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ai is EXTREME CONTROVERSIAL but I did got curious on found one of the ai sites and so I tried it out and this is what the ai literally said:

- The mbwa mwitu pack's dynamics would have changed, as the alpha pair would be Garth and Kate, leading with their own style and rules.
- Humphrey would have felt heartbroken and rejected, and probably would have moved away from the pack au tried to find another mate.
- It is likely that Garth and Kate's progeny would have a different set of characteristics and personalities compared to Humphrey's offspring.
- The plot of the subsequent sinema in the franchise would have undergone significant changes, as the focus would shift from Humphrey's adventures and romantic endeavors to Garth and Kate's challenges as leaders.

Despite these differences, I believe that the central message of the movie, which emphasizes the importance of teamwork, accepting differences, and breaking down prejudices, would have remained unchanged.
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It has been years since Garth had passed away and Lilly had forgotten completely. I was now her mate, and it would be like that for eternity! Lilly and I met when I was taking Garth's body away from what happened. He got into some shit with grizzly bears. I found him laying on the ground with *three* legs! It was very disturbing. He groaned and alisema to me, "take good care of Lilly, Gerald... I know wewe will be good for her..." I replied with tears in my eyes, "no Garth! wewe can't die, wewe can't!" He then put his paw on my shoulder and said, "Gerald, It is my time..." Then I couldn't feel him...
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This was also made from my DA Journal where I just talked about this but so heres what I said:


Since I mentioned it from my journal: link

Now this got me thinking:

What if they were to make a TV series of A&O, lets discuss about this:

Well now that Alpha and Omega 8: Journey to kubeba Kingdom (NO SPOILERS PLEASE I STILL HAVEN'T EVEN SEEN 7 & 8 YET) got released, but now seeing that this franchise had made 8 sinema and just like I mentioned from my journal above saying "are they trying to compare with The Land Before Time franchise?" well now lets think this over about what would happen...
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It finally came. The most overhyped Alpha And Omega movie since The Legend Of The Sawtooth Cave is here! Does it live up to the hype?

I watched it on iTunes five dakika past midnight on it's release and to me, I have mixed feelings with this one. While Splash actually did their best with this one, it still has a lot of the same faults that plagued Dino Digs. The uhuishaji is not good, the slapstick junk, taka to me doesn't work 90% of the time and I'm not the biggest shabiki of the new score. And like I alisema in my quickie non-spoiler review, Brent, Agnes, Lyle and LInk did not even have to be there....
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 Humphrey's family
Humphrey's family
It was a quiet afternoon Humphrey could not stop thinking about his mom . He sighed. He missed her . He has a flashback . Humphrey had a picky pack leader he only wanted alphas in his pack he had 2 sisters and a brother they were all alphas . Humphrey's dad ( Chaser ) only wanted the alphas he ordered to Humphrey's mom ( Mica ) alisema he was her inayopendelewa pup . Chaser : '' We need alphas only we are at war " Mica : '' yes i know i 'll give him to a pack near kwa '' Chaser : '' but that could take days the only packs around us we are at war at '' Mica : " i will find him a good pack as soon as he is old enough '' Chaser : '' fine " Soon after a few weeks Mica journeyed to find a good pack soon she found the Western pack .... to be continued
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