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posted by rokitchichi
(1)John: "I think we'll make a good team. Don't you, Damon?"
Damon: "John,.. Whatever I can do to help keep this town safe, even if it means spending time with you."
(2)Damon: "You're playing house with half of a tomb of really pissed off vampires. What did wewe think was gonna happen?"
(3)Damon: "You seem awfully chipper, lately... Less doom and gloom... A little zaidi pep in your step!"
(4)Damon: "Stefan,.. Let's be serious, for a second. wewe spent the last century and a half being a poster child for prozac, and now wewe expect me to believe that this new wewe has nothing to do with human blood......
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Hey, guys!
So, we voted for our inayopendelewa characters from season 5 and now the results are here. :)

▶ 20. Markos (-)
▶ 19. Wes (-)
▶ 18. Silas
ranking in season 4: #18
▶ 17. Qetsiyah (-)
▶ 16. Jesse (-)
▶ 15. Nadia (-)
▶ 14. Tyler
ranking in season 3: #11
ranking in season 4: #15
▶ 13. Jeremy
ranking in season 3: #15
ranking in season 4: #11
▶ 12. Liz
ranking in season 3: #16
ranking in season 4: #14
▶ 11. Luke (-)

▶ juu 10

▶ 10. Bonnie
ranking in season 3: #9
ranking in season 4: #7

▶ 9. Liv (-)

▶ 8. Aaron (-)

▶ 7. Matt
ranking in season 3: #12
ranking in season 4: #12...
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posted by dhaval_rocks
Hey how u guys? well here is my 1st story... which i ever written in my life.... i m going to start uandishi stories; short stories like this n will jiunge all the stories to form a complete Novel.... here is the 1st story of it.... Dark Night.... hope u like it....


Today i had an experience which changed my whole life. Well what to say about my life;always had ups & downs in my life.
This is all about my experiences faced kwa me,since the beginning of my life...

It was the time when i was ready to arrive in this draculous world of evil,envy.That night was dark,raining heavily,totally...
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Sorry but I STILL don't think he is "wrong" for trying to give Elena the cure even if she doesn't "want" it

Then again I *barely* think he was “wrong” for similarly giving her vampire blood (yes, he was wrong. But barely to me. lol)

Hell maybe my morals are skewed but when wewe upendo someone and wewe KNOW they are either A) going to die au B) going to do something that will affect them in an extremely negative way for the rest of their lives….honestly, I wouldn’t care if they want it au not. I’m sorry I know everyone’s like “rah rah liberated Elena!” but she is NOT liberated. She...
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posted by loveDE45
Okay. All this “Damon doesn’t respect Elena’s decisions” BS needs to stop (but it won’t). Damon lets Elena make decisions, but he just challenges her stupid ones:

—Damon offered to help Elena forget Stefan being compelled in the gym, and she alisema no.
—Damon, even back in S1, listened to Elena when she told him that he can’t compel Jeremy to stop looking for Vicki.
—Asking Elena what she thought about using herself as bait in s1 at the dance to lure out that mysterious vampire who was stalking her.
—He listened to Elena about compelling Jeremy in 3x10.
—Damon listened to...
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Rebekah was sitting on the kitanda in Stefan’s loft, while Stefan himself was trying to reach Katherine.
“Come sit with me, Stefan” Rebekah demanded. Stefan lifted his hand to shut her up. Rebekah frowned, insulted. She whistled and when Stefan turned around annoyed she poured her glass of blood on the couch. Stefan turned around again and stopped his attempts to get a hold of Katherine.
“Why am I even trying?” he mumbled.
“She’s not worth it” Rebekah scoffed.
Stefan turned to the jikoni and searched through the cupboards. He then came back with a bucket with water, a sponge and...
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Night came in and both Elena and Damon were getting ready to go to sleep. Elena, wearing pajamas with a teddy print on it, was standing in the doorway of her room. “You want to come in?” she asked teasing. Damon had this ludicrous…rule they had to sleep in separate rooms. It was so not Damon. “We can sleep together” Elena tried with puppy eyes. Damon walked to her and kissed her. Elena wanted to pull him inside, but he braced. “Oh, come on” she groaned, her lips still touching his.
“I’m not doing it, Elena, not tonight” Damon alisema and he kissed her again. Elena took of her...
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So, I made yes-and-no kura ya maoni to vote for Paul in TCA's 2012. I included a description saying "He needs to win this time and deserves to win." Then a (Not DE fans, a) DE shabiki picked no and ametoa maoni saying, "Ian deserves to win. 3rd time in row?? I don't care. He's the best. He should win for eternity."

