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posted by ttmrktmnrfn0830
..."Pinestar's coming! Wake up, everyone!"
It wasn't even moonrise when Leopardfoot woke us up. I opened my eyes.
"Look! The runt's up!" Nightkit muttered to Mistkit.
"Enough!" Leopardfoot spat. "Your father is coming. Be on your best behavior!"
"...The tom is the weakest one..."
I heard the familiar voice of Featherwhisker as a silvery tom escorted a larger, red-brown tom through the bramble.
"Here they are!" the silver tom--Featherwhisker--mewed to the larger tom. "And look! They are awake!"
"Pinestar!" Leopardfoot exclaimed.
The red-brown tom--Pinestar--pressed his muzzle to my mother's....
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I'm making this shabiki Fiction book, called Tigerstar's Revenge. It is Tigerstar's life and what had caused him to become the brutal warrior he was.

Plot: Tigerstar was one of the most brutal warriors that ThunderClan ever had to face. His moyo was filled with the desire of revenge...but what was his revenge? What caused him to become what he ended up as, and what made him get his ticket to the Dark Forest?

Characters: Pinestar (his father), Leopardfoot (his mother), Mistkit and Nightkit (his sisters), Sunstar (Pinestar's successor), Hollyleaf (ShadowClan warrior), Archeye (ShadowClan warrior),...
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posted by ttmrktmnrfn0830
I WOKE UP THE inayofuata MORNING, hoping that I finally had someone to play with. Whitekit was asleep, so was everyone else. Bluefur spent the night here, watching over her nephew. Snowfur then woke up, staring down at her son.

I never realized how young she was. She was not even a senior warrior yet; and neither was Thistleclaw. I also saw deep tiredness in her eyes, from after her kitting. Then, I heard yawning. A deep purr rumbled in Snowfur's throat.

"You've opened your eyes!" she whispered.

There was a tiny mewling. "Are you--are wewe my mother?"

Snowfur nodded. "Yes, Whitekit. I'm Snowfur."

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posted by ttmrktmnrfn0830
The long-waited continuation of Tigerstar's Revenge has arrived! Sorry for the hold...

ANOTHER SHORT HALF-MOON PASSED SINCE THE death of Snowfur. My grandmother, Swiftbreeze, had aliyopewa birth to three kits: Redkit, Willowkit, and Spottedkit. It still is weird to think that these kits are my aunts and uncle along with Patchpelt. I mean, I'm older than them! It didn't matter to me that much, but it was rather strange.

It was a siku after the Gathering, and a thought had occurred to me when I had a dream. I was walking casually in the forest.


I looked around, gasping. The deep meow just...
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posted by ttmrktmnrfn0830
...I stared with curiosity. "What's that?" I leaped for the dog fur.

"No," Bluefur started, "it's for White--"

I already hooked it with my claw and chased it around the nursery. "Look! I'm Thistleclaw, attacking that mangy dog!"

"Keep your voice down!" Snowfur shushed me.

I pinned the dog fur, manyoya down. "I hate the nursery! It's too full of kits. I'm never allowed to play anymore. I should be in the apprentices' pango with Lionpaw. I bet he doesn't have to take afternoon naps."

"Maybe not," Bluefur purred, "but he wishes he could."

"What's going on?" Whitekit drowsily lifted his head.

Snowfur puffed....
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posted by ttmrktmnrfn0830
A HALF-MOON LATER, ROBINWING HAD HER two daughters: Frostkit and Brindlekit. There were now four kits in the nursery, and it was getting too crowded; with all the queens, and the fathers and the families and Marafiki that visit. Bluefur came to visit a siku after Robinwing's kits were born.

"Wow," Bluefur maneuvered around the chaos. "It's so busy!"

"The nursery hasn't been this full since we were kits," Snowfur agreed.

"It's too busy," I interrupted. "There's no room for proper games now!"

"Why don't wewe go out and play?" Leopardfoot suggested. "You could now onyesha Frostkit and Brindlekit the...
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posted by ttmrktmnrfn0830
The long waited inayofuata chapter to Tigerstar's Revenge is finally posted!:

TWO MOONS HAD PAST SINCE MISTKIT AND NIGHTKIT'S deaths, and Leopardfoot was still stung with grief. That doing will always be in my head, and I'll never forget my sisters.

