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posted by i_love_dragons
Bit of Background
Ah, Nintendo, one of my inayopendelewa memories of childhood. If you've read my makala then wewe know that I obsess over EVERYTHING and video games is one of them. RPG's especially because a good story that wewe get to play in is just awesome and Nintendo never let me down in the past. But has it now?

First impressions:
The N64 was my first encounter with nintendo, and how could I not upendo it when wewe have games like mario 64, mario party 2 and 3, donkey kong 64, kirby and the crystal shards, starfox, yoshi stories, zelda and so many more. Nintendo was looking good with countless good...
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posted by woowie
My pop alisema I have to get rid of my Wii tomorrow, and I have some things to tell it that I wan't to share with you. :'(

Wii, wewe are zaidi than just a videogame, wewe are like the brother I never had. wewe showed me responsibility and lots more. wewe were my best friend. Even though wewe were an electronic, wewe understood me. My feelings, my beliefs, everything. wewe hold many memories, good and bad. I will think about wewe every day, every hour, every minute, every second. wewe are the best Wii anyone could ever ask for. I may have yelled. I may have called wewe a worthless electronic. Don't believe...
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 ice mario(left) propeller mario(middle) penguin, auk mario (right)
ice mario(left) propeller mario(middle) penguin mario (right)
this game is deffinitly not at all like the others this is a 4 player game. it is also made for ds but wii has a lot zaidi powerups and better levels.powerups includ propeller powerup
grab a propeller mushroomto transform into propeller mario and launch into the sky.find an ice maua, ua and turn into ice mario press 1 to throw an ice ball and freeze enemys in thar tracs.penguin suit is not like the others it has multiple powers ,ice balls slideing on belly.u can never under estemate mario he and luigi have ben around for years.
Gamecock Media Group announced today that Blazing Lizard's Pirates vs. Ninjas Dodgeball will release on Wii this winter. The title features two ancient rivals, ninjas and pirates, along with several other teams, all looking to settle the score once and for all - on the dodgeball court.

"The competition between the Pirates and the Ninjas is so huge that battles are breaking out all over," alisema Harry Miller, El Presidente of Gamecock Media Group. "We're happy to bring this grand conflict to the Wii, and give players the chance to help determine who the ultimate champions are."

Pirates vs. Ninjas...
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posted by knifewrench
Created kwa Team17; Worms SO is a bit of an odd addition to the Worms series, but that doesn’t stop it from being a good game.

As far back as I can remember Worms games have never really had stories; WSO made a little bit of effort to set the scene, but didn’t try to force it like the Sonic series has done recently. As wewe progress through the Story Mode wewe will gain new flags, voices, heads, graves, cutscenes and a mini game which wewe will have to complete at the end of each planet.
The cutscenes are short but extremely amusing; this is partly due to how expressive the worm’s...
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