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 Mirror, mirror on the screen, who are the best and worst actors on the show?
Mirror, mirror on the screen, who are the best and worst actors on the show?
I thought of this while I was doing my kura za maoni about the best villain actors on the show. It also made me think of the Nostalgia Critic's best and worst Avatar: The Last Airbender episodes videos. So I decided to do a orodha of the best and worst actors on the show. Now, I would like to make ONE THING PERFECTLY CLEAR! Just because someone is in the worst list, it DOESN'T mean that I think they're a bad actor, just that I think that they're uigizaji isn't as good as the others. Because I think the uigizaji in Once Upon A Time is absolutely brilliant. So here is my orodha of both the worst of the best...
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Nearly a mwaka zamani I made a orodha of my juu 10 most beautiful women on the onyesha but now my opinion has changed. It's changed even zaidi because now we have some new beauties that we didn't have before. Please maoni and if someone wewe think is really beautiful isn't here it doesn't mean I don't find them attractive, it just means they're not as beautiful as the others. If you're wondering how I feel about a certain character's looks who's not here feel free to ask me. Anyway, enjoy!

The only Once Upon A Time In Wonderland character to make this orodha and boy she's a knock out!...
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After seeing many of these I decided I'd type one too. This is not just for the prettiest women but also my hottest men as well. I just lumped it in to one article.

10. Tamara

Though I'm on and off with her character I think Tamara is quite pretty. I upendo her hair, I don't know how she can make it that perfect, like hot damn I can't even get my hair to stop doing that frizzy thing unless I spend like 20 dakika with a hair straighter. I mean her hair is just so long silky and smooth. I also like her lips, just something about them. Her face in general is well structured; eyes, nose, lips are...
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