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 Ebony Jet Interview: Beautiful!!
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Lisa thought that if Michael would see that Madeline didn't bothered about his present,he would get her out of the house.She called a friend and told him that she wants to have a painting with her and Michael in their wedding's siku ready until Michael's birthday and her friend alisema that it'll be.Now,she only needed the shirt.Madeline asked a friend to help her about it and Lisa spyed them and after a day,she already had the shirt.Madeline was working really hard at the painting and it was ready only in the night before Michael's birthday.In that morning at 9 a.m.,everybody came in Michael's...
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The inayofuata siku Janet came kwa and talked to Michael:"What are wewe thinking?!You know that Madeline loves you!And I know wewe upendo her!She is just afraid of a relationship because she doesn't wants to be rejected that's all!How can wewe do this to her?!You don't even like Lisa!"."Yes,I do!I like her since 2 months ago!And Madeline doesn't loves me,and last night I discovered that neither do I!I just thought that I upendo her,but last night Lisa totally Charmed me!So,I'll tarehe her and maybe things will go well and we'll get maried!"."Michael,are wewe shure that wewe upendo Lisa,not Madeline?"."Yes,I am!"."Ok...
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 Sexy Mikey
Sexy Mikey
The reception had got off to a rocky start at first because the chakula and drinks were 15 dakika late To make matters worse, the wedding cake was also late. Apparently, the caters had got lost. When Jason heard this news, he told Ayanna, who freaked out.

"What are we going to do?!", she cried. "How are we going to feed all of these people?!"

"Relax, baby. wewe don't need to be getting upset in your condition.", he said.

"DON'T TELL ME WHAT TO DO!", she screamed, tears running down her cheeks.

Breanna, who had been talking quietly to Michael walked over to them. Michael followed her.

"What's going...
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Presley 'didn't turn her back' on Jackson:
Michael Jackson's ex-wife Lisa Marie Presley has fought back rumours that she ignored an SOS message from the 'Thriller' singer before his death.
Elvis's daughter was reported to be wracked with guilt over her dismissal of a voicemail from Jackson 2 years zamani in which he alisema he was losing control of his life.
A chanzo apparently told us Weekly: [Jackson] alisema he needed [presley's] help because his life was spinning out of control and begged her to call him But she never did. She kept saying ''I should've done something'' and blames herself.
Presley's spokesperson dismissed the reports as rubbish saying: ''I don't believe this is true''
Tribute video, for a tribute comic book project coming "soon"... All art is made kwa => ernhell.blogspot.com Video hommage pour une bd a venir ... Toutes les picha par => ernhell.blogspot.com <3 Rest in peace King of muziki <3
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Michael Jackson
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Okay what is the deal with everyone hating paris because they claim she is out of control? How in the heck does her having spiked hair and wearing makeup make her out of control??? Seriously? Paris is a teenager from crying out loud, of course she aint going to be the small shy paris anymore shes growing up. Michael raised her well, and paris would never go out of control because she knows better. Not to mention, michael's mother would probably not allow paris to be out of control because she knows what michael wants of her. Michael would not want us hating his daughter, i find it silly and...
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