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“Did wewe know that Yagami spelled backwards says ‘I’m a gay’?”

“Explain to me the logic behind MelloxNear, and I’ll give wewe a million bucks.”

“Does L ever change his clothes, au is he just that crazy for giant white shirts and jeans? Really, wtf is up with that?...”

“The swali we all want answered: is Mello au girl, au does he just have really bad PMS?”

“Why did Light have to make everything so damn complicated? It wasn’t like we couldn’t tell he was gonna lose in the end… oh, did I just spoil something for you? Sorry… not.”

“Raise your hand if wewe also...
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-There are spoilers inside of this article.-

It's been over a mwezi since I finished the series, but now I've finally decided to post my entire thoughts on the series, in general.

To me, Death Note is a true masterpiece, but that isn't what this makala is about.

Moral lesson and good and evil is key in Death Note, and the onyesha will always swali your own moral views, get wewe thinking about it. No other anime has done that for me, so I think of this one as special. Death Note is not a battle between the brains and moral maoni of Light and L, but zaidi of weighing out good and evil, itself.

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