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Spirited Away
spirited away
hayao miyazaki
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no going from part to part either.
spitited away
作曲・歌/木村 弓

呼んでいる 胸のどこか奥で
いつも心踊る 夢を見たい

悲しみは 数えきれないけれど
その向こうできっと あなたに会える

繰り返すあやまちの そのたびひとは
ただ青い空の 青さを知る
果てしなく 道は続いて見えるけれど
この両手は 光を抱ける

さよならのときの 静かな胸
ゼロになるからだが 耳をすませる

生きている不思議 死んでいく不思議
花も風も街も みんなおなじ...
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Spirited Away 2

Disclaimer: I do not own Spirited Away au the characters except Mimi she is mine.

By: Marissa Barlow

"What will wewe do?" Chihiro asked. "Don't worry i'll have a talk with Yubaba and tell her i'm going to quit being her apprentice." Haku said. "I'm fine i have my name back" Haku said. "Will we meet again sometime?" Chihiro asked. "Sure we will." Haku said. "Promise?" Chihiro asked. "I promise." Haku said. "Now go and don't look back until you've past through the tunnel." Haku said. Then their hands that were once locked together are letting go. 6 years later.

Its been

6 years since...
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Spirited away follows the fanciful adventures of a ten-year old girl named Chihiro , who discover a secret world when she and her parents get Lost and venture through a hillside tunnel.

After her parents undergo a mysterious transformation, Chihiro must fend for herself as she encounters strange spirits , assorted creatures and a grumpy sorceress who seeks to prevent her from returning to the human world.

Chihiro embarks on a journey that sees her assume adult responsibilities and set aside her self-centeredness for the good of others . With the support of her friends, she is introduced to a world without the shelter of parents and must adapt to survive ! Will her new qualities be enough to help her find her way nyumbani ?

im not gonna to spoil it. Let yourself to find-out.
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