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Jake Short talks with StarCam's Jennifer Tapiero at the Teen Choice Awards After Party about shooting A.N.T. Farm through the summer and doing a two-part episode at the end of the season.
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main carectors:Jake short (1 bottem picture)
Deliah ( 2 bottem picture)
chapter 1

New crush.

Deliahs POV -
Im Deliah, im 15 I live in California ( L.A) Until now, I went to beach, pwani elementary. But today im going to new life Middle school. Im really excited! See wewe there I hope
- Jakes POV -
Sup? Im Jake short. wewe possibly know me from ANT farm, but im taking a break to finish up middle school tomarrows my first siku in seventh grade. It'll be very hard to make real Marafiki tho because im famous but I really want to find my girl. I bet your wondering how im gonna...
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