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A/N: Here's the sekunde chapter! Please review and give me any suggestions au share your concerns au just tell me what wewe think!

Disclaimer: I don't own "Tangled" au it's characters, they belong to Disney.

The inayofuata siku was crazy, his sisters attended their "interview"
and thankfully they did get choosen kwa a couple who were very well off.

Eugene couldn't help but feel terrible though, he was glad his sisters were gonna get a better life then he ever would but he just didn't want to let them go.

Natalie and Elizabeth were all he had left as a family, everyone else had abandoned him. Were they about...
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NOTE: This is a very long article.
I actually rewatched all the Disney princess sinema two times just so that I can be absolutely positive about my opinions. This orodha might change in a mwezi au something, though. It’s really hard for me to rank the films because I just upendo every single Disney classic, especially I upendo every single Disney princess movie. I just tried to think which of the sinema I want to see the most and tried not to concentrate on the characters only. This is a lot different from my awali inayopendelewa DP movie orodha but it’s the first time in half a mwaka I’m updating...
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A/N: Chapter 7? Haha I have the cover for this story...or the
temporary cover. I will probably make another.

Chapter 7:

A mwezi went kwa and things only got worse, small distubances
between the colonist and the natives were becoming zaidi commom.
People had been hurt, but no one had been killed.
I hadn't ventured out into the woods since my first siku here, I was
secretly terrified of running into the Natives again. That night really
had shaken me up.
I have a scar on my forehead where the branch had cut me on the
way to their village, the doctor told me that it was highly likely that
I would have it...
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Scene 30(Wow, actually made 30 scenes in the series)- Another different location in the weird path thingy(Sorry, I forgot the name of that path thing :()...

Rodney: I'm getting a little bit scared right now...

Hella: And? Just keep your body away from me and my stuff!

Rodney: Geez, why must wewe have to be such an ***hole?

Hella: *Stops and turns toward Rodney* What did wewe call me? Ya know, I don't have to be doing this sh!t for wewe ya know, do wewe want me to leave here in this hellhole?

*Shadow spys on them, then lurks away*

Hella: Hey! Are wewe even listening to me?!?!?

Rodney: Oh, um...

Hella: You...
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My other articles:

ONE THING wewe SHOULD KNOW: Unlike the princesses, I actually like every single prince. So don't think that because your inayopendelewa prince is low I don't like him, I actually do. Also, before uandishi this list, I watched almost all the princess sinema so I could formulate my decision. The only ones I didnt watch are cinderella & Snow white and the Seven Dwarfs, and in this case, I don't think it's necessary.

I'm aware this is a LONG article. If you're going to skim it, PLEASE at least read the paragraph below Shang's picture.

 "I didn't say it was Aurora....I alisema I met the girl I was going to marry."
"I didn't say it was Aurora....I...
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Scene 21- A bila mpangilio cave :P

Narrator: Meanwhile thousands of miles away-
*Anabel, Denaji, and Rebecca stop running and start panting*
Narrator: No.
Anabella: Grrr...
Narrator: As I was saying, meanwhile these poor defenseless losers R tired from running away from some ugly looking monsters who ARE NOT THAT FREE KIN STRONG AND COULD EASILY B DEFEATED IF ONLY SOME1 HAD-
Denaji: Damn it, Y cant we get anything good in our lives? Other than torturing Hella which was hilarweous!
Rebecca: U talk lik a 2 mwaka old.
Denaji: No I...
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Aurora pushed, pulled, and yanked at the chains that bound her to the wall. The place she was hanging reminded her of Mulan's gruesome death. The thoughts hounded her to the point of making her sick.
"Let me go! I'm innocent, I tell you! I command you!"
Most of the guards didn't even turn around, after being shouted at for hours. One of the newer knights simply turned and shot her a death look-one of many she'd received.
Another cry echoed through the dungeon. This had been happening since Aurora was brought to the dungeon. Some of the cries had been her own. Some had come from guards coming to...
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posted by KataraLover
It's krisimasi morning they had no krisimasi mti they have only apples to eat but to the story.

"Merry krisimasi everyone get up I wanna give all of wewe your presents" alisema Cinderella

They all got up and went to get the presents, cinderella wanted to be the first to give her Marafiki their presents.

"Chief I got wewe a brush so I can brush your lovely main and tail. Bruno I got wewe a steak, mnofu with a bone in it. Jaq I got wewe some cheese, and Christopher I got wewe a....." alisema Cinderella

"WAIT! Cinderelly we got wewe something, we got wewe a rose it was the last one in the hole woods. We saw it and thought...
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So we've got our shabiki of the mwezi for April- Alafastanzio! Who definitely deserves it!

1.How do wewe feel about winning for shabiki of the month, and do wewe think wewe deserve it?
It feels wonderful for such a relatively simple thing. I’m not sure I’d consider myself the biggest Disney Princess shabiki au the most active on this site but what I do contribute I try to put a lot of effort into. If I could be the editor au moderator of this site I TOTALLY would.

2. Who is your current inayopendelewa princess, and why?
Oh I’m not sure anymore. I used to be a staunch lover of Aurora but lately I’ve been...
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posted by aguilarsito
We started with 15 models.

(We need minimum 20 kura for each kura ya maoni so if there was a tied we needed wait for the vote #21 if still we haved a tied we haved 3 nominees)
You decided the nominees and wewe are gonna decide who will be Disney inayofuata juu Model. Thanks for ur kura and comments.

