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 Just coz ;)
Just coz ;)
Okay, I'll try not to totally bore anyone who reads this, and I know a lot of people will seriously feel like killing me after kusoma this, but hey, it's just my opinion. I never bag yours :P May be some bad language, but chill.

I know plenty of wewe are probably thinking "Wtf? Is she on drugs?" .. and the answer is no. I don't even have a real reason for her being this low. I think maybe it's the short hair, sickeningly sweet voice, and the fact that she takes an apple from the freakiest looking old lady I have ever fcking seen! If I had one piece of advice to give...
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COMING inayofuata SATURDAY...
Princess pea, njegere will face her most suspensful adventure yet when a war erupts between the Natives and the English settlers. Will pea, njegere be able to help Pocahontas and her true upendo John Smith be together au is sass just not enough this time? In this sneak peek, here's a glimpse of inayofuata week's chapter.

"Pocahontas!" yelled Pea. "Are wewe nuts? wewe can't go around making out with hot white boys! Unless there was some tongue, then it was totally worth it."
"But Pea," replied the beautiful chief's daughter. "I love John Smith! And even though Kocoum was killed, I can't help but think...
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Hello everyone! I dont know if wewe remember me au if any of the people I use to talk to on here still come on here...but im going to try to come to this group zaidi often...I miss it.

I was watching Beauty and the Beast tonight[Diamond Edition;] and I realized something so strange...I cry during this movie...

But only at two parts...when the beast "dies" and the other part....the ballroom scene.

The scene isnt sad and I know that...but does anyone else find it painfully beautiful...it never registered in this scene that Belle was dancing with a Beast, All I could think is:

Look at how much in love...
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 “This kiss,” Pocahontas thought. “It’s nothing like the kiss of John Smith. He kissed me with such passion and love.”
“This kiss,” Pocahontas thought. “It’s nothing like the kiss of John Smith. He kissed me with such passion and love.”
awali PART


    Pocahontas slowly made her way to John. When she finally reached his side, he put his arms around her and gave her a hug. She sighed because for once, in a long time she liked hugging John, only because her imagination let her think it was John Smith.
    “I can see that you’re worrying about something.” John finally spoke.
    “That is true.” Pocahontas agreed.
    “Let’s go for a walk.” John said.
    He wanted to get away. Maybe if they were alone,...
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posted by madisonsavanna
I want to be known as the DP leader
Take away personalities
And if I don't get the things I am after...
I'm going to SCREAM!
I want this spot, I want this whole spot!
No opinions, pick killing, no princesslullaby ruling
And NOW!
I don't care how, I want it now!
Don't care how, I want it NOW!


Oompah loompah doompa dee doo
I've got a fanpop puzzle for you
Oompah loompah doompah da dee
If wewe are wise you'll listen to me
Who do ya' blame when you've turned into a Nazi?
When all your cyber Marafiki are in a terrible posse
Blaming the mashabiki is a lie and a shame
wewe know exactly who's to blame!
Oompah loompah doompa dee dah
If you're not a troll then wewe will go far
wewe will live in happiness, too
Like the DP mashabiki who aren't STU...................................pid
Hey, as wewe know my orodha has changed A LOT, so I decided to make a new article. I just warn wewe that this orodha is temporary and it can change, because, I'm planning to rewatch some sinema and because like I have alisema before, I'm very indecisive, I mean, really my lists change ALL THE TIME! Also, just to avoid misunderstandings, I want to say that when I mention a princess' beauty/ imba voice au any other superficial thing like those, it doesn't mean that I judge based on these traits. I won't put a DP higher because she's beautiful, I just felt that since I'd talk about the princesses,...
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I've been wanting to write this makala for a while because since I last wrote it my opinions has changed and also when I wrote this makala last time Frozen hadn't been realesed into the cinemas, so now in this makala I'll include Anna and Elsa for the first time so hope you'll enjoy this makala :)

13. Ariel

I think she's cute in a pretty way, her eyes have a lovely blue color, her smile is adorable, the color of her lips is pretty and her nose is normal sized, but I don't really like the rest of her features, while her eyes wouldn't look better if they where smaller I'm not too keen...
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Now let me tell wewe an interesting fact about Rose Red before I continue my story. Rose Red has a special gift, she can read other people's thoughts, that was why she didn't saw Harold as a criminal, but as a kind person.

