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Lara sees a smoke in the distance knowing it can be a human's camp fast walking to it but making sure they don't spot her went the nearest snowy kichaka to scout out the place first before she makes her's first songesha seeing three hunters a poucher with them one of they's tents wide open and a first aid pack the humans uses when one of them is badly hurt.

Lara:Alright just like grandpa taught me. She quietly alisema to herself while she stealthily crouch avoiding detection hearing one of the hunters having a conversation about a price for a red mbwa mwitu pelt.

Jack:Alright what is the bloody price for that...
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The Lone Survivors the meza, jedwali of contents

Chapter one:The last of us
A powerful pack was lead kwa a ruthless mbwa mwitu hunter raided a nyumbani of the frontier pack then ended the pack for good but only two Mbwa mwitu loups had managed to ran away alive.

Chapter two:Finding shelter
A former elder pack leader had saved his granddaughter now they have to find shelter from the thunder storm and rain.

Chapter three:A promise
Had got into a cave they found lara wanted to ask her's grandfather about something.

Chapter four:Tale of the wolfslayer
Kenny tells lara a story about how he had once fought a human who called himself...
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Ok so some people asked me if I can provide them a few links. I found them and added informations as requested. Hope you'll enjoy them.

**For the torrents, all uploaders are verified (Gold crown on kickass torrent) and I tested the torrents myself too.

Anything wrong? Let me know!


Download [Torrents]:

Alpha and Omega 3D [French, Bluray]:

Alpha and Omega 3D [English, French, Russian 1080p]:

Alpha and Omega 3D [English, DVD Rip]:link
Alpha and Omega 2: A howl-iday adventure [English, Bluray 1080p]:

Alpha and Omega 2: A howl-iday adventure [English,...
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posted by trueshadowwolf
cherokees are indians, which i am, well i got alittle in me LOL i found something pretty interesting.
it says:
A Cherokee Legend
An old Cherokee is teaching his grandson about life. "A fight is going on inside me," he alisema to the boy.

"It is a terrible fight and it is between two wolves. One is evil - he is anger, envy, sorrow, regret, greed, arrogance, self-pity, guilt, resentment, inferiority, lies, false pride, superiority, and ego." He continued, "The other is good - he is joy, peace, love, hope, serenity, humility, kindness, benevolence, empathy, generosity, truth, compassion, and faith....
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 I got this from a Marafiki website and don't say i messed up it was an idea i had [This is kate secretly doing it with backdraft
I got this from a friends website and don't say i messed up it was an idea i had [This is kate secretly doing it with backdraft
It was early morning after a night of fun after the howl but Humphrey felt something was wrong like something happened to Kate cause when he rolled over she wasn't there. He thought she had gotten up already but when he went to the jikoni she wasn't there and she wasn't one the kitanda 'where the hell is she' alisema Humphrey so he sat on the kitanda and waited till Kate entered then he broke lose getting all on her for leaving and not saying nothing [Little did he know she was secretly dating Backdraft behind Humphrey's back] Humphrey: Where the hell were wewe how come wewe didn't say nothing huh...
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posted by UriahA
Humphrey is pissed at Kate.

Humphrey returned home.
“Hey bitch.”
“Humphrey, I’m not dealing with wewe not forgiving me anymore. I’m moving with Garth.”
“Good, I don’t want wewe here!”
“And he alisema wewe can have Lilly.”
“You want my sister zaidi than me!?”
“Now yes.”
“I hope you’re shitting me.”
“No, I’m not.”
“I’m packing all my stuff. And I’m taking the Armada.”
“What! I get the Armada and wewe get the Civic.”
“Nope I called it first.”
“Damn it!”
“You know you’re an Omega that was lucky to have me, now you’re being...
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posted by HumphryOmega
(Dosnt belong to me just spreading his work. To see the dude who made these makala go to and look up R0xas 666)

Humphrey already regretted his decision not to leave Jasper Park, Kate was continuing with her wedding. Kate had begged him to stay, and so he had. Now, however, he was on the verge of tears because of the scene unfolding in front of him. Kate and Garth had gone through almost the entire mating ritual, and now they were about to touch noses.

