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 Mirror, mirror on the screen, who are the best and worst actors on the show?
Mirror, mirror on the screen, who are the best and worst actors on the show?
I thought of this while I was doing my kura za maoni about the best villain actors on the show. It also made me think of the Nostalgia Critic's best and worst Avatar: The Last Airbender episodes videos. So I decided to do a orodha of the best and worst actors on the show. Now, I would like to make ONE THING PERFECTLY CLEAR! Just because someone is in the worst list, it DOESN'T mean that I think they're a bad actor, just that I think that they're uigizaji isn't as good as the others. Because I think the uigizaji in Once Upon A Time is absolutely brilliant. So here is my orodha of both the worst of the best...
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I was just thinking about the fairy tale characters' real world counterparts, and I noticed that most of them had names that tied into their "real," fairy tale selves. So I decided to throw together a orodha of their names, with meanings and explanations, just for kicks. First I will say what the character's name is in fairy tale land, then in the real world, with meaning attached. All name meanings come from the website Behind the Name, with help from Wikipedia.

I will add zaidi characters when they are introduced and hariri existing characters when we know their full names and/or know zaidi about...
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One of the reasons I upendo OUAT is because its basically just one really screwed up family. Nearly all the main characters are related in some way at this point. While I was putting together their family mti I thought of something that would make it even better.

All we need is for two theories to be confirmed.

Theory #1: Eva and Cora are sisters. This would explain why Cora was so familiar with eva at her funeral.

Theory #2: Gina is Rumple's illegitimate daughter with Cora, unbeknownst to him. We know Rumps and Cora were in some sort of relationship so this isn't impossible.

We know so little about Cora at this point that its quite possible that one au both of these could be true and if they were the OUAT family mti would be come a circle.
I rewatched the first five on my DVD last night and I caught a few things. They may have been noticed, but I just want to orodha them and other bila mpangilio things.

1.The Tinker Bell windmill shot ( cameo)

2.At the War Council meeting, Granny is knitting a blanket and its Emma's iconic baby blanket

3.The Wardrobe,is a nod to Narnia

4.The flowers in Snow's hair, are the ones in the little vase she puts kwa Davids bedside on her rounds at the hospital

5.Granny's diner has Forest/Woods karatasi la kupamba ukuta and its where Ruby works ( Little Red Riding hood, dont go walking in those spooky old woods)

6.Regina has an Ornate...
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Mirrors have always been closely associated with Regina, even before her debut as a character in Once through her Disney counterpart. But just because she's now apart from that part of herself doesn't mean that the mirrors are any less symbolic. That alisema I won't be talking much of her relationship with the magic mirror (aka Sidney) as my goal here is to address the symbolism of the mirrors.

Mirrors as Symbolism

The mirror thing started pretty early with Regina.

Back in season 1 Regina was probaby the character most seen in front of the mirror. And quite a number of times she would be holding...
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So this is an makala I could have sworn I typed ages zamani but apparently did not. I found that out when I wanted to link people to it on coolsinger198's kura ya maoni lol. Coolsinger198 also made an makala on this topic so if anyone is interested in hearing the opposing viewpoint I recommend the article; link She explains her opinions without insulting any character and that's always cool.

So I'll start kwa saying that I don't think it is 100% Gold's fault that Regina went to the dark side. I think there are other people who got her there and I do think that (naturally) it was her fault too. Not completely...
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