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"We may consider that It's almost Impossible to get what we are asking from God Since Long.. But Its NOT always Impossible.. wewe got to Believe it, wewe Never know that wewe can Actually get what wewe desire.."

It was a Typical Sunday Morning for Me.. though It was the Valentine's siku for all Others. I was still in my kitanda as always as I was working late last night.. My Alarm rang so Loud & I stretched in My Bed. I knew I got to Endure this siku because we may say all the Time that We're Happy for our Marafiki & everyone that they are so Truly in Love, But somewhere Deep inside ourself, We'll find ourself zaidi alone when We see them together Hugging & Kissing..Today I was Happy for all of My Marafiki & even Foes. I was Happy for My Sister Alice & James, Her wanna be Husband. My Head preoccupied with all Different thoughts at one time.. Agony, Pain, Joy at the other hand .... and a WAIT.. Wait for My Own Love.. !!

I remained in kitanda for inayofuata 10 Minutes, Staring at the Blank walls of my Room, Painted pink with White Flowers & ukuta Textures.

I painted my Room like this ages zamani when I was a Teen. I was so Desperate to Fall in Love.. I was always Good at arts so I've made my Room zaidi of a ndoto Hub, Where wewe can See a ukuta Full of Trees & Birds with Blue Sky & River flowing where... Ugh..but Now, The faith in myself was Fading & I really Hate this Color pink Now.. I wanted to Paint is something zaidi Dull like a Gray au may be BLACK.. au just to keep it White.. !! Keep it Real.. As Simple as Possible..As Actually My Life was..

I wondered if I could do anything about this at all but realized that Alice adored my Room a lot. She always wanted a Room like this..but due to her Lack of Choice of Colors & Not-so-interesting Attitude towards ARTS left her with No Choice but just a Room with Plain Walls painted teal with Some Glass Work done.

I decided to Handover the Keys of My Room to Her & to Say a GOODBYE to My Room.. May Be for NOW au May Be for Ever.. Whatever it is.. but I can get my Room back as Alice would be getting Married soon.. IF I I ever WANTED this Room Back..

I slipped out from my kitanda & got ready. I knew I was Late but still was Creeping on the Floor, SLOWLY.. My Cab Driver was honking in the Parking. I grabbed My Phone & Bag & ran towards him but I realized that I haven't applied the Perfume. Its a thing for sure that I can't manage to live without. So just to Escape a Bad Hair siku too, I checked my Hair again & set them with the help of the Hair Dryer & applied a Perfume.. A Lot than I usually Do.

I saw Alice staring at me through the Mirror.

"PC, Don't wewe think wewe can Survive the siku if wewe don't put on the Perfume for one siku ??" Alice asked warily.

" I may get my Romeo today, wewe never know.. " I replied with a Sarcastic Grin as I knew this was Surely NOT the reason behind this.

I ran through the Door & boarded the Cab. As I was kusoma the Book "Who will Cry when wewe Die", these Days were at the Worst siku for Me to Endure. I enjoyed Suffering Myself actually.. The Roads were full of Couples, Holding Hand in Hand, they Ran into each other that they were not at all cognizant about the World around them. Somehow I managed to reach Office.. I was before Time so I decided to walk down to the "Landmark Book Store" to get some New vitabu for Me.. vitabu have always been My Best Friends.. They Never ask maswali & I can CLOSE then whenever I want them to SHUT UP..

As I was walking down kuvuka, msalaba the Road, Ignoring the Color RED.. though It was So hard to Ignore as I saw the Heart-shaped balloons, Girls wearing RED with a the RED Stuff.. Yikes.. It Sucks...!! I didn't wanna think about it.

I walked though the Doors & entered the Bookstore.
Helping myself with the Search, I actually didn't know what I was actually Looking for.. I skipped all the Book Shelves & reached the Fiction Section. I searched for the Book "Wuthering Heights" I Loved Hatred upendo Stories. While I was Busy in Myself, I never realized People around Me.. but Suddenly I realized one of'em Staring at Me & then they fell Down before we could Meet the Gaze. I didn't finish My tafuta yet, I was reaching Close to that Stranger Body. I Shuddered while I managed to kuvuka, msalaba him. I kept my Head Down & Glanced up under my Lashes.

"Hey" A Manly Voice called from behind.

"Hi" I turned to Face him & Lifted My head a Little.

"Can I help wewe with your Search" His voice was zaidi Gentle than before.