I hurried out of the elders' den, Stonepelt at my tail. When I leapt in the nursery, he growled. "Leopardfoot!"

Leopardfoot got out of the nursery at the sound of his voice. "What is it, Stonepelt?"

Stonepelt was hot with fury. "Your son, here, put burrs in my bedding! See?" He turned around, his back covered in burrs. I chuckled, admiring the reaction...
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posted by ttmrktmnrfn0830
I THINK I HAVE FAILED TO MENTION that I was the nosiest kit ThunderClan had ever seen. Well, at that time, when I saw something interesting, I would blurt it out. I've proved that when, one day, Snowfur and Thistleclaw had a scandallous conversation (in my opinion). I swear, I was nosier than the notorious elders!

It was a quarter moon after Pinestar left, and Leopardfoot alisema that I could go in the clearing. I saw Snowfur come out of the medicine cat's den. She sighed deeply, and her eyes glowed. Thistleclaw ran over to her.

"What is it?" Thistleclaw mewed.

"We need to talk..." Snowfur looked...
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posted by ttmrktmnrfn0830
THE PATROL CAME BACK AROUND SUNSET, and things looked like it wasn't fun.
"There was a RiverClan patrol at Sunningrocks!" Sunfall exclaimed. "We drove them off."
I stared, absentmindedly, adoring the warriors' battle scars.
"Where's Pinestar?" Leopardfoot's panicked mew got me to my senses.
*Where is Pinestar?* He was never at the camp, and he hardly sees us.
"Can I go outside?" I asked Leopardfoot.
She nodded. "But don't go to far."
I leapt out of the nursery. The warriors that were on patrol were wounded. I observed Featherwhisker, as he tended everyone's wounds. Right then, he was taking...
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posted by ttmrktmnrfn0830
NOT EVEN A QUARTER MOON WENT BY, and kwa now, we knew almost everyone in the Clan. One day, a small, pale ginger she-cat walked in.
"Hello, Goldenpaw," Leopardfoot greeted the she-cat.
"Hi, Leopardfoot," the she-cat--Goldenpaw--mewed. "I'm here to change the bedding." Leopardfoot scooted us up. Nightkit drowsily got up, since she was finishing her nap. While I leaped up from the nest, my sisters slowly walked behind. I had grown stronger and improved well, as Featherwhisker had said. I gave a questioning look.
"How is it, being a warrior?" I asked Goldenpaw.
Leopardfoot purred. "She's not a...
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posted by ttmrktmnrfn0830
..."Tigerkit! Tigerkit!" I felt one of my sisters nudging me awake. "Wake up! Open your eyes! It's beautiful out here!"
"Come on, Tigerkit!" my other sister squeaked. "Just open them!"
I then drowsily opened my eyes. Everything was so big! I turned to face my two sisters. One was a pale gray and the other was night black. I turned to face a larger she-cat, whose fur, manyoya was raven black, except for a small scar on her flank that seemed noticeable from unevenly grown fur.
"You've opened your eyes!" the she-cat whispered. "Pinestar will be pleased."
I was guessing that she was Leopardfoot, my mother....
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posted by ttmrktmnrfn0830
This story goes back to the time when Tigerstar was a kit...

THERE WAS SO MANY maswali I WANTED to ask. *Why can't I open my eyes? Why can't I speak? Why do I feel so weak? Where am I? What are all these scents?* But, for some reason, I couldn't even mew.
"So," I head a tom mew, "what are wewe going to name them?"
*What's a name?*
A she-cat then rasped, "The two she-kits will be called Mistkit and Nightkit."
"Lovely names, Leopardfoot," the tom praised. "What about the tom?"
"The tom?" the she-cat--Leopardfoot--rasped, "I think I'll call him...Tigerkit."
Then, Leopardfoot's tongue licked between...
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posted by ttmrktmnrfn0830
I heard this song kwa Creed, that sounds really good for Tigerstar, later on in his life.



(Walking around I hear the sounds,
of the earth seeking relief.
I'm trying to find a reason to live,
But the mindless clutter my path.
Oh these thorns in my side,
Oh these thorns in my side.
I know I have something free.
I have something so, alive.
I think they shoot cause they want it.
I think they shoot cause they want it.)
I think they shoot cause they want it!!!

I feel forces all around me,
Come on raise your head.
Those who hide behind the shadows,
Live with all that's dead.

Look at me!.. look at me!...
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