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Chapter 7
Salty Has Been Naughty

Humphrey and the others finally arrived at Candy’s den. The first thing they heard was Candy yelling “Faster, Faster Salty”. And they could hear Salty yelling “Oh yeah I’ll go faster baby”. They all started to laugh quietly at the loud sex moans. They sat there for a further fifteen minutes. Then Humphrey walked to the entrance to the den. “Hey, Salty wewe there” Humphrey yelled as his voice echoed through the den. “Yeah man I’m here “Salty replied as he came from the shadows of the pango with his wolfhood dripping with his upendo juice. “ Where...
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Ok, here is whats going to happen. For those who may get the wrong idea. Katie and I WILL get back together. I am not telling wewe when where au how its going to happen. This kind of reminds me of that movie "No Strings Attatched" with a seasoning of revenge on it. Kate and I are sex Marafiki who only want their mates back. In order to get them back according to a plan kwa Kate, they must constantly have sex in order to make their mates, who are in a relationship with eachother out of anger, jealous and want them back.

The thunder continued to boom. Kate's howl echoed through the forest. My sobs...
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This AMV kind of has its own story focusing on how Humphrey never understood why Kate needed to get home. Plus I like this song of course, Enjoy!
so we all know Anthony Bell's one of the 2 directors of "Alpha and Omega", which is without a doubt his best movie. we also know that Anthony's working on "Norm of the North", which comes out this January and it's a movie that i'm not really excited au looking mbele to (but i'm still gonna watch it). but, what we didn't know is that he's actually working on yet another CGI animated movie that also comes out theatrically inayofuata year, called "The Life and Adventures of Santa Claus". in this movie, kengele tells us the story of Saint Nick, ya know how he grew up and became Santa Claus. and from what i heard, it's also gonna have the A&O CGI uhuishaji style. Anthony Bell's working on both "Norm of the North" and "Santa Claus" at the same time, as director and writer (he basically wrote the story of "Norm of the North" and now he's probably co-writing the script of "Santa Claus"). damn Anthony, u look like one really busy guy lol. working on 2 sinema at the same time.
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