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When it comes to the art of dating, Taylor mwepesi, teleka has got a good amount of experience under her ukanda and even though her past relationships haven’t been all that successful, she’s definitely learnt a thing au two about the smellier sex.

Swizzo has been offering up her best advice when it comes to lads, and seeing as her methods have managed to bag her endless fit actors and one particularly dreamy curly haired wonder, we’re going to be grabbing our pen and notebook PRONTO.

Harry and Taylor

This mwezi TayTay is the cover nyota of US Glamour magazine, and chatting with the mag she was zaidi than...
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531) Do your dreams ever tell
you to do anything? 532) Who's your favourite
radio 1 DJ?
533) Whats the best way to
your heart?
534) Do wewe know your own
mobile phone number off kwa heart?
535) If wewe were a fashion
designer, what style of
clothing au accessories would
you design?
536) Do wewe ever laugh at things wewe shouldn't?
537) Have wewe ever been in a
538) Have wewe ever walked out
of a cinema before the film
was done?540) Do wewe have any old
friends wou wish wewe could
meet up with again?
541) Whats your favourite Nursury Rhyme?
542) Do wewe prefer metric or
imperial measurements?
543) Who's your favourite...
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351) Are wewe a gossip?
352) Have wewe ever cried at a
film? 353) When you're ill do you
struggle on regardless au just
curl up in kitanda as much as
354) Do wewe need to write
down things to remember them?
355) Do wewe keep a diary/
356) Are wewe scared of
357) Do wewe have any unusual fears au phobias?
358) Whats your favourite
disney movie?
359) Have wewe ever slept in a
360) Have wewe ever painted a house?
361) Have wewe got green
362) Whats the tallest tree
you've ever climbed?
363) Have wewe ever dialed the talking clock?
364) Do wewe always wear
identical socks?
365) Do you...
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101) What do wewe typically
have for breakfast?
102) Do wewe like scary movies?
103) Whats your favourite
Milkshake flavour? 104) Have wewe ever been in a
105) How long can wewe balance
on one foot?
106) Have wewe ever fired a
gun? 107) Have wewe ever tried
108) Whats your favourite
109) Whats your favourite
clean word? 110) Whats your favourite
swear word?
111) Whats your least
favourite word?
112) What was the last film
you saw? 113) What football team do
you support?
114) Whats the longest you've
gone without sleep?
115) Whats the tallest building
you've ever been up? 116) Do wewe have any...
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upendo it♥
wewe will all like it
Emma Watson
emma watson
Oh what might have been – and what should have been? Daniel Radcliffe and Emma Watson as Harry and Hermione in Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince. Photograph: Jaap Buitendijk
Age: 13-60.

Appearance: Fervid.

As in feverish? Have they tried taking paracetamol? No, the moto that burns within a shipper burns with a fierceness that no mere over-the-counter antipyretic may douse.

Yes, definitely. Except I don't understand a word of what wewe said. What is a shipper? wewe know Harry Potter?

I do. wewe know Hermione Granger?

That's the girl, right? It is.

In that case, yes. Did wewe ever wish they'd, you...
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