Disney Princess High school persona: Which princess fits best in her aliyopewa persona? (Disney High fanfic)

Pick one:
jimmy, hunitumia - Sassy Cheerleader
SnowWhite - Overly nice Goody-two-shoes
cinderella - Flirty Cheerleader
Aurora - Shy and dreamy average girl
Ariel - Artsy, Musician yet still Rebelious type
Belle - Nerdy bookworm
Pocahontas - Hipster environmentalist, equalist and superstitious
Mulan - Sporty yet girly type
Tiana - Teacher's pet and honors class type
Rapunzel Hyper Artsy girl
Merida - Sporty jock type
Anna - Ditsy, dumb and hyper cheerleader
Elsa - Honors class geek with anxiety
 BelleRose829 posted zaidi ya mwaka mmoja uliopita
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