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This is a fic about Blair losing her virginity to chuck rather than her boyfriend Nate, who she had always dreamt and planned on losing it to. This is a post-Victor-Victrola story. Unlike other fics about this storyline it focuses on Blair's feelings about herself, Nate and Chuck too. It is still a Chuck/Blair story. Its mainly Blair feeling confident and proud that she gets to have a happy moment without her cheating, never-there boyfriend and how someone else (chuck) was there for her and made her feel worthy and it has made her realise that she is worth it and doesn't need to...
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 Romeao and Juliet.....only better!!!
Romeao and Juliet.....only better!!!
Episode 01- Jealousy has its Merits

Gossip Girl (Voice of Kristen Bell) #They say keep your Marafiki close and enemies closer...but what happens when Marafiki become enemies and enemies become friends? Welcome to the upper East side where even Mother Teresa is at risk of corruption. wewe know wewe upendo me #

In School Yard.
Blair sits with Serena.

Serena(S): So, have wewe seen chuck lately?
Blair(B): Chuck? why would i see him? no i haven't.
S: just, wewe and him seem kinda friendly.
B: Ugh! I don't think so! Chuck doesn't have any friends. He isn't capable of having a conversation that doesn't involve...
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Gossip Girl
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