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The muziki video to 'Butterflies and Hurricanes' from Muse's third studio album 'Absolution'
butterflies and hurricanes
butterflies & hurricanes
muziki video
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What, exactly, does this have to properly do with all things music? Well, this Matt Bellamy is the very same Matt Bellamy as the Matt Bellamy that sings under the guise of Matt Bellamy in the Matt Bellamy-fronted rock band Muse. But beyond that, nowt. But it is Friday, wewe know. Not a lot generally happens on Fridays. Apart from Jonathan Ross. I tend to make sure I'm out...

So, anyway: Matt Bellamy - yes, that Matt Bellamy - reckons 9/11 was an "inside job", carried out in order to _"have an excuse to invade the Middle East"_. wewe probably didn't hear it here first. We didn't - we read CMU.

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