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One siku in the uyoga kingdom called Toad Town, Princess peach, pichi was having a chai party with Pauline.Then they saw Mario and Luigi running after shadow Queen theres my boyfriend Mario alisema Pauline then peach, pichi got mad at Pauline and pulled pauline over to her then peach, pichi put paulines head in her mouth then pushed Pauline further then bit Pauline in her mouth then she swallowed Pauline what a yummy Pauline alisema peach, pichi SHUT UP peach, pichi ONCE I GET OUT OF YOUR BELLY I WILL CHAIN SAW wewe IN HALF alisema Pauline
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Racing, scoring goals, helping other princesses and saving plays at the Sparkle Theatre? What can’t Princess peach, pichi do? Jordan takes us through all of Peach’s inayopendelewa activities. Forget waiting around in a ngome to be rescued,…
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peach, pichi is taking on the transformations of a lifetime to save the Sparkle Theater! She’s suiting up, lassoing baddies, and leading the investigation against zabibu and the sour, wamekula Bunch.
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princess peach: showtime!
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