chakula Network Hachette vitabu works on 6 EASY RECIPE GUIDES under their "Food Network Magazine" brand!

DDD1988Redux posted on Jun 15, 2015 at 04:13AM
There are definitely plans for Hachette Books to work on a series of 6 easy recipe guides under their "Food Network Magazine" brand, which will each have 1,000 easy recipes under any of the following volumes:

* "Breakfast Recipes" (Volume 1) - Featuring approx. 1,000 easy breakfast recipes
* "Lunch & Dinner Recipes" (Volume 2) - Featuring approx. 500 easy lunch recipes and 500 easy dinner recipes
* "Appetizer & Snack Recipes" (Volume 3) - Featuring approx. 500 easy appetizer recipes and 500 easy snack recipes
* "Dessert Recipes" (Volume 4) - Featuring approx. 1,000 easy dessert recipes
* "Beverage Recipes" (Volume 5) - Featuring approx. 1,000 easy beverage recipes
* "Side & Salad Recipes" (Volume 6) - Featuring approx. 500 easy side recipes and 500 easy salad recipes

It will take approx. 5 years for Hachette Books to publish these easy recipe guides with 2,000+ pages each; news won't be reported for these yet. For more information, please visit the following link: link
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