Robert Downey Jr For what reason do wewe admire RDJ the most?

Pick one:
He's been in many movies.
He stands tall and with dignity (and dresses nicely).
He has awesome hair.
He's in your inayopendelewa movie.
He is an amazing actor and wewe upendo all his movies.
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He is an amazing actor, he dresses nicely and has awesome eyes and hair
Added by Eve_
all of the above plus an amazing smile
Added by cougarcub
His intelligence and all of the above with this...
His intelligence and all of the above with this sweet smile
Added by Galadrieltoo
All of the above and he&# 39; s hot!!!
All of the above and he's hot!!!
Added by adieee
The Man got sober and got his life back and he is just one gifted Actor(period)
Added by jcham
He turned his life around - Got off drugs, still a fantastic actor and a great si
Added by lisafare
He is the HOTTEST man alive!
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He's incredibly talented and extreeeemely smug and sarcastic! :P
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Just because you're madly in upendo with him!!
He turned his life around, continues to help...
He turned his life around, continues to help others, I AM madly in upendo with him,
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 saviandcat posted zaidi ya mwaka mmoja uliopita
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