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posted by marijah1234
I think that being mean and obnoxious to your Marafiki is very mean and your going against your friend code. Sometimes I think some people aren't real good friends, and other are worth checking out and others will have your back through everything. Like if your having trouble with your girlfriend au boyfriend au your parents, they'll be right there to protect wewe and help wewe through your pain. I personally think that my friend, Azaria, was being mean to me because she allowed my sister who is 3 years older than me to hold the baby standing up but she wouldn't let me!!! I am bigger than my sister, stronger than my sister, and weigh zaidi than my sister. (9 pounds more). I'm not fat but my sister is really, really skinny!!
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posted by 3CarBear
Okay, so im adopted. im from Marshall Islands, Majuro. im 12. i live in usa. I upendo my life and i upendo my family. yes i was adopted when i was a baby. and yes i wonder who my family is. i am smart,happy,and -sorry- very talented. Both my adoptive parents are white and from Ohio. I have one bro and one sis they are adopted too. they are not blood related but are from the same adoption agensy. they both look hispanic and both are equally amazing. my mom cant have babies. so she adopted.

Just thought i tell u bout my life.
i kno i spelled stuff wrong.