They made contact and Humphrey gasped in horror, but it wasn't heard over the cheers of every other mbwa mwitu present. Humphrey turned...
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posted by TimberHumphrey
Lilly wakes up in her pango and goes to wash her face, while Garth's out hunting for food. Cause of the fact that she's pregnant, she hasn't been feeling that good in that past few days. She gets dizzy every now and then, and her legs wobble from her baby hump. While she sits down and takes a look at the view outside the den, Winston and Eve come to visit her.

Eve: Lilly, my little angel.
Lilly: (smiles) Hi mom. Hi dad.
Winston: Feelin' better? (hugs her)
Lilly: Yeah, i'm fine.
Eve: (sees her belly) How are they?
Lilly: Oh, they'll be coming soon. I guess.
Winston: I bet Garth's proud of you, sweetie....
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posted by AlphawolfAlisha
August. 9, 2013. Well here's Humphrey's jokes I've worked up so um enjoy!

Entry one: what did two bears do while changing spots? one of the bears said" um this barely fit me does this make butt look big?.....the other kubeba replies" um yes it does". (both of them laughs) wow I can't bearly see how that can't fit you".

Entry two: um Kate where did wewe put my cupcake!? Kate replied." I've put in the garbage!". Humphrey Gasped." um why did wewe do that for?". Kate sounded discussed" because it smells bad". Humphrey sniffed." um I was going to eat that cupcake".

Entry three: (Humphrey farts)pffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffft!...
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Snow C-3
(An Alpha and Omega Story)

Disclaimer: This chapter contains scenes of violence, blood, moderate language and upsetting scenes.
Read at your own decision!

Chapter 3: Rise of a new wolf.

(The inayofuata morning)
(Violets POV)

Yesterday was probably the luckiest siku of my life I think I've met my one true love, one to upendo an caress in my arms for life. But that was yesterday and today is the start of a new, miserable siku because it was raining... Oh how much I hated it when it rained. Lilly was walking towards me with her head slouched to the ground with sad expression spread across her face.

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posted by ztarx5
Hello everybody! I here for a new series call The Alpha and Omega Games. This story is the line of the HG (Hunger Games) with the Characters of A and O. I will not stop this series so I hope u enjoy this story! Well wewe ask so here part one. BTW Kate and Lilly mom is Courtney. The reason Eve isn't there parent because I put her as Effete.
WARNING Please Read Rating
Violence: 1/4
Sex: 0/4
Language: 1/4

Before Chapter.

POV 1st President Wilson

In this nation there is 12 district. Before that we had 13 but been bomb. Why is there 12? Well there was a mighty war back...
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posted by humphrey7777
Humphrey wok up early in the morning. "*yawns* ahh well i had a good night sleep well hope garth is there" "humphrey where are wewe going" "huh oh sweets just going to watch garth train" "ok bye " " bye babe upendo you" "love wewe too" Humphrey got to the the training grounds. " maybe garth just late a few'' Two hours later. "where the hell is he" One saa later. "WHERE IS HE" "THERE wewe ARE I BEEN WAITING HERE FOR THREE HOURS WHERE WERE wewe LATE why's your fur, manyoya really dirty" "oh that uh i uh um i mean well ummm" "well get on with hold on is that crusted se-" "huuuu garth wewe got laid finally you...
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posted by xAngelwolfx
 kate down
kate down
It was a rainy siku and Kate was getting ready for the caribou hunt,"i hate the rain"Kate mumbled to herself as she shook her fur.She stepped out of the cave and went to meet hutch.Meanwhile Garth and Lilly were just getting up"morning honey"Garth alisema as he put his paw through Lilly's fur, manyoya to wake her up,Lilly's nose twitched,"morning Garth"he smiled at her,"i'm going out to watch Kate's hunt"Lilly jumped up,"oh wait for me!"they both headed for the hunt."Hiya Hutch wewe ready for our hunt"Kate alisema to Hutch,"of course i'm ready its just the weather i'm worried about"Hutch alisema while looking...
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posted by MarvelousAlpha
A/N: I was gonna stop putting these makala from one of the other websites I have an account on to this one, but I decided not to. Oh and hi I'm Archangel Spirit Healer Edwards. Oh yeah sorry I wasn't actually new to shabiki fiction. I just didn't want to get maarufu so fast. That's always annoying for me.

