The 90s raised in the 90's in the UK!!!

lauracullen66 posted on Sep 19, 2009 at 07:59AM
- Live & Kicking

- Sharky & George (crimebusters of the sea)

- Get Your Own Back....Dave Benson Philips

- Knightmare (with the darth vader man)

- Newsround - you always wanted to be a press packer didn't you..? (urm just for the record we didn't, honestly)

- The Moomins !

- Erie Indiana

- How 2 (that's How for Now...)

- The BIG Breakfast!

- The Poddington Peas

- Pingu

- The Books we used to read ...(classics included, The Hungry Caterpillar, The Lighthouse Keepers' Lunch, The Tiger Who Came To Tea, Old Bear and Friends, Percy The Park Keeper, Munch Bunch (- Pedro Orange), The Enormous Crocodile, The Jolly Postman, Each Peach Pear Plum, Rainbow Fish, The Elephant and The Bad Baby, Peepo, Funnybones, The Grumpalump... i could go on all day...)

- Catchphrase (its good but its not the right one - Roy Walker. Brilliant)

- The Crystal Maze

- Supermarket Sweep (you know you always wanted to be on it)

- Captain Planet

- The National Lottery (it used to be good...admit it!)

- Stars In Their Eyes! (Tonight Matthew...)

- You've Been Framed ... Jeremy will be missed! x

- The Wild House

- Clarissa, Sabrina the Teenage Witch, Sister Sister...Keenan & Kel! - and that rumour that one of them was paralysed, one of them died ? random

- The NeverEnding Story

- The Really Wild Show! - Michaela Strachan!

- Sooty & Sweep (& Soo) (& the creepy kinda pervy old man, if I remember rightly...)

- Rainbow

- Bruce Forsythes' Generation Game

- Noel Edmond's House Party

- Mr Blobby !!

- Fun House (if you wanna play the game use your body and your brain!!!)

- Wizadora (we adore 'er)

- California Dreams

- Bodger & Badger

- PopStars, the original....HearSay

- Streetmate (with Davina McCall...anyone?)

- Heartbreak High

- TFI Fridays

- Wallace and Gromit

- The Goonies !

- EuroTrash (we were definately too young for it!)

- Challenge Anneka - (no idea how to spell it.)

- The Little House on The Prairie

- Blind Date (our Graham...classic)

- Don't Try This At Home!

- iiiiiiiiiiiin West Philadelphia born and raised....

- Zzzzzzap (- Daisy Dares You!)

- Stoppit and Tidyup

- Are You Afraid of the Dark?

- Art Attack (they never looked the same when we did them at home. Neil Buchannan - legend)

- Thomas The Tank Engine

- Super Ted, Top Cat, The Flintstones!

- Pigeon Street

- CatDog
- Brum
- Playdays
- Fireman Sam!
- Rosie & Jim
- Tots TV
- Visionaries
- Animals of Farthing Wood
- Postman Pat
- Power Rangers
- Care Bears
- Thundercats
- Grange Hill
- Blue Peter(you know you all wanted a badge)
- Bernard's Watch
- The Moomins!
- The Queen's Nose
- The Demon Headmaster
- Goosebumps
- Byker Grove!
- Penny Crayon
- Family Ness
- Round The Twist(...have you ever, ever felt like this?)
- The Worst Witch (admit it, you were jealous of Mildred Hubble too)
- The Secret World of Alec Mac

- Incredible Games!

- Horrible Histories Books

- Goosebumps Books with the light-up covers

- Pokemon Cards

- Trolls

- Aliens (that apparently could breed if you microwaved
them. or froze them. or left them in a drawer or something)

- Tamogotchis, Robodogs, Pogs

- The dogs that flipped backwards (very irrelevant)

- Shag Bands !! (if you snapped you would have sex. Why did that craze have to end????)

- Snap Bracelets. They weren't as fun, or as rewarding as sex

- Cat's Cradle ... as if anyone could actually do it

- The SPICE GIRLS! (as if you could ever forget)

and just for the girls - we remember this too

- the spice girls photo collection

- the spice girls sticker collection

- spice girl bed cover/pillow cases

- every poster possible in your room

- spice girl t shirts

- making up dance routines with friends and allocating the parts to each member of the group. allocations done by hair style ... not colour (ie - ginger? often a brunette)

- all the albums, and casettes, and videos

- crying hysterically when Geri left :-(

- Cassettes - not CDs

- Cassette Players! With the foam headphones (...and
thinking you looked trendy wearing them)

- VHS not DVD !