Like what the fuq, bro? Paul hasn't aliyopewa credit au appreciated kwa his hard work this season and wewe keep saying those things to him? wewe (the DE fan), are selfish .

I'm not saying that wewe should all vote for Paul because he is greater than Ian. I'm saying is that Ian is the best too but, at least be fair. Give Paul a chance. He has worked very hard, as Ian.

Paul needs to win this time. And the Teen Choice Awards 2012 is before his birthday. Make it as his birthday gift from his fans. So he would know that we appreciate him for his hardwork..

Vote for him here: link
posted by klausxxcaroline
I’ve seriously Lost a lot of respect for Elena. Even though she is the main character and so on, I just really dislike her at the moment! She’s the one who told Damon to become the better man, she’s the one that never wanted to disbelieve that he really cared, deep down inside. The one who never gave up the hope on him. She knew he could find his humanity again, she knew that he was capable of love. At last, he turns into this caring, protective, loving man that she always wanted – sorry, needed – him to be. But what does she do? She practically slaps him in the face. Telling him...
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Elena was standing in front of Damon’s porch. She felt how her moyo beat painful in her chest. She took a deep breath and knocked. Several times, but the door stayed shut.
“Okay, wewe know what, Damon? If wewe want to keep uigizaji like a brat, fine! I’m going!” she yelled angry and she turned around.
The door opened and Damon walked out. “What do wewe want?”
Elena turned around again and walked back. She took his hands and looked him sharp in the eyes. “It wasn’t a moment of compassion” she began. “When wewe were dying and I kissed wewe I didn’t do it out of compassion. I don’t...
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Once again Elena pulled Damon’s arm over her shoulder.
“I can walk myself now” Damon said, but Elena ignored him.
“You’re not strong enough yet” Elena said.
“Geez, Elena, just admit wewe can’t resist touching me” Damon joked. Elena’s cheeks turned red, but she recovered quickly.
“Good to know wewe can make jokes again” she said. They walked further.
“Can I ask wewe something?” Damon said. “How did wewe find me?”
“I had a dream” Elena began to explain. “In which your voice guided me to you…In my dream wewe died”
She paused to breath. Then she carried on. “Anyways,...
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“I’ll be back” Bonnie said. “Don’t try to go anywhere, wewe know what happens if wewe do”
She walked out of the cage and left. She reappeared in the ICU of the hospital where Jeremy lay in coma.
She walked to the kitanda and lay her hand on his heart. She felt how it heated up and soon the curves on the monitor went flat and a long tune was heard. She disappeared right before the medical staff rushed in.
She reappeared in Damon’s cage and gasped. Even in this darkness she could see the cage was empty. He was trying to escape.
Damon slowly walked alongside the rough walls, his fingers...
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Vampire Diaries Soundtrack
Jason Walker-Echo :)
Season 3 Episode 2 "The Hybrid"


Verse 1:

Hello, hello
anybody out there?
'cause I don't hear a sound
alone, alone
I don't really know where the world is but I miss it now


I'm out on the edge and I'm screaming my name
like a fool at the juu of my lungs
sometimes when I close my eyes I pretend I'm alright
but it's never enough
cause my echo, echo
is the only voice coming back
my shadow, shadow
is the only friend that I have

