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*If wewe haven't seen the movie Hard Candy (another Ellen Paige film which is a great movie!), then watch the film first au get details on about the film before kusoma this, because I don't wanna give spoilers to it. But if wewe have seen it, then wewe can read this. Maybe about the sekunde time watching the film, wewe may have noticed these small connections with each other.*

I was watching Hard Candy for the sekunde time one night, and noticed it had some similarities to Juno. Hard Candy did come first before Juno, so Juno may have connections to it. I paused the movie and asked my parents if they...
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A note from the author: I wrote this paper for an assignment. I really enjoyed uandishi this essay and I hope wewe enjoy kusoma it.

I believe that Juno will influence the portrayal of women of the films we’ll see in the inayofuata decade because of the intelligence and honesty that it gives to its female characters and the resonance that this movie has had with the current and upcoming movie making generation. We live in world where kids grow up too fast, men don’t grow up fast enough and women still fight the epic battle between career and family kwa themselves, even when they’re married. Juno...
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posted by arrowone
hi all. ain't it great we can finally have opinions about things again now that we swept that white trash kichaka administration out the door? Trying to tell a bunch of saddened people they're not criminals for having opinions like we weren't crushed over 9/11 too. And that's why Diablo Cody is a genius. She probably had Juno finished for the longest time and nobody wanted to buy it until she watched enough fox, mbweha News and such and realized that "hey...maybe my protagonist should KEEP the baby." She started to do what all starving script writers have done during the wifebeater kichaka years -- ask themselves...
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posted by sawfan13
wewe are the cheese to my macaroni
You are always there
You never do care
Even when my off beat ideas
Or if I messed up on guitar, gitaa playing
You never make fun of me
You always clap and cheer
Even if the crowd boos and jeers
You'll be like the only one clapping and loving it.
I upendo it that wewe need me
I upendo it that I need you
A tarehe with me is like going to the playground and talking
And a tarehe with wewe is like so real, so calm
Others say we're so unromantic
I just tell them to stick it up and shut it up
While wewe give them the bird.
Eric and Donna could have never been this way
Because we never fight au yell...
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I've seen this movie out of the corner of my eye on my laptop many times. Spider-Man 3 and Dark Knight as well. So I have lots of opinions about Juno. Here's what I liked.

1) Alison Janney's character was the best concept in the script. The idea that she's disrespected and regarded as ineffectual and a nuisance until the siku there's actually something going on that she should be on the ball for. And damned if she is. What a nice metaphor for what Moniq was saying.

2) Juno's friend is so fine. Honest to blog.

3) The storyline with the Lorings fit in no other movie except Juno. A major strength...
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posted by KateSmiley
In one siku a life can change
and only wewe can decide if it is for the better
and although sometimes it might seem strange
wewe relize its up to wewe to make it better

When wewe hold that little bundle of joy
wewe must Forget that rotten boy
that left wewe when wewe needed him most
to suck the moyo out of his inayofuata host

SO take this wonderful gift wewe recieved
and teach her not to be decieved
for wewe upendo her no matter what
so Shut Shut Shut
the door to her moyo must go until your ready
to let her go

THis time may be hard for family and Marafiki
but the wounds in your moyo will surely mend
and while your time being young seemed so brief
dont lengthen time now with all the grief

She says goodbye and so do wewe
and both of wewe
know that wewe share a upendo thats true


Never give up wewe will always make it might be hard but the child that loves wewe is always worth keeping.
Okay homeskillet and homeskilletettes. Before wewe write a movie-mov, wewe have to follow ten major steps.

1. Give yourself a mwaka to write it...but don't get started until 364 days in. The dialogue will flow zaidi naturally on the fly with eight hours and a hundred pages to go.

2. Come up with a super genius funny gimmick like I did in Juno with the barfing in Bren's urn. I was so proud of that. So so proud of it. DIDN'T wewe THINK IT WAS CLEVER?!!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

3. I don't like to paint my characters in a corner just to have to figure out ways to get them out. I prefer to just cut to the ending. I mean who's gonna tell?

4. Now Asian characters can be tricky. Originally I was going to play Su-Chin like a Vietnamese hooker. I was met with resistence. That's gonna happen in what I call "the biz". BUT I DID get to keep her broken English. All babies want to get borned!
Perhaps the amazing underlying subtext of Juno is that if society treated women better and had zaidi respect for their tastes they'd be aliyopewa better things then what's on the screen to put on a pedestule. Juno has a chair placed throughout in order to make it seem artsy and deep. They never onyesha Juno and her friend being sold Life Saver dots and being told they're acid, which means we also don't get to see how warped and tripped out they pretend they are as a result. Juno is like a school siku during a blizzard. A deflated football everyone tries to push over the goalline.
posted by arrowone
juno: you're taking soupy sales to prom while I'm pregnant!

bleeker: yeah well you're the one who broke my moyo first I should be super pissed at wewe

juno: well...I'm a planet!

bleeker: that's it? That's how you're gonna win the argument Mott the Hoople homeskillet way beyond my maturity level Greta Rauss? Diablo Cody Airlines would be funny. The most heavily decorated plane that ever crashed.

Juno is an excursion through that dorm at the big state college where wewe think it's a bunch of people who are very insightful but no...it's people like the Moldy Peaches.
Hi all. Juno sucks. If wewe want a good example of what the nice lady underneath this post says, see jackie brown au sleepaway camp. Sleepaway camp is a wonderful example of female empowerment kicking butt. It's like Munich for the weird girl. Juno would have worked alot better if Alison Janney were the focus but all the teenagers would have stayed from it. Lots of good parts in Juno but they're wasted. Lots of good OBSERVATIONS in Juno...and they're wasted.

Forget juno. Anyone could have written it. Watch how Diablo Cody wants zaidi then anything to make the "dream big!" point--

You don't even...
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