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A deal involving the alleged Leighton Meester sex tape appears to have been closed, because the website alisema to be negotiating for its rights has ilitumwa some pictures of what looks like the Gossip Girl nyota in a sex video on its nyumbani page.

Celebhotline.com is billing the scandalous tape with the tagline "Gossip Girl Gets Wild!" and says that in it, Leighton Meester shows off various body parts and is even seen "giving a footjob." wewe can use your imagination on that one.

Again, the tape has not been viewed, and Leighton's reps have not ametoa maoni on the tape, so stay tuned for future details as this story develops.

It definitely looks like it's real in the stills, though. Follow the jump for some picha released kwa the site promoting the Leighton Meester sex tape ...
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