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I know cameron. And he is a little strange. HE goes to the same school as me, SOCES. One thing is his freckles. IF wewe have ever seen him in person he has much zaidi freckles than wewe think he does. Second, he is very short. We are in fifth grade and i am 4'9. HE probably about 4'5, 4'6.Another thing is that he writes very interesting stories in english class. He also loves hugging high school girls. Him and his Marafiki will go around the school hugging high school girls.It's fun to watch. Lastly, he likes to brake dance randomly in the middle of recces au lunch. Hope wewe learned about cameron. If wewe have any questions, just ask me!
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@1091 Pictures -Cal and Cecily are bullied high school students who turn to revenge to settle scores with their tormentors. With no one to turn to, they spiral into a downward cycle of misguided violence.
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When two hearts come together
They work as one
And nobody can break them apart
The upendo is to strong
And it is so nice
To be so calm
It makes me feel
As if everything
Is light and bright
And the darknes is gone
The pace never slows
But never speeds up
Because they work as one
One moyo
Two lovers
Everything is sweet
Like Candy
And nice
Like a cool breeze on a hot day
When the hearts work as one
Nothing is hard
The feeling is great
The touch is sweet
upendo is not complicated
When the hearts work as one
i know EVERYTHNG about cameron boyce!! heres a orodha of thngs i know bout him!
1.He was born May 28,1999
2.His inayopendelewa kind of dancing is breakdancing
3.He started modeling at age 7
4.He was on Grownups, Mirrors, Eagle Eye, n Judy Moody
5.He starred in Shake It Up n Good Luck Charlie
6.He was on Dancing with the stars and Americas Got talent
7.He has a sister
8.Hes now on "Jessie"
9.His Facebook page iz...well i cnt tell u but i know it!!
10.His email, well i cnt tell u!