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posted by twilight825
Plz read maoni and rate. please be honest on what wewe think abaout my opinion on the cast

Okay so we all agree that the WHOLE cast of twilight should stay exactly the same. What do wewe guys think? Bella (kristen stewart)and Edward (robert pattinson)have such good chemestry. Yeah they are saying that everyone is going to be the same.But wewe all know the power summit has to do. Im not trying to be rude but i think that summit would be dumb to change anyone. For those of wewe that saw the twilight movie wewe saw how good the chemisty was. Dont wewe Guys want it to be the same?Even though we Have heard of those things That Kristen and rob have been doinging its bad but all watu mashuhuri do that. Most of them do worst than them! I do know and have seen on the websites these:
Kristen Stewart- Still Bella
Robert Pattinson-Still Edward
Ashley Greene-Still Alice
Jackson Rathbone-Still Jasper
Kellan Lutz-Still Emmett
Nikki Reed-Still Rosalie
Elizabeth Reaser-dont know if she will be Esme
Peter Facinelle-dont know if he will be Carisle
Taylor Laurtner-not sure.
Summit is hinking about replacing Taylor Laurtner with someone else as Jacob. He is a perfect jacob. they are dumb to do that. They are replacing him with.....*gulp* the guy that played Prince caspian on narnia. He is not the right age he doesnt look 15.. and tay is a perfect Jacob. They are only replacing him because he isnt as tall. so what he is cute.... the perfect age and a perfect wolf!
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