"Oh, I'm just.. I was .. Ummm... Nothing . Thanks though.." My Eyes flickering on the Books, I kept my eyes Down Bewildered kwa the antagonistic Stare He'd aliyopewa Me..

I couldn't stop myself peeking from the corner of my eyes occasionally. The Phase "If LOOKS could Kill" ran through My Mind.

"You okay ?" He asked worriedly as If he had Noticed Me behaving Weird..

"Yeah" I whispered.

"I Guess I should Leave, I gotta Go Office" I decided to Play Dumb and added in order to Escape.

"You sure?" He asked Flatly.

"Not really, What wewe were Looking for ?" I lifted my chin with a Half Smile & answered.

"I'm actually New to this Country, So was trying to tafuta zaidi about it..You see, Its a Historical Place and... "

"Where are wewe from ??" I asked cutting him in between.

"Somewhere from Europe" As I saw him replying to whatever I was asking.. I couldn't control myself admiring the Beauty.

His skin was like marble White, a God like Creature. A Beauty I never saw. shati folded to half of his sleeves. His Eyes were set as deep as BLUE, just like the Sea, strong jawline. I focused on his Lips Painted Perfect pink & realized he was talking to Me..

"Ehem Ehem..Well, I'm Sorry. I din't Introduce Myself. I'm Jake and wewe are.. ?? " He crooked Smile.

He held his Hand Stretched Out for a while waiting for Mine to Shake Hands.

My Mind was spinning with all different thoughts. I had to speak, He was waiting but I couldn't think anything conversational to say.

"I'm ... Call me PC.. "

As his Hand caught Mine, I jerked my hand away so Quickly. When He touched Me, it stung my hand as if an Electric current had passed through Us.

"Oh.. Nice to Meet wewe PC..So wewe really gotta Go Office au can skip for a while??"


"I was wondering if wewe could tell Me zaidi about this Place, as wewe Look familiar. We can Sit here in the Bookstore au else can Go to the Coffee Shop, Its just inayofuata to the Bookstore." He Grimaced as if He knew what the Answer would Be..

"Yeah, I wish I could but.. Well, I was actually Planning to Call my Manager & ask for an Escape" I can't ever be better at this, as I was actually NOT-AT-ALL in a mood to mark my Absent in Office. I had a lot pending work.

I Shuddered in my koti, jacket & Pulled out the Cell Phone.

"What is your Number? I will check & will call wewe accordingly " I answered as I lifted my Chin & bit.

He smoothly took the Cell Phone and saved his Number.

"Okay, Here's My number. Call me once you're done. Okay ??

I nodded.

"See wewe around then.." He replied biting his Lower lip.

As I pretended to concentrate on My Search, before I could manage to speak, he was out of My Sight.

"Bye" I mumbled to myself. I wondered while I watch the Way where he No longer exist, If I would ever be able to see that Amazing God-like Creature in my Life..

I ran my eyes through the vitabu & finally got My Book. "The Wuthering Heights"

I couldn't deny the Fact that I was actually in a Hurry, May be I just didn't want to Admit that I really wanted to see that FACE again..!!

As soon as I paid for the Book, I escaped the Bookstore. I looked for a Place bit silent to make a Call as It was very Noisy in the Mall.

I managed to Dial his number but disconnected the call before the Ring. "Why would I even Care.. to Call.." I muttered to myself.

Before I could apply my Excuses, My Fingers were fighting to Dial the Number.

"Okay" I sighed..

"Hola Girl.. " The Beautiful Voice answered enthusiastically.

"Hey, I'm done with the Search. I got the Book.. Where are You" My Face burned with a sudden flash of Heat across my face.

"Um.. Well.. Ugh.. I thought You'll never gonna call Me.. wewe took the Number just for the heck of it.. I'm So Sorry.. I misunderstood"

"Oh.. Well. no problem.. wewe would've told me if wewe were planning to leave.. I mean, I informed my manager about my Escape from Office" I was really Feeling Dumb Now & wishing I would've not Called.

"I'm Coming, Gimme 2 Minutes.. I'm near... "

"You may very well be, But I'm Not waiting.." I answered in a Sarcastic & Rude tone.

"No Problem, I'll catch you.."

"Humph" I disconnected the Call.

As soon as I returned, I saw him making his way through the Crowd.

I couldn't help myself smiling. I smiled a Grin & walked towards him.

"Hey Again.. I'm So Sorry.."

