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sanaa ya shabiki
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This One Direction sanaa ya shabiki contains anime, comic kitabu, manga, cartoon, and mkono.

Zayn’s POV:
The inayofuata day, we hired a van and Louis sat there driving.
He alisema “That’s her home…” pointing to one of the houses in the street.
We were all anxiously waiting for her to step out of her house. And yeah, she did.
We had some chloroform with us which we poured it on a cloth.
She came closer to our van. I was having the chloroform dipped cloth in my hand. I held my hands outside and pressed that over her face.
She started struggling hard and kicked Niall on his stomach.
After some seconds, she was out of consciousness.
Louis alisema “PERFECT!”
Next we had to kidnap Harry. What a...
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Chap7 the school explore~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Louis'sPOV: I stood inayofuata to some girl. Her name was Ashlie. She ws cute Bt not my type. I looked around and saw a girl vth black ponytail red streks sitting beside me. 
Louis: hie I m Louis 
Xxx: I m Tess 
Louis: so would wewe like to onyesha me around 
Tess: well Ashlie is there 
Louis: babe Bt I want wewe to onyesha me around 
Tess: I m not your babe 
Louis: well ur cute so I can call u that 
Tess: no u can't call me that 
Louis: so baby 
Tess: no 
The kengele rang and Ashlie pulled my hand and took me around the school. 
And here I was dying . 

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posted by NvrShoutNvr4evr
Niall Horan Fanfic Chapter 7: We’re All in This Together
    We drove nyumbani in silence. We didn’t look at each other, nothing. We finally pulled up to the hotel and we were going to go in through the back. I opened my door grabbed my crutches and started to go inside. My crutch got stuck in a crack and I fell over. Niall raced over to help me up.
“Would wewe be careful.” He alisema sternly.
“I’m sorry I just fell, it’s dark and quite frankly I can’t see.” I shot back.
    I could see he was hurt, but right now he was being a jerk so I didn’t...
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