…….I upendo you’.
‘His rude and conceited and oh papa his not for me’.

Voice actress:
Paige ‘O Hara


Name: Adam
Star sign: Leo au Taurus

Likes:Playing in the snow, dancing

Dislikes: Someone disrupting...
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