Verse 2:

listen, listen
I would take a whisper if
that's all wewe have to give
but it isn't, isn't
you could come and save me
try to...
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It’s just a party, Damon had to tell himself when he knocked the Gilbert’s house door. However, it was Alaric who opened it.
“You’re looking for Elena?” he asked frowning.
Damon smirked. “No, Ricky, I was hoping wewe could do me the honor of being my tarehe tonight” he alisema sarcastic.
“Sorry, Damon, you’re too old” Alaric joked back. Then he was serious again. “Ehm, Elena left five dakika ago”
“She did?” Damon asked confused.
“Yeah” Alaric said. “Hey, why don’t wewe just get inside, pour yourself a drink, then I’ll change clothes and go with you. Jeremy can come...
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The sun warmed Kelsey’s body and as she opened her eyes she noticed she was covered with a jacket.
“It’s all I have”
Kelsey looked up and saw the bartender sitting inayofuata to her.
“I think introduction is in order. Keith” he alisema sticking out his hand, but Kelsey only stared at him confused. “My imagination is too restricted to fully understand what happened last night, but I have quite some theories” he added.
Kelsey rubbed her forehead.
“Stay here, I’ll get wewe some clothes” Keith alisema and he returned to his bar. A few dakika later he came back with some clothes. “I left...
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Alaric looked at his cell mate, who looked like he wanted to snap Ric like a twig, when he heard Damon talking to the police officer that had arrested him. They walked behind the corner in the direction of the cell. Halfway Damon stopped and stared in the police officers eyes. The man walked away and Damon walked to Alaric’s cell.
“Okay, stop laughing” Alaric said, seeing how the corners of Damon’s mouth started to tremble. “Seriously, stop laughing. It’s not funny”
Damon couched. “You’re right. It’s not”
“I take it everything’s okay with Elena?” Alaric tried to change...
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“Get me another one of this golden stuff” Alaric alisema lifting his glass. The bartender, who was cleaning some glasses, shook his head. “I think you’ve had quite enough” “Oh, come on” Alaric groaned. “I’m the customer here. I’m paying” He got out some money. “What does it cost, I’m paying wewe double” He threw the money on the bar.
“If wewe have too much of it, wewe can always give it to me” a familiar voice said. Alaric looked aside and saw Damon. “You’re drinking Bourbon? Without me? Shame on you” He signed with his hand, pointing at Alaric’s glass and...
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posted by WonderStruck
Okay so i deleted my other account but made this one i use to be EnchantdEquinox so here is the edited verison of The Diaries.

Chapter 1:
December 1
Dear Diary,
I had a feeling that something terrible was going to happen today.
I don’t know why I wrote that. It’s outrageous. I have no reason to be upset, but every reason to be happy, but here I am at 8:30 in the evening, scared. But that doesn’t explain why I feel so lost.
The siku before I left Virginia Beach, while I was gather a bag full of clothes. I came across five old journals, leather covers with old coffee stained pages. They were...
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Caroline felt her phone buzzing against her thy, but she tried really hard to ignore it. Bonnie was trying to figure out the words in the books, but since she was powerless her ability to read ancient languages was gone. Eventually she looked up and cast Caroline an irritated glance, as if blaming her for the current inconvenience.
“Will wewe just pick up?” she alisema frustrated.
“It’s probably my mom, wondering where I am” Caroline replied reluctant. “She can wait. This is zaidi important. wewe have to get your powers back”
“I can’t concentrate, ‘cause your phone has been buzzing...
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Jeremy entered the Grill. He still had some time before school and this just couldn’t wait. He looked at the bar and to his relief Veronica was on duty. He walked to the bar and sank down on a stool.
“What can I get you, kid?” Veronica asked with a demeaning look.
“Do wewe have a bia mat? And a pen?” Jeremy asked secretive. Veronica gave him a bia mat and a pen and Jeremy scribbled something down. He shove the mat to Veronica.
“I want in” it said.
“You can’t just sign up, wewe know” Veronica said. “I need to know I can trust you. Isn’t your sister involved with vampires,...
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