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posted by huddyforever
Lisa nd Hugh just sat there staring at eachother in the mirror. “Well. I don’t know what to say.”Lisa said. “Lisa, are wewe Ok doing this?” He asked her. The stylist was now done and both of them got out of the chairs. Lisa sighed and put her hand on Hugh’s shoulder. “I’ll be fine.” She alisema a little plainly not believing herself. “Are wewe going to be fine?” She continued. Hugh gave a charming smile and in his brilliant British voice said, “Yeah, I’ll be fine.” And then they smiled at eachother and proceded through the doors and out the hallway. Cameras golore and...
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A/N: So again a little bit of a late update SORRY. I will update tuesday the last chapie.

I hope wewe like this chap is a little long and repeting itself but well it was necessary. Ok?

So please review! I upendo to hear what wewe think ;)

“Katie?” Hugh finished the sentence for her.


“Yes.” Lisa sighed, feeling her eyes tearing again. Hugh was confused.

“Are wewe jealous?” Lisa shook her head denying.

“Then why are wewe making such a fuss about it?”

“Because… Hugh… wewe hurt me.” She alisema holding his eyes, then...
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posted by huddyislove
Definitely about to spoil wewe xDDDDD
Oh, I've been too good to wewe these days, haven't I?
Oh, what the heck. You're my fellow sinners :DDDDD

She rolled on her side and there he was. Sleeping calmly with a big smile on his face.
She knew him so well, he must have been dreaming something great. Someone great. Perhaps her. Perhaps not.
She knew him so well, so why did that smile on his face bother her that much. Did it hide something she didn’t want to see?
Did it say something she didn’t want to hear?
Perhaps, perhaps not.
He was so peaceful, he wasn’t moving, almost like he wasn’t breathing...
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Unfortunately it's poor quality but I upendo their interaction with each other! HL acts appalled when the interviewer apparently askes LE about Hugh's kissing technique. I also upendo that LE can't stop laughing. LOL
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Hugh in 2003 talking what he would do if he was God...pretty funny
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Hugh Laurie
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posted by maverickangel35
Someone tell how in the world I ended up with 20+ parts to this...?!

    “Morning, Hugh,” Lisa called, coming out of her trailer a week later. Filming had begun on The Social Contract, and she had not had reason to be on set for a while. Hugh paused where he was talking to David kwa the breakfast meza, jedwali and smiled, waving her over.
    “How’ve wewe been?” He asked, feeling a strange, settling feeling come over him. The whole time she hadn’t been on set they had no opportunity to speak to each other, on the phone au otherwise, and now that...
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posted by LisaLover
It's me again with another one-shot fic. I had an idea and I didn't wanna be too particular so... here it is, extremely short :P ;)
Please R&R ;)

Waiting for his scene Hugh walked around the studio where the crew was working on scenes taking place in Cuddy’s house.
“I will prove that wewe don’t upendo him” an actor alisema and pulled Lisa into a kiss. The couple began to kiss zaidi and zaidi passionate, then continued to make out heading Cuddy’s bedroom.
“Cut!” someone shouted while Hugh was standing in shock after what he’d just witnessed . When he was kusoma the script he focused...
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