As I found him Hovering, I decided to route the Conversation so something Else.

"Coffee ??"

"Sure.. " He laughed

We took the Corner kiti, kiti cha right inayofuata to the Window, from where we could see the Busy Road.

As we sat in Silence, He was the One who decided to brake it.

"So, tell me about Yourself.."

"Mmm.. Well,... " I mouthed but couldn't Speak. As I never knew What I am.. au I find it really Difficult to Describe myself.. I was Bad at it.

"Well, wewe tell me something about You. Since when you're here ?? How long you're Planning to Stay ?? How did wewe find this Place ??" I shot Questions.

"Whoa Girl.. too many Questions.. I'm gonna answer everything wewe ask, anyway.." He continued.

"Well, I'm here since Last November & Planning to stay till inayofuata November.. I'm here for some Official Work.. I've visited Few Places but Not all yet.. I hope wewe could help me with Site seeing ?? " He mused

"Oh Well, I'm surely not the right Person then, I'm sort of Sufferer-in-Silence kinda Person"


As we ran into each other talking, I didn't realize that It was too Hard to Listen to his Melodious Voice..

"Can We just songesha Out, Its getting Noisy here.."

"Sure Girl" Jake answered.

As I forwarded myself out of the Door wondering what inayofuata could be. Is that It ?? Letting him Go.. ??

"We can go for a Movie au else we can walk up to My place, Its near.. If wewe won't take it to some other way ." Jake Suggested..

"Yeah.. Movie is a Good Idea.. but Hey, Wait.. Its all in Local Language. You're not gonna understand a Word.." I played around him with a Grin.
I was suddenly Happy with the thought that I know his Language.

"You're Place will be a Good Idea.. & Don't worry I'm not taking it in ANY other way" I agreed.

As we both walked Down his Street, Jake was Cracking Humorous Jokes about the Roads, The people, the Place while I noticed Myself enjoying Every word he said.

"Okay, We're here.. I'm not sure If you're gonna like it.."

"Its beautiful, Much zaidi than I imagined it to be.. " I interrupted his words as we entered.

As I adjusted myself in the Couch, He grabbed me a Glass of Water. I was amazed with this Gesture. He was learning the Local Rituals & Traditions instantly.

I thanked him with a Huge Grin.

He took my Hand & stretched me to the Window. My moyo responded with a Thud. We stood both inayofuata to it Watching the View. It was beautiful & so Quiet. His House, facing towards the Northern Woods. I've never seen the Greenery so closely. I've never actually Admired it. This was the Time.

While I was still enjoying the View, He slipped in the kitanda with his Laptop.

"Hey, Come here, Let me onyesha wewe some of the Picture I've made.. If wewe want to.." He bit his tongue wondering if I would consider him "SHOW OFF"

"Yeah, Definitely" I replied positively.

While I saw the Pictures, He kept an Eye at my Face checking my Expressions with every new Picture. I noticed him too from the Corner of My eyes.

As he described the Pictures, I enjoyed the muziki he Played along. "Chris Brown" was always My Favorite.

"You've gotta Good Taste in Music" I appreciated

"Thanks, I upendo playing guitar, gitaa with My friends, & they all Enjoy it.. We are planning to Introduce a Band soon..Hey, Can I kiss You?? " Jake stared my Face while he pressed My Hands to his Face gently.

My moyo stopped responding. My Face turned Red with a Sudden Heat. I turned to Face him with My Mouth Hung Open.

"What?? " I asked him as if I didn't hear what he said, with my Eyes wide Open.

Before I could respond, Jake stomped on his Feet.

"I'm So sorry... I'm So Sorry.. I didn't mean that.. I'm so sorry.. " Jake Sighed heavily..

"Where is that coming from ?? How did You.. Why did ..." I couldn't manage to speak.

"Okay, forget about that.. I'm sorry okay ??" Jake sounded zaidi apologetic now.

I shrugged.

"Okay, May be we should go out for a Movie.. now.. Seriously.. I messed it up all.. au May be I should go sit with My Friend in the other Room & wewe could watch the Movie on the Computer.." Jake started to lean away from Me towards the Door..

"No, wewe need not to go" I snapped & stood in his Way. Not letting him Escape.

"As wewe say, But I'm really Sorry.." Jake responded with a Dull Voice

"Cum'on Lets watch a Movie together" I suggested

"Sure Girl.." Jake Agreed & crooked the Smile I've been waiting for.

