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Claudette and Hardial Singh...
mashabiki wanachagua: Alpha and omega
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SentinelPrime89 alisema …
Brent: wewe should’ve gone for the head. *snaps his fingers*

Kate: NO! ilitumwa masaa 7 yaliyopita
Imagine7197 ametoa maoni…
Omg. XD masaa 4 yaliyopita
TimberHumphrey alisema …
how sad is it to know that the only legitimately successful animated sinema Lionsgate's ever done are Alpha and Omega (the first one) and the 2017 MLP movie? every other animated movie they've distributed is a disaster!

P.S: no, Norm of the North wasn't successful. sure, it reached the $30 million mark at the box office (SOMEHOW!), but back during its original run in theaters, it failed HARD! ilitumwa masaa 11 yaliyopita
TimberHumphrey ametoa maoni…
this is what wewe get for not wanting to do REAL marketing for your animated movies, Lionsgate! masaa 11 yaliyopita
SentinelPrime89 ametoa maoni…
Probably thank the UK for A&O managing to beat it’s budget. They advertised the McDonalds toys which drew the kids in. masaa 7 yaliyopita
SentinelPrime89 alisema …
I AM GROOT. ilitumwa siku moja 1 iliyopita
Imagine7197 ametoa maoni…
I upendo Groot. Lol siku moja 1 iliyopita
TimberHumphrey ametoa maoni…
who doesn't upendo Groot? masaa 12 yaliyopita