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I upendo Hermione, Harry, Luna, Ron, Hagrid, Snape, Dobby and more. But loving these characters is kind of a common thing.. Some characters aren't loved, au treated the way they deserved to be. Here is a orodha of underrated characters I absolutely love!

1- Fleur
In my whole life, I've never met a single Fleur shabiki expect me. Everyone thinks that she is just an arrogant Veela. Nobody looks at her personality, even not a bit. Firstly, Fleur is daring. She may look like one of those fragile girls, however she participated in the contest in "Goblet Of Fire" and was the only girl in it. She cares about...
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Learn the dark legacy of Sebastian Sallow, and begin your adventure at the legendary wizarding school.
hogwarts legacy
sebastian sallow's dark legacy
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Throughout the Harry Potter books, there are some variations between the Bloomsbury (British) and Scholastic (American) editions. Below the first section on "Philosopher's vs. Sorcerer's" is a section on other different terminologies used.

Philosopher's vs. Sorcerer's

When Scholastic was publishing Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone in America, they decided to rename the book Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone. They claimed that the American and British uses of the word philosopher were a bit different, so therefore sorcerer was a zaidi appropriate word. Any true Harry Potter fan, American...
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 the only weasley I don't like
the only weasley I don't like
So I know I'm gonna receive a lot of hatred for this, but I actually dislike Ginny Weasley. I don't hate her, the series are full of characters I cannot relate to au just don't like for some particular reason, for example Cho is one of them.

When I tell someone I dislike Ginny, they start to answer me like this:

"Go read the books!"

This definitely was worse for me. I disliked book Ginny more, and I got it the moment I finished kusoma the Chamber Of Secrets. She didn't even do anything in the book. It was all Harry saving her and she trembling all the book.

But more, she is wildly overrated in...
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Headmaster Albus Dumbledore: His first name is from the Latin word alba, "white." His last name, according to Rowling interviews, is Old English for "bumblebee." In colour symbolism, white often stands for purity, so the headmaster's name suggests honour and a hard-working nature ("busy as a bee").
Professor Binns: A bin is a large storage container. A dustbin is British English for a garbage can. This boring professor could be described as a ghostly storage for information that many Hogwarts students view as rubbish.
Headmaster Armando Dippet: Armando is from the name Armand,...
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There are many, many reasons to upendo Hermione Granger. She is a wonderfully written character and a great role model. However, lately I've been seeing a lot of people say things to the extent of "i upendo hermione because she's sooooo pretty!!!!! she's the most beautiful girl in hogwarts and i upendo her!!!!!" It seems harmless, and it probably is. But I have a problem with it.

People tend to obsess over her appearances, when Hermione herself would probably scoff at such things. Hermione was never one to care all that much about physical appearances; she was far zaidi concerned over zaidi important...
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