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while me and garth were stuck in a cave we were tryin to figure out how to get out. "(laughs) i will get us out of here in no time." garth said.
he was digging and digging but nothing worked.
"great now i'm stuck with you." garth said.
"what did i ever do to you." i said.
"what do wewe mean." garth said. "why do wewe always got to treat me like poo." i said.
"(sigh) wewe want the truth... i'm jealous." garth said. "WHAT..." I said. "but why would wewe be jealous of me?" i asked. "CAUSE your bigerfja thes se." garth was saying a wierd langauge. "WHAT WAS THAT." I asked.
"I alisema your always...
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its about time hes FINALLY reviewing it
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Lilly wakes up in her pango and goes to wash her face, while Garth's out hunting for food. Cause of the fact that she's pregnant, she hasn't been feeling that good in that past few days. She gets dizzy every now and then, and her legs wobble from her baby hump. While she sits down and takes a look at the view outside the den, Winston and Eve come to visit her.

Eve: Lilly, my little angel.
Lilly: (smiles) Hi mom. Hi dad.
Winston: Feelin' better? (hugs her)
Lilly: Yeah, i'm fine.
Eve: (sees her belly) How are they?
Lilly: Oh, they'll be coming soon. I guess.
Winston: I bet Garth's proud of you, sweetie....
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