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OK, so I saw that recently, a lot of people have been posting these "You know you're a potterhead when..." stuff. So I thought I'd put together some of the ones I'd seen people say au post. I believe I have 50 au so. Here they are:

You Know You're A Potterhead When...

...you get married and wewe want to say "Always" instead of "I do"
...you wish wewe could get married to another Harry Potter shabiki so that wewe could beak Unbreakable Vows instead of regular wedding vows.
...you cry because wewe don't get your Hogwarts acceptance letter
...you can't say "Honestly, don't wewe read?" without sounding exactly...
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In February 2006 JK Rowling donated a sketch of the Black family mti for a Book Aid charity auction, and as expected, it generated a great deal of interest and excitement in the Harry Potter shabiki community. And finally, as the mwaka draws to a close, the MuggleNet Encyclopedia has managed to get the full family tree, along with information about the people on it, up on site - and about time too, a lot of wewe might say.

Whilst the mti gives a fascinating insight into the background of one of the oldest pure-blood families of all, it also threw up a number of surprising facts and - perhaps - the...
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Tom Marvalo Riddle / Voldemort:

- Voldemort's real name, Tom Marvalo Riddle, is an anagram for 'I am Lord Voldemort'.
- In the sinema Voldemort's wand's handle appears to be made of bone, even though the vitabu says nothing about this.
- J.K. Rowling has later revealed that the crouched human child-like form in Kings kuvuka, msalaba when Harry was talking to Dumbledor, was actually Voldemort.
- There were rumors saying that the actors Rowan Atkinson and John Malkovich were considerd for the role of Lord Voldemort for the 4th movie. Both of these proved to be false.
- In 2001 Christian Coulson was cast for...
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 Hello Eddie, we meet again!
Hello Eddie, we meet again!
Hi guys, I managed to see this Harry Potter spin-off just now at the cinema with 2 of my classmates. Here's my review about the film since that there is no shabiki club about this movie yet!

The Story

Unlike the typical Harry Potter that I had read and watch the series, the story is extraordinary unusual especially in the Harry Potter Universe. I was a bit disappointed because they should have shown a bit of Lord Voldemort's background, and I thought that Credence was an ancestor of Voldemort due to their mannerism, motives and magic. Secondly, I was not very happy that they use the term 'No-Maj'...
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