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posted by Greaserluver
First off, if wewe don't like sad things then don't read this. Ok if wewe are still kusoma this then wewe might cry. I'm warning you. I did. Ok here it goes. I was looking at things in the official website for the book and movie of The Outsiders,, and I decided to go on the FAQ's. So I went to the Maswali yanayoulizwa about the book and each of the questions. There were only three. When I got to the last question, I couldn't believe it. Here is exactly what it said: In a special feature on the DVD The Outsiders: The Complete Novel, Rob Lowe reveals that S. E. Hinton told him that...
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posted by MJ_Fan_4Life007
wewe were sitting in your shared apartment with Sodapop. wewe two have been together for two years now. wewe met in school a long time zamani but didn't notice each other that much. wewe decided to go to his brothers house to see everyone. The whole gang loved wewe so much. wewe saw them there. wewe knew Soda was going to be there cause he told before work. wewe hugged and kiss each other. He was uigizaji weird the past couple of days. Everyone was talking and laughing. "Hey Soda are wewe going to ask her?" wewe looked at Steve who was looking at Soda. "Yeah I just don't know" he said. "We'll do it fast"...
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“I’m freezing,” wewe mutter, teeth chattering.

Soda looks at wewe from the driver’s seat, watching wewe shiver. He grabs your hand.

“We’ll be nyumbani soon.” He says reassuringly, squeezing your hand. He squints and leans forward. “If I could actually see in front of me.” He muttered.

The snow was coming down hard, and it was pitchblack outside. The mitaani, mtaa lights were black out from the flurries of heavy snow.

All of a sudden, Soda jerked the car onto the inayofuata exit.

“Soda, this isn’t the right exit.”

“Y/N, there is no way we can drive nyumbani safely in this weather. We’re...
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posted by MJ_Fan_4Life007
We were sitting on the curb at two in the morning outside of the store. The boys were having a smoke while y’all were playing poker.

“Damnit, its freezing.” Two-Bit says, rubbing his arms. wewe heard some crazy lady yelling and screaming aboout some sale, and he smiled.

“I bet Soda’s warm.” Steve chuckles.

“Shut up.” Soda blushes.

“It’s your fault we’re here, Soda.” Two-Bit grins. “If wewe didn’t have a huge, totally obvious crush-“

“I alisema shut up.” His face gets even redder.

“I want to trade two cards in,” wewe say, handing them in.

Some lady came over, looking at you. She started yelling in your face about the scarf sale, her breath reeked of alcohol.

Two-Bits dying of laughter, but Soda pushes the lady away.

“You ok?” He asks.
posted by MJ_Fan_4Life007
Prologue: wewe are a 16 years old greaser living in Tulsa, staying with your cousin two-bit whom wewe called mouse. wewe were dating sodapop curtis and good Marafiki with the gangs. Johnny and dally are still alive and sandy is long gone. Imagine: wewe had been walking around the streets, when out of nowhere the rain began ,pouring like a sinners sweat in church. wewe were blocks away from wewe nyumbani but only down the mitaani, mtaa from your Boyfs Sodapop's. As wewe approached the gate wewe could hear laughin from inside, the whole gang was there. wewe jogged up the steps and through the door. The entire gang...
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posted by MJ_Fan_4Life007
Your hands shake as wewe pull down the restraint to your lap. The biggest roller coaster in the park, and now there was no turning back. wewe take a really deep breath, then all of sudden wewe hear slight giggling from beside you. "Babe?" It was your boyfriend, Sodapop, barely spitting out the words between laughs. "Sodapop! This is not funny!" He chuckles again, "B-babe, why are wewe so scared!?" He grabs your hand. "I'm never gonna let anything happen to you." This calms wewe slightly, even though wewe know he has no control over the roller coaster. The workers come kwa to check your seats and everything...
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added by ralphmacchiato
“What are wewe guys doing?” wewe ask, kinda weirded out at Soda and Steve.

“Having a staring contest.” Soda says intensely.

“Umm… Ok?” wewe say.

“It’s all part of the epic battle of who gets to ask wewe out.” Steve says.

“What the hell, man!” Soda yelled, and slapped Steve’s arm.

“Owww.” Steve says, looking down to examine his arm.

“Haha yes, I win!” Soda laughs.

“Not fair man!” Steve yells.

They start going after each other.

Oh god.
posted by MJ_Fan_4Life007
“What if they don’t like me?” wewe ask nervously.

“They’re going to upendo you… And if they don’t they’re crazy.” Soda reassures, squeezing your hand.

“But I’m a soc… And they’re greasers.” wewe mutter.

“I’m a greaser too.” He says. “And I upendo wewe to the moon and back. As Ponyboy would say, we all watch the sunset.”

