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posted by 02oealim
So I think the A team is a huge number of people. The theory so for is Toby, Mona, Ezra, Aria and Alison. But I think it is just zaidi than that. I feel like all the liars are part of the A team but just not know that they are all in. Alison's reason: She wants to get back at everything that has happened when she was "gone" how people like Paige and Lucas wanted to find out why they would want to hurt the liars. inayofuata Aria: she felt she had to help Alison because of all the secrets they shared so she would not tell any of them. Now Hanna's reasons: she felt like she owed Alison favors because of all the help she gave Hanna to make her skinny. Now Spencer: she can't trust anyone so this is her way of inaonyesha that she can't. And she wants to be there are many lies and liars that she can't take it anymore. And last Emily: she thought that her lover would like it if she jiunge the A team so she did. I Hope that they can work thing out!
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posted by duncylovescourt
. born june 14, 1989
. is currently 21
. from memphis tennesse
. American family- brittany jane - 2007
. The Apostles - rachel rydell - 2008
.The sisterhood of the traveling pants 2- effie kaligaris - 2008
. Fear island- megan- 2009
. Sorority wars- Katie Parker- 2009
. scream 4- unknown- 2011
. Neds declassified school survival guide - amy cassidy - 2005
. Screts of a small town - tisha steele- 2006
. drake & Josh - hazel - 2006
. the O.C - hadley Hawthron - 2006
. How i met your mother -Katie scherbatsky - 2007
. Bionic Women - Becca Sommers - 2007
. Wizards...
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The Queen bees of the show, Alison DiLaurentis and Mona Vanderwall both are two of the most complex characters on Pretty Little Liars. Alison is the leader of the infamous group, the Liars, and Mona is a frenemy, and sometimes ally of them. They are both known for not always being to nicest to they friends, au allies in Mona's case, and both are manipulative.I personally upendo them both equally. However, I want to make this makala to slightly distinguish which character is the better one on this onyesha right now. There will be a few categories in which I will pick which girl prevails over...
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posted by coolsinger198
Ever since the season 5 season premiere, the liars have labeled shana Fring as A? But there is one problem.

She never alisema she was A.

Shana showed up in a black hoodie, gloves and all, A's typical outfit. She obviously came to hurt Alison, but there is no proof she was A.

Remember when Shana was attacked kwa A in her car? How could she possibly be A?


1.Shana was working for Big A.

Shana was attacked. maybe because Big A had to tell her something very important to lead him/her to Ali.

2.Shana was blackmailed into being A.

This makes sense. Maybe the real A told Shana to go to NY to pretend...
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