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Kat and Zapnis were fooling around kwa the stomach. Kat had the chamber with her powers in it, and she was inaonyesha off with it, when it landed in Hector's stomach acids.

She went down to grab it (eeewww...) , when a bad germ scratched her arm. "Ouch..." she said. Her right eye started hurting.

She came to the surface. "Kat?" alisema Zapnis.
"I got in a fight."
"Ozzy and Drix are gonna kill you."
"I know."

When they walked into the apartment, Ozzy and Drix were shocked.

"Hey guys- what the...!?" Ozzy said.
"What?" she replied.
"What happened to your arm?" Ozzy asked.
Drix said, " And is that a black eye?"
She ran to a mirror. "OH MY GAWWWD!" she screamed. Around her eye, wasn't quite a black eye. It was a spiked mduara, duara almost the color of a black eye. Darker though.
"Are wewe sure your okay?" Ozzy says. Kat woke up sick as a dog that morning. "Dude, for the last time! I'm fine!" she snapped back. "Okay. Just don't come cryin' to me when wewe feel like your gonna puke." Ozzy replied.

Kat decided to watch TV. Cartoons. The Pie Show. "BORING!" She changed the channel. News. "There have been reports of a deadly virus spotted at the-"
"ACHOO!" Kat sneezed and missed where they saw Thrax.
"Where did they say they saw him?" Ozzy asked. "Um- the nose- yeah! The nose!" Kat wasn't sure if he WAS even at the nose, but that's where they went, anyway.

"Kat, were wewe hallusinating...
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One of Zapnis's tears landed on Kat. The three felt energy running through there microscopic bodies. Kat came back to life.

Kat swore she saw Ozzy crying. Drix and Zapnis were too. "Guys! Why are wewe crying?" she said. "Your alive!" the three alisema together. "Both of wewe owe me a soda." alisema Zapnis.

They threw a wild party that night. For just the four of them. After the party, everyone wentnto bed.

The inayofuata day, Ozzy took Kat to the gas station. As soon as everyone saw Kat, someone yelled, "Get it!" Ozzy pulled out his gun and threatened anyone who dared touch her. When people started getting...
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I am doing a series of reviews on Cartoon Network, Nickelodeon, and Disney Channel. This is my 1st and it will be talking about the current programs that are on REGULARLY on Cartoon Network. Please comment. Thanks.

Ed, Edd n Eddy- I upendo this show! It's so funny and there are so many plot lines and characters that its never boring. The only problem I have with this onyesha is with CN. They were supposed to make a movie in 2008, and so far there is no movie!
Chop Socky Chooks- THis onyesha is total garbage. I'm sorry if this is offending anybody, but they replaced Dexter's Lab with this....
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