As we Adjusted ourselves, No one really seem really interested in the Movie..

Jake maintained Small Talk in the Movie. I was zaidi interested in whatever he was talking about.

"Okay, I'm not here to see movies, Lets talk about something.." I suggested as I Paused the Movie.

"Like what ?" Jake asked with a Grin..

"Anything" I replied Absent mindedly as I just wanted to Listen to Him.. AS long as Possible..

"PC, this is not what I usually Do, I don't know what happened to Me.. I'm loosing My Mind.. I don't know what I'm talking about.. but you're So Special & I've never felt this before.. Is this Possible to Fall in upendo at First Site ?? wewe changed everything around me.."Jake touched My Feet as he was sitting just opposite to Me.

I opened my Mouth to say something but couldn't speak. I decided to let him Say, while I watched his face with my eyes Wide Open. No one ever alisema these words to Me.. I was struggling to make Sense to his Words.. Is he really saying all this to Me au Am I Dreaming ??

He leaned forward. I could feel his breathe like a Cool Breeze at my face. He came closer to Kiss & waited if I was going to Stop him but I froze like a Statue.

My moyo was beating as fast as it would rip my chest off & will fall on the Floor. I fought myself to stay still but after half a sekunde my lips were Moving on his. He held me Close with a Tight hug & kissed smooth zaidi passionatley. He grabbed Me in his Strong Arms & leaned backward.

I Clinched my Palm as My head started Spinning. I managed to Open My eyes to peek into his. His Deep Blue eyes flickered at my face for a While and then he let them shut down. I moved one Hand to his Bare Chest & left the other behind his Neck.

I was Running short of Time, I realized that I got to go but I can't Push him away from Myself. the zaidi I try to Push, the zaidi my Hands pulled him Close & Closer to Me..

"I upendo You" He breathed as He leaned Away..

I stared & Adored the Beauty.. & wondered If I could keep this for ever..

"Yeah.. We just met few hours ago.." I smiled

"Still.. I upendo You.." His face was Serious now.

I gestured a Hug & He leaned into my arms that I held open for him.

"Okay Sweetie, I gotta go.. " I Ignored what he said..

"Sure, Let's Go" He muttered.

"Can we walk to My Place.. " I requested

"Whatever makes wewe happy" Jake touched my face & leaned down to kiss me again.

Before I could Utter a Word, He held me in his Strong Arms.I snuggled in his Chest while We left the House.

"You are so deserved to be ADORED & LOVED.."

I Sighed heavily.

We walked in Silence.
I was overflowing with My thoughts. We din't know when we will ever get a Chance to see each other. I din't know who he is.. but I still I wanted him to take me somewhere We can be Alone.. FOREVER...
But at the same moment, I realized that He is here only for a While & then, He'll be Gone..

We reached at my Place in Silence. It was the Time to say bye.. au will it be a good bye ??
I just wanted him to stay.


"This is for You..but unwrap it Once I'm Gone" He slid a Book Quickly.. & Kissed up on My cheek.

"Oh" I mouthed..

"I think I must Leave.. Its getting Late.. FOR YOU.." He grinned.

I grabbed his Hand to Stretched up on my Toes so that I could press My lips to His.

"Take care honey.. & remember that I upendo You.. This outside world holds no interest for Me without wewe " He whispered at my Lips.

I nodded robotically.

I couldn't open My eyes as I knew I won't be able to See him Go..

I couldn't speak as I knew I won't be able to say Goodbye..

But as I opened My Eyes.. He was gone..

I stared blankly after him & wished If he is gonna Come back..

"Jake, Please Don't Go.. " I whispered to myself.

I flickered with wet Eyes to the Present he gave me.. It was a Book..

"Romeo & Juliet"

As I turned the First Page, I saw something Handwritten...

" So, Today a miracle took Me to another level..!! The sekunde that I met wewe changed the Whole World around me. I will always remember this siku as the siku that I met You..!! "

With Love,

14 of feb, 2010

" I upendo wewe too " I Sighed..

For wewe Jake :

I'm standin' on the bridge
I'm waitin' in the dark
I thought that you'd be here kwa now
There's nothing but the rain
No footsteps on the ground
I'm listening but there's no sound

Isn't anyone tryin' to find me?
Won't somebody come take me home?
It's a damn cold night
I'm tryin' to figure out this life
Won't wewe take me kwa the hand?
Take me somewhere new
I don't know who wewe are
But I'm with you...
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