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 The Crystal Empire
The Crystal Empire
Intro: Am G C Dm C Dm G

C         G
Princess Cadance needs our help
     Am             G
Her magic will not last forever
C     G
I think we can do it
But we need to work together
F          C
We have to get this right
    Am    G     C
Yes we have to make them see
    Dm         F        ...
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posted by StarWarsFan7
A/N: Wow... It's been a while since I've written one of these. Oh well. These are my inayopendelewa ponies from 5 (least) to 1 (best).

5.) Daisy, Lily, and Rose
I know these Earth mares are three ponies but I consider them my fifth inayopendelewa ponies. Reason being that they look like best friends. Also because they are maua, ua ponies since they were named after flowers. Rose and daisy have been officially named but Lily has not yet. In my opinion, I see Rose as my inayopendelewa out of the three mares. She's beautiful and her voice used to be like Fluttershy.

 Rose, Daisy, Lily
Rose, Daisy, Lily

4.) Diamond Mint
Diamond Mint...
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Since Mystery inc destroyed the notorious Scheme kwa Pericles and his master, The Evil Entity, they're imprisoned in the confine of the portal.
But now, the remains of the evil duos were still at large thanks to their minds.
One of the exact oldest disciples was none other than The male Father to The once beautifully girl band on Canterlot High,The Dazzling, Forte Luster Dazzles, wants to do every thing in his power to resurrect his old master out from the portal to reclaim equestria.
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Eris's Eyes

"Oh god" I thought. "Moon Dust sure is weird." "Eris are wewe alright!" Luna gasped. She ran down the hallway to Eris. "Your mother has been looking for you!" She exclaimed. "The other fillies were messing with her again." Moon Dust quickly said.
"What!" Celestia walked into the hallway. Moon Dust quickly bowed down. "Hello Princess" Moon Dust said. "Get up Moon Dust I'm sick of wewe doing that your my sister's apprentice your practically royal" She stood up "This has to end" "But, Mom I'm so sick of being babied! wewe know what I wish wewe all would let me deal with my problems!" I ran out of the hallway out of the ngome and to the mountains.
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