After hearing that her parents accepted hers and Harold's romance Rose Red became a different person, she was now happy and nothing could stop her now from being so happy except Victoria. Rose Red realised after kusoma Victoria's thoughts that she would come to the ngome the inayofuata siku and the only way to avoid her was to escape with Harold, but at the same time she wanted...
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So I've been kusoma that the "Prettiest Princess" ranking is sort of like a right of passage makala that all of the mashabiki here on fanpop do so I figured it was time for my own. Instead of just doing a physical beauty ranking, I wanted to do an ujumla, jumla beauty ranking instead. I personally see ranking women based only on their physical beauty as objectifying them so I am kind of confused that it's not looked at that way here on fanpop? (Not saying this to judge au condone others but just out of genuine curiosity and confusion considering the way some mashabiki have reacted to perceived objectification...
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Just a little something before we start: I think they are all really, really pretty (partly because Disney is unable to make ugly au homely main characters)

 Boys will gladly go to war for wewe
Boys will gladly go to war for you

(Oh, boy, this won't finish good). Yeah, that's right: I don't find Pocahontas stunning, gorgeous, godess, au whatever people describe her. I can definitelly see why people put her on their first places, but I have different taste and different criteria. I still think she's pretty, but I just don't like the lines of her face, they are too sharp,her lips are really weird, makes look like...
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18.) Drizella Tremaine
 "She's a dumb bitch"-kenzieiscool
"She's a dumb bitch"-kenzieiscool

"I'v never been a shabiki of Drizella"-VGfan30

17.) Carlotta
 "I don't like her at all"sweetie-94
"I don't like her at all"sweetie-94

"Carlotta is ok, her voice just iratates me."-DreamyGal

16.) Anastasia Tremaine
 "ugly and so on"-skypirate
"ugly and so on"-skypirate

"I don't like her"-sweetie-94

15.) the Bimbettes
 "I upendo the Bimbettes"-DreamyGal
"I upendo the Bimbettes"-DreamyGal

"Hate them"-Anaji
"The Bimbettes are shallow whores"-dweeb
"The Bimbettes are sooo funny and there voices make me lol"-straggy
"I upendo the Bimbettes there sooooo funny"-AllegroGiocoso
"Didn't like these guys"-AnnaKay19...
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Sorry for the long wait, but here it is, the result of the Best DP Title Countdown and my opinion on each placement and of course some of your maoni :)

10. Tangled

I truly agree with this placement, why did they switched the title from Rapunzel to Tangled? Because the movie was going to appeal to both boys and girls, it would've been a good change if it wasn't for that the title is so awful and many other fanpop users agreed with me, not only is it an awful title, but the title doesn't make much sense at all.

Here are some maoni from wewe :)
-Tangled, Tangled and Tangled! Awesome movie,...
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 I've decided that I rather like this picture and that must be why I'm putting it at the juu of all my articles.
I've decided that I rather like this picture and that must be why I'm putting it at the top of all my articles.
Long title was long.
Anyway, short explanation. I basically chose my favourite song from each of the Disney Princess films and then ordered those songs. Got that? Good.
Yes, I swear. Yes, I like a joke. Yes, I like to bitch, kahaba about things. If wewe don't like it, then there's a big red kuvuka, msalaba in the corner of your browser for that very reason.
Let the countdown begin!

9) Skumps
 Our children will marry, Our kingdoms unite, Skumps, Skumps, Skumps!
Our children will marry, Our kingdoms unite, Skumps, Skumps, Skumps!

