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So. Jane and Lisbon.

The writers and actors don't want those two to get together. In fact, they laugh at the mashabiki that want them to. Which personally I find a bit rude, but I won't get into that. Anyway, their reasoning for them not getting together (at least right now) is "they have zaidi of a brother/sister relationship."


I'm sorry, but every time someone is trying to make an argument for why two people shouldn't be a couple, it's always either "they have no chemistry" au "they have a brother/sister relationship." But I've never seen anyone deny Jane and Lisbon's chemistry, so I won't focus...
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 Lisbon means strong. Jane means jerk.
Lisbon means strong. Jane means jerk.
Oh, this fanfic is starting to wrap, upangaji pamoja up. Sad? Good, wewe should be. Jane and Lisbon are freakin' fighting, and not in their usually adorkable way!!! I need to give simovska mad heshima for their pics!! I don't know where wewe find these pics simovska, but I defidently want to know!
Disclaimer: Jisbon is real. Me owning The Mentalist is not.

" It's official. Jane broke Lisbon." van pelt announced to the team as she came out of Lisbon's office.
" What'd he do?!" Rigsby snarled. Cho broke his usually silence kwa saying,
" Just give the word and we'll kill him." there...
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