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Please answer this swali about Evangeline!

Okay, I'm uandishi a story about Demons and stuff, and I think this would be a great place to start (correct me if I'm wrong). If any of wewe have read Negima au Dracula (especially the former), please reply. The main Character in my story is a Demon, but unlike most demons, he's different: He's a Devoted, a wealthy man with a loving wife (who is Human and knows about her husband's "secret") and works as a superhero of sorts. I like the premise of this story because it asks a question: Can Demonic forces be Good? Have Wanyonya damu every tried NOT being Vampires, wewe know, try to cure themselves au use there powers for the greater good and destroying other vampires.

Especially in the case of Evangeline. I read a bit of Negima so I pretty much get her kwa now.

There was this character, Evangeline AK McDowell. She was a Vampire. She was just a normal, upper-class British girl, until some entity turned her into a Vampire, and killed her entire family. She could’ve killed that entity, which would cure her of her Vampirism. I don’t know whether au not she did, but I doubt it since she was still a Vampire and went with it. She became a monster, hunting down people and giving little children nightmares, earning herself the names “Dark Evangel” “The Doll Master” and “Maga Nosferatu”. Then a magician placed a curse on her, and trapped her within the campus ground of a Hogwarts-styled wizarding school. To wewe au me, maybe this would be enough for her to turn over a new leaf, maybe even find a cure for her Vampirism. I was wrong, and heartbroken. She took over the school…I think, everyone now refers to her as master, and obey her every wimp to the point of licking her feet…literally, not metaphorically.

Why couldn’t Evangeline cure herself, and if she couldn’t, why not at least try to live a normal life, why go looking for trouble? Why allow yourself to get trapped in a wizard school? Even so, why not make friends, why are wewe so mean Evangeline?

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TheDarkEmpire said:
Your pretty close on her background wewe just missing a few things, allow me to fill in some of the holes.

1st off, I don't think Evangeline could've killed the thing that turned her into a vampire as she was fairly weak in her early years. She use a dark magic of her on ubunifu for self-defence until she gained strength.

2nd, it's not a school for wizards, It's a normal school seceretly run kwa wizards. Most of the students don't use magic au even know magic is real.

3rd, she didn't take over the school. The main character is the son of the Thousand Master (the wizard who put a curse on her). Taking advantage of a weakness in the curse, she attacked him saying that if she drank his blood the curse would be lifted completely. He fought her off, but only got a taste of her power. He later asked her to train him in magic, which is why he calls her master (but no ones ever licked her feet).

To answer your questions: Eva has never alisema anything about curing her Vampirism. She's been a vampire for hundreds and hundreds of years has most likly long aliyopewa up on any kind of cure.

When meet the Thousand Master, he was the 1st person in a long time that wasn't scared of her. She started to grow attached to him but the true nature of they're relationship is unknown. At some point, they fight and she loses and gets cursed. He was probably hoping she would turn over a new leaf, but she grew to hate the school and him.

In the years leading up to "Negima", the classmates that knew who she was avoided her like she was Hitler, to everyone else, she was the weird kid who never talked, so the only people she associated with were trouble students who only needed her for her magic. This plus years as a vampire has made her uchungu, chungu and cold to everyone.
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Thanks for the update, I was unaware people still used Fanpop. I am well aware at this point the school is run kwa Wizards but most students are unaware of Magic's existance (though that doesn't stop it from occuring everywhere), and when I say she "took over the school", I mean I've noticed a lot of people are under her wing as either students au slaves, and those who aren't are just put up au shut up. Again, this is just my own interpretation, so it's only opinionated, but thanks for broadening my horizons.
Osmium_Machine posted zaidi ya mwaka mmoja uliopita
John321123 said:
Actually, Evangeline is a good character. wewe know she later helps Negi and his friends? She destroied that demon when Negi couldn't. Only her additude is a little mean. And she is trapped inside of a normal school because she loved Nagi (Negi's father) and he tricked her. Evangeline is my inayopendelewa character because she has that mean additude and she looks like a cute little girl. That's probbably what Ken Akamatsu wanted her to be. Even thought her additude is bad, she has a good heart.So, you're wrong about her being bad.
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