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 2010 Riviera
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Anna Kendrick as Jessica
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The pain was horrible. I couldn't take it anymore. I opened my eyes to find darkness surround me. I try to scream. But all that comes out is a low moan. I know im becoming something different than what I already am. Im probably going to die. I don't mind much. Just to get out of all this pain and darkness. I can hear my own moyo beating. I wonder if my family would miss me. But for some reason i don't remeber who they are. My memories are slipping away. I've never been zaidi afraid than right at this moment. I have to get a grip on who I am....
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Robert Pattinson fears life after 'Twilight'

(AP Source: AP Tue Mar 02, 2010, 11:57 am

NEW YORK - With his tousled, seemingly unwashed locks, and rumpled, just-rolled-out-of-bed undershirt and jeans, Robert Pattinson seems laid-back and carefree.

But the 23-year-old heartthrob, who attracts throngs of screaming mashabiki wherever he goes, has a lot on his mind these days -- not the least of which is what will happen when the "Robsession" ends.

"If it suddenly dies down and suddenly no one is interested ... yeah, it is worrying," he says. "It's scary to think that it all might just fundamentally...
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I was hunting when i heard a scream coming from town.My mom was already runny so i started to run and jasper flew kwa me,gosh i was like an old lady
"dont please please"a girl alisema then i finally cought up with jasper and mom she was standing in front of jasper Tj was on the ground with a young girl who was in a tang juu and jeans
"stop"mom said
"why should i,this is what we do?"he asked her in that tone that made me madd
"STOP IT KNOW TJ"i yelled at him he looked at me and looked scared and madd he was going to get it

"why alex this is what we do,what happened to us we used to upendo it that...
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hujambo ... This is different to the twilight sage. It has all the characters in it but Bella and Edward meet differently (: hope wewe like it :D

Chapter one

I woke up already dreading the siku ahead. All i had to do was eat, go to school and sleep again. Fun.
I decided to wake myself up with a shower. So i went in and turn the hot water on. I let it soothe all my muscles when i heard my mum shout up.
"Bella your going to be late hurry up!" I sighed and turned of the shower. I quickly got dressed into my favourite pair of jeans and green top. I tied my hair up without drying it. With a quick glance...
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Kristen Stewart
New Moon
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"I hate them so much... Arrgh" "calm down man wewe cant do any thing about it" "whatever wewe know im not like the rest of you".

lost? thought wewe might be. see i am a diferent Werrewolf... im half vampire too... its so horrible fighting for wewe life. no wonder i the only one alive. The cool thing is i dont have to take ordes. we think its because im not full werewolf. so id be alpha of my own pack. oh i guess people who think they saw a blood red kubeba run through the woods... well they're not crazy... thats me. red im red oh yeah some think its funny they say things like"You Over Sized Elmo"....
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