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posted by Seanthehedgehog
Willits, Alicornia. January 3rd, 1981.

Stallion 95: *Slams his hoof on a counter* This is bullshit!
Stallion 42: Don't give me that attitude. It wasn't my decision. Q alisema we have to stay here until we find the both of them.
Stallion 95: What if they were lying? We don't know where they are. I'm calling Q.

Napa, Alicornia

Penny: *Arrives in a 1977 Ford Mustang*
Vito: *Walks outside of the house to see Penny* Hey. *Hugs her*
Penny: It's so good to see wewe again.
Vito: Let's go inside. wewe alisema wewe wanted to meet my brother.

Vito is narrating as he walks into the house with Penny

Narrator: Our new mwaka was off to a good start. Penny continued her job in advertising, while Kayla worked at a grocery store. She also had a simple transfer. Jerry and I started working in the wine fields. Our jobs didn't pay as much as I thought, but that didn't bother me. I knew we'd make zaidi money soon, but unlike last year, we wouldn't have to worry about somepony shooting bullets at us.
Vito: *Working alongside two Mexicans* How long does it take to buy one of these wineries, and make the real bucks?
Mexican 74: zaidi than what we can afford amigo.
Mexican 25: It's somewhere up in the five digit zone.
Narrator: I had enough money, but if I bought it now, I'd immediately go bankrupt since there were other expenses to pay.

Back in San Franciscolt

Q: I don't want to hear excuses!
Stallion 95: We've been here for five days, and they haven't shown up! They lied! Jerry, and Vito could be anywhere in the world! Now we don't know where they are!
Q: I'm sending zaidi ponies over there. We want wewe to comb this entire state. All the way from the north, to the Mexican border. *Hangs up*
Boss: *Walks over to Q* Still no sign of them?
Q: I gave them the order to wait for backup. Then they'll tafuta this entire state like wewe requested.
Boss: It won't be easy, but I know we can find them.

2 B Continued
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Dawn Chandler shows wewe step kwa step video about how to draw an alicorn princes pony.
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dawn chandler

Our disguises faded away, and we turned back to normal

Shortly after upinde wa mvua Dash's arrival, we turned back to normal.

Sean: Our disguises are gone. Cadence, do wewe know any spells to make us look like one of them?
Cadence: No I don't.
Sean: Alright. *gets map of castle* We've got a lot of ammo, explosives, and we need to create a lot of confusion if we're getting out of here alive.
Rainbow Dash: What should we do?
Sean: Dash, I want wewe to place some explosives in this room, most of them should go kwa the door, for when the enemy tries to open them, they'll die.
Shredder: There's also...
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A cute G3 song
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