wewe know what? Saturday, October, 29th 2011 was a siku was a siku that was just terrible. So wewe know what? Lets just start over. Make things right wewe know? So hows about we make some rules, guide lines in this club and if we fallow them we should be alright.

Rule 1: No zaidi bila mpangilio stuff on here. Don't post anything on this spot that has nothing to do with Alpha and Omega.

Rule 2: No zaidi sex talk! We can talk about having mates, but please, lets keep the talk clean for now on.

Rule 3: Stop arugeing with one another. Please, we need to stop doing that. We're all Marafiki on here!

Rule 4: Lets try to keep the sad RPies down. Please, come on now. I for one don't like a sad RP and someone dies in it. I have nothing aganist those RPies, but still, its not my thing and all of us gets affected kwa it.

Rule 5: Don't post anything Rule 34 related. Keep that stuff on your own club for now on.

Rule 6: And the only Rule 34 stuff that will be ok if its in an article/story. Keep that stuff in your stories.

That's all I have. Lets just fallow these rules, no zaidi aruging, and lets just have fun here ok?