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They were both laying on the kitanda in the middle of the night, Hugh with her head on his chest. She was listening to his moyo beat for a while and she closed her tired eyelids. Her breath was calm and steady and Hugh thought she’s finally asleep. He slowly took his hands from under the back of his neck and delicately grabbed her kwa the arms to roll her over. While he was laying her on her back, she opened her eyes looking into his just above her head. His hands were still at her back, pressed to the kitanda kwa her body.

“I-I thought wewe were sleeping…” he muttered, feeling her deep breaths...
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posted by Noeloe
I got so many reviews! Thank wewe all so much!:D:D Enjoy!

He gently lay her down on the kitanda and sat down inayofuata to her as she tried to decipher the emotions written in his face. He grab her hand and started to rub it gently to make her and himself relax for what he was about to say. ‘Lizzie…’, he started as he looked straight into her eyes and saw fear mixed with hope, ‘I’m not going on that tarehe tomorrow.’ She looked at him questioningly as if she didn’t understand why. ‘I’m not going because…, it would be useless to go on a tarehe with a woman when I already upendo someone else.’,...
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posted by huddyislove
Attention, Huli lovers and sinners! (and both XD)
Since I think that this spot needs a bit boost, and since I want to thank wewe for earning me a red medal with your rating :))), I decided to write a new fic!

(Actually, I'm lying. I had one in mind for a mwezi au so, I just wanted it to sound nice XDDD)

So, since I didn't write enough to be publish (yet),
I'm gonna do what I always do...
Give wewe a sneak peek.... :D

Tell me what wewe think, guys :D
Reviews are lovely! :DDD

...When something wewe want zaidi than anything is forbidden ....

“We shouldn't” he whispered in between the kisses. “It seems...
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Several days passed, Hugh didn't know how to talk to his wife about what their children had said.
Jo was in the room and Hugh was about to enter but heard that Jo was on the phone and he decided not to enter.
"I can not see you, I told you, my husband is here ... yeah I'll talk to him, I promise that soon I will talk with him, I upendo wewe too, bye." Decia Jo.
Hugh entered the room and confronted his wife.
"Some days ago, the boys talked to me and told me they thought wewe had a lover ... I did not want to believe that ... but now I see that is true au not?" alisema Hugh, his wife looked shocked,...
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posted by Noeloe
Hey! Thanks to everyone who read & reviewed! Sorry for the wait on this part... I hope wewe enjoy it!

When they arrived at the studio Hugh went straight to the coffee machine while Lisa wanted to go to her trailer first. ‘Good morning!’, Robert alisema enthusiastically when he saw Hugh walking into the lounge. ‘Morning…’, Hugh didn’t look at Robert. ‘So, how was your tarehe with Mindy?’ Hugh turned his head and frowned, ‘Are wewe freaking kidding me?’, he alisema irritated. ‘I really think there aren’t any other people in the world zaidi wrong for each other then we are. It...
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hujambo sinners!
I know I know, I haven't updated memories in a while and I shouldn't start a new fic... But this story will have very small chapters and b/c I don't have much time I will be able to update sooner:) It's not a very good story, but I hope wewe enjoy it anyways. I'm not giving up on memories, I'll try to give wewe new chapters of that one in the weekends. Meanwhile I hope wewe enjoy this story!

‘You can’t go away! wewe promised!’, Lisa screamed. ‘I know, but...’ Hugh tried, although he knew it wouldn’t help. ‘No buts! wewe know how important it is that wewe are here with me...
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