- Polly Pocket

- Pocket Dragons

- My Little Ponies

- Felix the Cat

- Two Stupid Dogs

- Secret Squirrel

- Yo-Yo's (how many of us could "walk the dog"...i never knew how :-( ...)

- Attempting to be sexy and impress the boys by doing the hula with those Huge plastic hula hoops in the playground. Then realising it had fallen down by your ankles and people were laughing. (little bit of personal memory there)

- Light-Up Trainers

- Jelly Shoes!

- Wearing your trainers to school and thinking you looked amazing because they weren't allowed

- (girls...) school shoes with the little keyhole in the sole of the shoe - and a little key so you could change the colour of the flower

- sitting cross legged in school assembly, school festivities, decorating the christmas tree (that seemed to be about 14 foot tall) in the school hall/dining room... harvest festival - bringing in a tin of sliced pineapple?!?!

- passing notes across a classroom!!

- the old BBC computers, with Logic (and that turtle thing that went along the floor???!)

- mobile phones were house-brick size. and No-one had one!

- having a massive crush on Zac from Saved By The Bell!

- knowing the words to the theme tune..(when i wake up in the morning.....)

- Screech. And Mr Belding.

- Being so let down when "saved by the bell -the new class came out" Not good. not good.

- Jim'll Fix It

- Boyzone, Take That (-the first time around), A1, 911, Aaron Carter, All Saints (--the first time around)

- Top Of The Pops! - the programme

- Top of the pops - the magazine!!!!

- Smash Hits magazines....and all the posters

- Now That's What I Call Music..(volume 18)

- Recording the Top 40 countdown on a Sunday afternoon onto a cassette in your bedroom.

- Watching friends, and only laughing at the rude jokes because the audience were laughing. we didn't understand the jokes

- Brookside

- Home & Away

- Smelly Gel Pens

- Thinking the Millenium was when the world would end... The Millenium Bug was was an actual bug

- Gladiators (everyone knows Wolf was the best)

- Free Willy, Flipper, Homeward Bound, Home Alone 1, 2, 3, Richie Rich, Cool Runnings (one of the best ever i believe)

- All the Disney Films, before they started going rubbish (ie- Mulan onwards)

- knowing all the words to the disney films' songs. and actually thinking you could be Ariel/Belle/Jasmin

- Mizz, J-17 (how cool did you feel when you were actually about 11 but buying J-17?!) Girl Talk, Sugar....i could go on!!

- Hair Mascara - particularly blue..... oooh, nice!

- 'Pedal Pushers' (now we call them footless tights)

- MarioKart, MarioLand...the original
- Gameboys....oh good lord
- Mario / Luigi / Princess Peach / Bowzer

- Sonic The Hedgehog

- Teenage Mutant Hero Turtles (Donnatello, MichaelAngelo, Rafael & Leonardo... Splinter, Shredder)

- Thunderbirds


- Alvin, Simon.... Theodore!

- The Racoons ! ...Cyril Sneer

- Slinkies

- Football Stickers, and the albums to put them all in

- Trading "2 David Beckhams for a Shiny"

- Choc Dips !

- Opal Fruits...not Starburst

- Marathon...not Snickers (dont remember that personally i was about 2 when this one changed)

- That Crackly stuff that you put on the end of your tongue - totally pointless will do anything for a gimmick

- those long straws of rainbow dust

- rainbow drops! (our sixth form sold them ... class)

- DibDabs, and any 1p sweets....penny sweets now cost 2p! that's inflation for you!

- computers were used for paint, cd rom games (tell me you remember Frogger), and microsoft Word 95. Now they're used for things like Facebook...?

- think way back for this one... having a remote control on a wire for your TV! (i think i was about 3 when we had one)

- buying your first album. - Backstreet Boys' Backstreet's Back

- Hanson, Eiffel 65, B*Witched ...Loved it!

- Playing out in the street - and having no worry of getting raped / abducted

- ice cream vans ( and getting SO excited when you heard the tune approaching)

- 99's cost 99p... not £1.20??! As IF!