Yes, Skumps is really my favourite Sleeping Beauty song. But it still isn't very good. I don't really like any of the songs from Sleeping Beauty.
This one...
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 The new princecatcher93
The new princecatcher93
I updated again after a movie party link. And now with a new movie out I get to rank it (It will be spoiler free) and I learned to like some other ones more, learned to dislike some, and learned to upendo others a lot move. I’ll be giving each film a chance to get four stars (my newspaper does four so I go kwa the half stars) they have nothing to do with the ranking, just how many I would give it, if I wasn’t doing a summary ranking. So here it is my updated ranking (My inayopendelewa sinema changes almost every week so this is just for this week.) Oh something big that will be playing out for me...
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posted by KittieMalimoff
~Born Princesses
Adella (Ariel's sister)
Alana (Ariel's sister)
Andrina (Ariel's sister)
Aquata (Ariel's sister)
Arista (Ariel's sister)
Attina (Ariel's sister)
Snow White
Anna (Frozen)
Tiger Lily (Peter Pan)
Kiara (daughter of the lion pride)
Vanellope von Schweetz
Dot (Attas sister)
Calla (Gummi Bears tv show)
Princess Leia (Star Wars bought kwa Disney)

~Married in Princesses
Jane Porter

~Non Princesses
Minnie panya, kipanya (Founder of Disney)
Wendy Darling
Tinker Bell
Maid Marian (Niece of King Richard)
My DP choices keeps changing every time. I'm diplomatic for my DP orodha :P So I decided to pakia my latest rank orodha au countdown wewe can say.And yeah,I'm not uploading many picha due to some arrangement problem in fanpop makala lately.I'm very annoyed of this X(

10.Pocahontas(earlier Rank-7 :P)
I know that Pocahontas mashabiki will hate me for this but she's my LEAST favorite.I think that she's too old fashion.Well I am not trying to be racist.Means she's not my LEAST inayopendelewa due to her tribe,living au anything like that.But still I don't find anything so SPECIAL in her.Also she's every time...
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I'm just going to write a factual makala detailing the jobs I have to do in Fantasyland.

There are 9 Attractions in Fantasyland- 2 are just new, from last week, during the phase one opening of New Fantasyland. (Dumbo & The Barnstormer: not new rides, but in a new location.)

I operate link, which is a 3D movie, and link.

I'll discuss Philharmagic first.

Philharmagic Stand kwa Greeter
All I do here is check people's fastpasses and send them through either the regular line au the fastpass line, as well as direct wheelchairs and people with guest assistance cards.
This position is fine during...
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This is an makala about my inayopendelewa DP eyes, I'm going to tell wewe this now, but I know that many of wewe are going to disagree on my number 1, but other than that, have a wonderful kusoma time and don't forget to comment!

10. Mulan

It's no surprise that she is number 10, don't get me wrong her eyes are okay, but the shape is weird and there is no color in them (I know that this is what Chinese eyes are supposed to be like, but I'm not a shabiki of Chinese eyes).

9. Pocahontas

She is higher than Mulan because her eyes have a better shape and there is some color in them, but the eyes are...
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this is an makala to onyesha which Disney princess represents each Olympic values such as
Rapunzel is a great example for determination
sadly theres only 7 values so only 7 Disney princesses will be chosen
BTW this is my opinion
I hope wewe enjoy kusoma this article

first up    

Being Courageous is standing up for wewe believe in and being brave at difficult times and in my opinion princess jimmy, hunitumia is a perfect example for courage as she stands up for herself and what she believes in. jimmy, hunitumia try’s her best to remain calm and brave when her father objects to what she says...
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posted by hajirah4
 The Short Song
The Short Song
10. Someday My Prince Will Come

I upendo this song I really do!!!....but....just like everyone it sounds too high pitched and when I first heard it I thought she was unhappy, because it seemed as if she was avoiding her tears while singing. Snow White's voice is adorable really but too high pitched and it doesn't suit her at all except for the lyrics and gender, unlike Justin Bieber.
 See the difference?
See the difference?

However I don't see what's so annoying about her voice anymore.

However it's a nice song. Since Snow White always wanted a prince, tada! Here's a song about it!!! Also I felt it was a little...
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