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 Duncan and Gwen's bonding had to ruin Trent and Total Drama.
Duncan and Gwen's bonding had to ruin Trent and Total Drama.
AleTrentNey defy their similar conflicts thorugh song. They get back at Gwuncan for hurting Trent in TDA.
Courtney: Boyfriend Hurters (Duncan and Gwen)! I thought y'all are Trent's Marafiki and now both of y'all hurt him like a bunch of monsters from Gremlins!
Alejandro: Boyfriend Hurters! You've hurted Court's boyfriend Trent!
Courtney: Both of y'all are gonna pay! If it's the last thing I do!
Alejandro: That's right!
Courtney: That's right!
Courtney: Both of y'all ruined Total Drama litterly!
Alejandro: And both of y'all treated Trent like a victim to Gwen's love.
Trent: Yeah, Gwen had to hurt me very badly.
Alejandro, Courtney: Boyfriend Hurters!
Courtney: wewe know what, Duncan and Gwen? I'm not your friend anymore! wewe know why? wewe guys are bunch of mean, manipulative, abusive traitors!
Alejandro, Courtney: Both of wewe are gonna pay!
Courtney: If it's the last thing I do. (Spoken) Both of wewe will pay for what wewe did to Trent in TDA.
posted by Miley_Demi4ever
Owen:It's creepy how they stand there,and don't even blink!
I don't wanna see his bum,naked and pink

Noah:Hey buddy,
can we bribe you,
to strip yourself down?

Owen:Yum-Yum Happy Go Time Fish?

Noah:Don't kill him,Clown!

Courtney:No way,I can't strip him,Duncan will Freak!

Heather:And I'm allergic to uniform

Gwen:Okay,that just weak

Sierra:I made a vow that Cody's the only man for me

Gwen:Okay,so then I have to do it,uh,Hello?Injury!? Ow!

Courtney:If we're gonna find the clue...

Heather:There's only thing to do!

Sierra:Force someone to strip him down!

Courtney,Heather,Sierra:And,sorry, Gwen it's you

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posted by Fangirl99
Sierra: I upendo Paris in the springtime!
Je t'aime Paris in the fall!
Cody: That's great, Sierra! Keep going!
Sierra: It's the city of upendo in the summer!
But now, it's just a bummer!
Cody broke my moyo and chewed it up and spit it out and then, stepped on it and threw it down a sewer, called it names and then, laughed!
Oui, my friends! wewe must never trust a boy!
Oui, my friends! They will treat wewe like a toy!
Oui, my friends! They will-!
Break your moyo and chew it up and spit it out and step on it and throw it down a sewer, call it names, and then, laugh!
Cody: Wait up! Sierra!
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"Oh, come on Heather. Don't be like that" Alejandro tried to reason with me.

"What do wewe want?" I snapped.

"Just let me hang around with you, please" his warm, chokoleti brown eye's bore into my hazel ones, sending me into a trance.

"Well, I guess we could at some point" I smiled.

"I'll see wewe around then, Princesa" he smirked as he walked away.

"I guess" I sighed.

Woah, what just happened there? Did I just willingly agree to hang around with Alejandro?

I mentally facepalmed myself for being so foolish.

"Hey Heather" Justin greeted.

"Oh, hey" I replied.

"Are wewe ok?" he asked.

"No, I just... never mind"...
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posted by 7thGradeGenius
Courtney: What’s not to upendo about New York City?
The taxis honk out a New York ditty
The crime is high, the pigeons fly
What’s not to upendo about New York?

Owen: The lights are brighter
The fun is funner
The bagels are bageler
And the bums are bummer
The dirt and grime make every alley shine
What’s not to upendo about New York?

Lindsay: The stores and the fashion
Big shows where stars passion
It’s crazy, as the city never sleeps!


Lindsay: For the upendo of dance, STOP!

Courtney/Owen/Lindsay: Subway trains and the hustle-bustle
Cappuccinos while the mobsters tussle

Owen: And pretzel stands for all us pretzel fans!
What’s not to love…?

Courtney/Owen: What’s not to love…?

Courtney/Owen/Lindsay: What’s not to upendo about New York?!

(All lyrics were obtained kwa myself after listening to the songs for so long)
posted by 15sturmelle2
"Episode 1:
Walk Like An Egyptian part 1:
Welcome to season three of Total Drama! Right now, 17 contestants are on their way to begin their journey around the world.
(At that moment a bus pulled up and out stepped Gwen, Courtney, Duncan, and Heather)
Gwen: Another day, another season.
(Harold, Noah, and Cody, Noah wearing earplugs to avoid hearing Harold going on about his facts)
Thank wewe earplugs. I never leave nyumbani without them.
(Inside the bus, Owen can be heard saying "I can't go out there" and DJ grabs him and brings him out himself)
Nothing personal Owen. But this is the only way i can get wewe off the bus.
posted by dXcFan14

My shoulders slumped as i slid to the floor. He had just hung up on me. I couldn't believe it.

I wanted to win Total Drama Island so badly, but i got cheated out of the money because of Harold.

It wasn't the fact that he'd switched the kura against me that made me beat him up, it was because i wanted that money so badly, so i wouldn't have to sell my body anymore for Uncle B au my brother, Kian.

I just had so much pent up anger that i took it out on Harold, the anger was actually directed at Uncle B, and still is.

I wanted the money so badly that i even left the one i love, Duncan,...
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