You take a deep breath, looking out onto the street. wewe were standing on the front porch of the Curtis house, trying to work up the nerve and go inside and meet the gang.

“Ready to go in?” Soda says, tilting his head to the side.

You take...
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“Can I come in now?” wewe hear Soda whisper from the hallway. It sounded like he was sniffling a little.

“Are wewe crying?” wewe ask as he walks in.

“No.” He mutters, wiping his eyes on his sleeve.

“Yes wewe are, wewe big softie,” Ponyboy grins.

“Is she all ok?” Soda asks, still sniffling.

“Yes, she’s in perfect condition.” The doctor grins. ” 6 pounds, 9 ounces. wewe want to hold her?” He asks Soda.

Soda just nods his head. The doctor hands him the baby.


Soda just smiles.

“Hey, Grace.” He says softly. “Hey.”

“She looks like you.” Ponyboy says to wewe as he looks over Soda’s shoulder at his niece.

“Pretty, just like her mom.” Soda glances at you.
As wewe push, wewe see Soda sprint down the hallway past your room in his DX shirt, then do a double take and trip back into your hospital room.

“OUT! OUT! Sodapop Curtis wewe get the fuck outta this room right now au so help me we are never having anymore children. You’ll be lucky if wewe even get to have sex with me anymore!” wewe scream at him.

The look of pure fear crosses Soda’s face, and he bolts out of the room.

You see Ponyboy out of the corner of your eye biting his lip, trying not to laugh.

You hear Soda from the hall. “You’re doing great, sweetheart.”

“Oh shut the hell...
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“Where is Soda?” wewe scream from your hospital bed.

Two-Bit had driven wewe to the hospital, because no one could get a hold of Soda. wewe were in extreme pain now. Each contraction hit wewe like a thousand swords.

“It’s too late to give her any medication,” one of the nurses whisper.

You see Ponyboy’s face go white. “No medication? Oh god. This will be great.” He says, eyes wide.

Another contraction hits. wewe wince.

“Well it looks like we are having a baby the old fashioned way.” The doctor said.

“Oh no. No no no. Give me the drugs. Give me the drugs.” wewe thought.

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posted by MJ_Fan_4Life007
wewe were lying on the ground of the cold, dark, wet ally, soc on juu of you, unbuttoning your shirt. wewe had aliyopewa up the screaming and crying; no was going to hear wewe anyways. wewe were helpless.

The booze on his breath was strong. wewe tasted it in his mouth when he tried to kiss you.

“You’re a verrrrrry purtyyyy girl,” he slurs into your ear.

“Get off me,” wewe scream.

He clamps your mouth shut with his hand. “Shhhh, I ain’t gonna hurt you.”

You bite down on his hand. Hard. He lets go of your mouth, and wewe scream for your boyfriend Soda, au anyone that would hear.

By this...
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“No… Lies.” Steve argues.

“I’m sure.” Soda says.

“It’s baking powder.”

“Baking Soda… I remember because of my name.” Soda says, rolling his eyes.

“Soda.. wewe are the handsome one in this friendship… And I am the sexy, smart one. I swear to wewe it’s baking powder.”

“Darry’s made chokoleti cake millions of times, I’m positive it’s baking soda.”



“Give me a good reason why it’s baking soda.” Steve rolls his eyes.

“Well… Ummm.”

“Baking soda is a pure sodium bicarbonate. When baking soda is combined with moisture and...
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posted by MJ_Fan_4Life007
“So, wewe remember everything I told you?” I ask her.

Y/N nods, looking excited.

“And wewe remember how I told wewe I throw a spiral?”

“Can I just be quarter back?” She bursts out.

“Uhh.. wewe sure wewe think wewe can do that?” I ask, not wanting her to get completely pummeled.

“I’m sure.”

“But I don’t want wewe I get hurt.”
I say.

“I won’t.” She smiles.

“You sure?”

“Positive.” She grins as she takes the football from my hand.

“Ok, out of the two person huddle.” Steve says, breaking us apart. “Soda, wewe QB?”

“Nah, Y/N is.”

Steve gives me the you-aren’t-serious-right...
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posted by MJ_Fan_4Life007
The crying hadn’t stopped for hours. A baby with an ear infection was no fun.

Y/N was walking around the kitchen, bouncing Grace up and down, trying to get the wails to stop.

“Baby, what do wewe want?” I’ve done about everything I can,” Y/N almost pleads with the baby. “Mommy wants to sleep.”

I was suddenly aware of the fact the Y/N didn’t sleep at all last night.

I walk over to Y/N, and take the baby from her. “I got baby duty tonight.”


I’m screwed.

“Are wewe serious?” Y/N asks, eyes wide.

“Yeah,” I smile.

What am I doing? I upendo Grace to death but…

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