Photoshoot#1. Couples
Best Picture; Pocahontas
Nominees: Alice 38% Vs Tinker Bell 62% (to stay)
1st Eliminated: Alice

Photoshoot#2. With Villains
Best Picture; Esmeralda
Nomineees: Pocahontas 67% Vs Tiana 33% (to stay)
2nd Eliminated: Tiana

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posted by dee389
 The Kinokuniya bookstore in KLCC.
The Kinokuniya bookstore in KLCC.
"Girls, let's spread up to find Dee Dee, she alisema that she is going to be around here." alisema Cinderella, they were mgawanyiko, baidisha into their usual 3 groups.
As for Dee Dee, she was hanging out in a bookstore waiting the for others. "I hope they're not to late!" she thought. Then, she sees a familiar face and meets Belle and the others.
"Hello there, how are wewe all?" she ask, "Oh, we're doing fine! Please wait for the others, they're coming." replied Ariel.
The others all arrive outside the bookstore, and give Dee Dee a hug. "Dee Dee, we want wewe meet Anna, Elsa and Olaf." alisema Snow White, "Hello!"...
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1 - Elsa is born with ice powers and we don't know how she got them

2 - If Anna was so worried about Elsa why was she wasting her time on Hans when she could be talking to her sister?

3 - Anna's main goal is to get her sister out of her room and when she does come out Anna doesn't give her zaidi than a dakika of attention aside from asking the blessing of her to marry someone.

4 - Anna wants to marry a guy she hasn't even know for 20 minutes.

5 - Couldn't of Elsa just froze the peoples feet so they would stop chasing her?

6 - Anna can't see a huge ice ngome that's ontop of a huge kilima but she can...
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I upendo kisses, both the chokoleti kind and the lip to lip kind. But I’m not here to ranking kwa chokoleti kind. I spoil some films in this, (Snow White, Sleeping Beauty, Frozen,) and I ranked a kiss (Or two au three) from almost all the films (Mulan didn’t have one that I ranked).

16: Belle and Adam’s the Curse is Broken Kiss
I found this kiss way to passion for me, I mean it looks like he’s about to eat her face off!!! Not my idea as a first kiss. Also the fireworks wreak it for me. But Belle looks beautiful with her hair loss and it’s magical, just please lose the fireworks.

15: Cinderella’s...
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I’m not counting: Main Villains, the Princesses/Queen au Princes. I’m doing it from Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs to Frozen and Ranking them in the Order I upendo them the most kwa get ready to be Surprised…

12: Yao from Mulan
Mulan has been losing the magical touch with me that it use to have so I don’t really enjoy any of the characters from this film. But Yao is the only character I seem to enjoy and remember being this enjoyable. He’s adorable and so sweet once wewe break down his walls but isn’t as amazing as the other characters.

11: The Witch Woodcarver from Brave
She drop dead...
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posted by dee389
 Hello Anna and Elsa, we meet again!
Hello Anna and Elsa, we meet again!
Hi everyone, I just watched the 2015 Disney Reboot of the classic cinderella story with my younger brother today and I was very impressed with the movie. Here are my thoughts and opinions, I'll write as much as I can like what I did for Frozen, Brave and Maleficent, I'll also write on the short Frozen Fever sequel review and what I think about it.

Frozen Fever

Everyone here has been talking about it, and I have seen picha of here on Fanpop. Despite that it was short, I was really glad to see all of the characters, including their original voice actors and actresses reprising their respective...
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posted by sweetie-94
 Today I'll focus on why I upendo cinderella
Today I'll focus on why I love Cinderella
Today it's 10 days until my birthday and that means that today I'll focus on my 10th inayopendelewa DP cinderella and why I upendo her
Previous makala in the series:

Cinderella has been one of my inayopendelewa Disney Princesses and one of my least favorites, but despite that I've never stopped loving her

I upendo that she believes in her dreams and knows that someday they'll come true and that she never tells them to anyone

I upendo how patient she is, even though she lives a horrible life she never stops believing that her dreams will come true, this leads me to another thing I upendo about her, her...
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I did a countdown about the most developed DPs, and now here are the results. Sorry for the delay! I've been very busy lately. I'd just like to thank everyone who participated in this countdown and left a comment. Anyways here are the results.

13. Aurora

MacytheStrange - None of the Classics developed. A reason why they're my least inayopendelewa Era as a whole.
Silverrose1991 - Even if they're my inayopendelewa era, the Classic Princesses don't have any character development.

12. Snow White

324anna: Snow White doesn't change at all during the movie, she remains the same.
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posted by mhs1025
I don't mean to start off kwa sounding so corny but...I JUST DON'T GET IT! One minute, we hear about a new DP, the inayofuata we hear about 2! Now we're hearing about spoiler after spoiler after spoiler! I know there's a thread for spoilers on here, but that's not what I'm talking about right now. I'm talking about how CONFUSING it's all sounding! We don't even see a real trailer, we hear about vitabu being released before the movie comes out, what's next? *Takes a deep breath* First off, let me talk alittle about Elsa.

I'd be fine if Elsa was an unofficial DP, but because she's a Queen and Anna's sister,...
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A little zaidi than a mwezi zamani I wrote a combined makala of my inayopendelewa and prettiest DP. This time I'm writning my prettiest princess orodha seperatley since it has changed a lot since a mwezi back and my inayopendelewa princess orodha hasn't changed that much, but I'm very soon planning on rewatching all the sinema and do a new update, but my prettiest princess orodha always changes since wewe don't need to watch the movie to decide it, wewe just need to look at some pictures and than decide, but here we go!

10. Mulan (9)

I don't find her pretty anymore, but she's not ugly, she is homely. I don't...
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