During Chapter 8. The rest of the gangs POV:

When Kate and Humphrey finished telling the story about why Alphas and Omega could be together now, Rose said, "Wow, you've been through a lot."

"Yea, but it was really fun!" Humphrey said.

Kate asked him, "Really? wewe thought a human aiming a gun at you...
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Alpha and Omega: Missing Parents
by: PurpleDragon02
Special Thanks to:

Chidori1334 for support.

jhilton0907 for the idea that Humphrey was relocated as a pup.

ben15delas for support.

Chapter 1: Humphrey's Flashbacks

It was a calm siku in Jasper Park. It was Father's siku and Kate had everyone over to help her with her father's gift. Winston, Eve, and Tony would soon be arriving, and she needed all the help she could get. Her sister, Lilly had come, along with her husband, Garth. Kate's husband, Humphrey, was also helping kwa watching their pups to make sure they stayed out of trouble.

"Humphrey," Kate...
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posted by shadow-omega
"Thanks man. I'll see wewe tomorrow. Bye." Cooper alisema waving his paw goodbye. Humphrey, Lilly, Jackson and Madison waved back.

"Saying that, it IS getting late. We should get going too." Humphrey said. Lilly nodded in agreement.

"Oh, well, if you're sure. We'll see wewe soon." Jackson said, smiling.

As Jackson smiled, Humphrey looked at his eyes and spotted a glint there. It was a lustful glint, and it meant that Humphrey could accurately predict what Jackson was going to do: he was going to mate with Madison.

"Humphrey, let's go." Lilly said, gently tugging on his forearm.

"Oh, yeah. OK."

As Humphrey...
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"Katrina! The Dark Mbwa mwitu loups have been fighting the war for over three and a half years! They need our help!" Apollo shouted "I tried to tell wewe but wewe didn't listen." Katrina alisema rolling her eyes.

"Really how have they been able to last this long they are such a small pack?" Questioned Acashia. "I don't know but it is amazing." Replied Katrina.

After that they were quiet the rest of the way back to meet Zeus. "Here we are... The land Dark Mbwa mwitu loups have been trying to reclaim for three and a half years!" Acashia and Katrina stood in aw over the sight of the rough, dark, lifeless land that lay before...
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posted by ShadowTheWolf14
Chapter 1 Part 2
A terrible tragedy new beginning

I can't believe he would leave use here.Said a Female wolf.Shadow,Jessica....don't worry mame will get use to the Southwest Pack and we will be safe.Said the female mbwa mwitu carrying her 2 mwaka old pup with her 3 mwaka old pup at her side.Mame Why are we moving? Asked the 3 mwaka old pup. Because Shadow there are bad wolfs after us and will hurt us if they get to us. But mame want let them hurt wewe and your sister ok? (twigs snapping) Oh no. alisema the mother. RUN! Keep going strait and don't look back! yeld the mother. Then a mbwa mwitu jumped out and...
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posted by lonehumphrey
It was a warm siku on June 18 2,001and it was also the best siku for 2 adult alphas but the their last.And their names were Mike and megan. It was 9 am and the exact time of birth of two Mbwa mwitu loups named Humphrey and Lisa. Their beautiful alisema megan. yes yes they are alisema mike but they didn't know they were being watched. Snap the two Mbwa mwitu loups turned their heads but not quick enough. Bang the noise went across the jasper park woods. Its clear alisema the two black market hunters said. hujambo their are two pups left what do we do. Lets leave them the wanyama theyll take them.After the black marketers left...
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posted by Wolfman32
 Rose, most beatiful girl ever!
Rose, most beatiful girl ever!
Name: Rose

Creature: Wolf.

Rank: Omega. (Just like her mother)

Mate: Wolfman32 (Grady)

Pups: Winston (Named after his great grandpa), Violet, and Tony (Named after other great grandpa). And on the way Aleu.

Fur color: Pink.

Eye color: Violet, (Like her moma)

Naughtiness level: 9 and a half. (Depends on her mood)

Likes: Grady, hot baths, To flirt with others, reading, helping annoy Grady's little sister, getting affection, talking with Grady's grandma, sleepin in the shade, playing with the pups,

Dislikes: bullies, having to worry about Grady, killing for no reason, thunderstorms,

Favorite Books: Harry...
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