- Baby G Watches. we didn't have one. Wanted one though

- Euro '96

- France '98

- Show & Tell

- Hooch !!

- PlayStations.....the original.
- Nintendo 64

- Not knowing the meaning of PS2, Ipod, MP3, Download, SMS, DVD, Email, Internet?!, XBOX etc etc...

The 90s 9 majibu

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zaidi ya mwaka mmoja uliopita melanieacbaer said…

Power Rangers - and the ever revolving door of 'Tony' The White/Green Ranger

Shaggy - Mr. Bombastic


Leggings (1st time around)

Spice Girl platforms

Eastenders - Who shot Phil?


Snake - Yes, everyone was hooked!

Prank calls from phoneboxes - remember those things!

Skirt over trousers

William's Wish Wellingtons

Fig Rolls

Remembering Kylie from her time in Neighbours

Britney was a TEENAGER! Ditto Christina Aguilera, Billie Piper

When you looked forward to Turkey Dinosaurs


Dawson's Creek, Felicity, As If

The Magic School Bus

Gizmos and Gadgets

White Broderie Anglaise Socks either pulled up high or rolled so they were like a sausage around your ankle


Blue eyeliner

Beanie Babies

The Post Office

When Tesco was a normal sized supermarket

Petrol was about 86p

Regristration plates were still in the alphabet eg. A111 AAA

Hardly anyone lived in new build houses

The Salvanians

BlueTack, Poster paints, PVC glue

Before Big Brother

Will Young winning Pop Idol

Peter Andre - The Original Recipe

Mr Blobby


The Wombles

The Worzels (saw the reformed band recently!!!)

Before the London Eye, the Millenium Dome

The agony of penalty shoot outs.

Gingham school summer dresses - Scholars!

When M&S was called St.Michael

Kensington was the old Oxford Street

There was only one phone company - BT, ditto Gas and Electricity

And one to make you feel REALLY OLD - John Major

zaidi ya mwaka mmoja uliopita lauracullen66 said…
hahaha lemme hear you say WAY-O it!!

legging!! with the coolest patterns :P

PVC glue?? dont you mean PVA? lol
zaidi ya mwaka mmoja uliopita melanieacbaer said…
Hahhaahhah I totally meant PVA!!

Yes, the good old leggeings - and they weren't skintight so you could see the exact contours of your arse. They were slightly baggy with patterns on - like flowers, trains, butterflies etc etc.

That Way-O song was I think the first song I ever heard on the radio! Yes, the radio - God, it seems like decades ago.

P.S Sorry for the late reply - have had the flu!
zaidi ya mwaka mmoja uliopita lauracullen66 said…
oh thats okay...

i had butterfly leggings...and LION KING ONES! they were awsome!

also another one...not sure if its been mentioned...furbies! lol
zaidi ya mwaka mmoja uliopita lauracullen66 said…
i have a few more ...
oh and skorts! (skirts over trousers..i sooo remember them!!

you had fluffy bangles

plastic cartoon lunch boxes!

slap braclets- they were weird

crazy bones!

sugary golden nuggets and chocolate nesquik balls!

i think some are repeats oh well

man i loved the 90's!

zaidi ya mwaka mmoja uliopita melanieacbaer said…
Same here - we were actually kids, not weird mini adults!


The Disney Shop

When Patrick Swayze was still alive

The dying days of Wham


Brownies! Guides! Rainbows!

The Village Hall

Top Trumps

When Posh and Becks first announced their wedding - and what a wedding it was!

Before Heat, Star, Now etc etc.

No one really cared about celebrities.

Jumble Sales


Chessington World of Adventures, Thorpe Park, Alton Towers

Centre Parcs

No Waterloo and City tube line


The Lion King

Hey, I still love sugary cereal - I just bought Nesquik today!!
zaidi ya mwaka mmoja uliopita lauracullen66 said…
aww man, scrunchies! i had like a million

the lion king IS the best disney film of all time!

the disney shop!! the one near me had this huge pile of to at the back of the shop but they've got rid of it now! that was when disney was real disney

mixtapes lol
yeh we were kids people, i was born in 90
zaidi ya mwaka mmoja uliopita melanieacbaer said…
ahem...ahem...I was born in the 80's....
zaidi ya mwaka mmoja uliopita lauracullen66 said…
yeah but late 80's right? so you were still a kid in the 90's