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posted by Crime-Drama-Bee
orodha of nicknames used on Glee (Source: Glee Wiki, some from memory). A few have been left out so if wewe can think of any just post in comments)
Rach, A-Rach, Babe, (Finn)
Miss Bossy Pants, Eva Peron (Mercedes)
RuPaul, Man Hands, Treasure Trail, Stubbles, That Thing, Sweetie (Quinn)
Yentl (Dakota, Santana)
Boy Hips (Lauren)
Benedict Arnold (Kurt)
Dwarf, Midget, Hobbit (Santana)
Barbra Streisand (Suzy Pepper)
Lady, Michele (Sue)
Baby, My Hot Little Jewish American Princess (Puck)
The Jew (YouTube user)

Finnocence (Santana)
Frankenteen (Santana, Dakota Stanley, Sue)
Sugar ray (Sue)
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posted by uruguaygirl4398
 Glee cast
glee cast
Glee casts tattoos

With a total of nine tattoos, Lea Michele has the most ink of any member of the cast of Glee. Her tats include two butterflies (one on her right foot and one on her lower back), the words "I Believe" inside her right wrist, muziki notes from the song "Bohemian Rhapsody" (left shoulder blade), a dhahabu nyota on her left wrist in honour of Rachel Berry, the word "Imagine" on her left foot, and a kuvuka, msalaba on the side of her left rib cage.
Lea also has a tattoo on her thigh in memory of her deceased grandfather (unseen).

You may not have known it, but Matthew Morrison has a tattoo of a...
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posted by Crime-Drama-Bee
All of these are in my own opinion. The makala is not about the actual quality of the songs, but zaidi of their use in the show. A short note is included after the title to note the main issue(s). "Done intentionally" means that the faults were acknowledged in the show.

1.    Cell Block Tango - Poor song choice and offensive; done intentionally. The girls just found out that someone is in an abusive relationship. This was probably one of the worst songs they could have chosen to sing. As alisema in the show, it was kwa a bunch of violent, crazy women who killed their significant...
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posted by Renesmee_XD
10. Funny nukuu from Glee : Report

Will to Finn: wewe still owe me that ripoti on...what wewe did last summer
Finn to Will: Almost half way done with almost all of it Mr. Shu.

09. Funny nukuu from Glee : Fame

Rachel: Nowadays being anonymous is worse than being poor. Fame is the most important thing in our culture now.

08. Funny nukuu from Glee : Myspace

Will: There is no joy in these kids, they feel invisible. That's why every one of them has a myspace page.

07. Funny nukuu from Glee : Surgery

Finn about his mom: She just had surgery.
Puck: What kind of surgery?
Finn: Oh, well, she just had to have...
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 Bety is our FOTM winner for September!
Bety is our FOTM winner for September!
Our Glee FOTM winner for September is Bety and I'm really happy we've finally done that interview although we have both exams right now.So , we hope you'll like it and congrats again , Bety, wewe deserved it!

1. First off, would wewe mind introducing yourself to the Glee mashabiki and telling us something zaidi about yourself, something that we don't know? :)
Well Hi Gleeks! I'm Bety, I'm 15 and I live in Mexico (maybe that one wewe dind't know), High-school freshman and I upendo to act.
 I'm extremely exited!
I'm extremely exited!
2.Congrats on winning the September FOTM award again, how do wewe feel?
Very flattered, I...
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 so many mashabiki are active on the spot so obviously lots of people deserve it
so many fans are active on the spot so obviously lots of people deserve it
1. First off, a major congrats on winning the sekunde FOTM! What was your reaction when wewe found out?
Thank wewe Cat =D Truthfully I was shocked + happy; shocked because with the Gleeks wewe never know who they are going to pick, and so many mashabiki are active on the spot so obviously lots of people deserve it… and happy cause I won? lol

2. What did wewe first think of Glee when wewe watched it?
Funny story that is I missed every single episode up to preggers I think? In aussie its on every Thursday night and me and my friend are like we have to watch it, but than we kept forgetting and missed the...
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Hello lovely Gleeks !
First of all, thank wewe for taking the time to read this, especially as many of wewe may not upendo Finn and Rachel as much as I do. This is basically my way of inaonyesha wewe guys how much I adore them and hopeing that, after wewe read it, you'll consider voting me biggest finchel fan.

So why do I upendo this couple so freaking much that I've bothered wewe all with numerous makala about them? Well, to answer this I thought I'd take wewe through each of the seasons and highlight some of the defining moments and add in some of my favourite quotes

Season One,part one
Well, I've loved...
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posted by tinkerbell_cate
Okay so this is just my way of saying thanks to everyone who makes this spot a fun place to be. I know that there has been a problem with haters coming on this spot, but the thing is, with wewe guys here? the haters don't matter. We ripoti them, then ignore them and go back to making the Glee spot a place for mashabiki of all characters on Glee to come express there opinions and talk about an amazing show. Even though everyone has different opinions,the thing that keeps this spot great is the fact that we all respect each other even if we disagree with someone. As long as no one is insulting a character,...
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posted by KarlitaJB
Hello all the Gleeks out name is Karly...I'm 15 years old...and well I upendo this is my first Glee fanfic...and I tought it would be great to write about one of my inayopendelewa characters...Rory...!

It Ain't Easy Being Green

My name is Sophie Lucas, I'm 16 years old and my life at McKinley had become a mess. Cheerios talking about their multiples boyfriends, Hockey kids bothering everyone that they just don't like, fighting with Coach Sylvester, Glee kids getting slushied…just a regular siku at the hallways of my new school....
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posted by ilovehouse345
The Glee club after rachel and them graduate. How will mr.shue handle a new club? i bet were all curious of what the club is gonna be lke after the current one leaves. well i made up one.


William Schuester walked into the school building, it was a new year, new kids, new teachers and new problems. The problem? His Glee club had graduated last year, and now he was memberless. It was hard enough getting teens to jiunge the last club, he didn't even want to imagine this years trouble. He put it in the back of his mind and walked to his first period class.

The kengele finally rung and his...
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1-after getting the maria role in west side story she still ran for president against Kurt and brittany

2-she was angry at Santana because she was her UNDERSTUDY

3-she didn't know the names of Ryder,Jake, Marley, Kitty and Unique/Wade

4-she sold EVERYONE down the river at least once

5-she thinks she's the "glee" club

6-she wants every single solo

7- she stayed out of contact and comes back without any warnings

8-EVERYONE thinks her personality is the worst

9-she ALWAYS gets what she wants (that was the problem with show)
posted by mikfan9
Actual Solos:

Season 1: True Colors

Season 2: I Follow Rivers

Season 3: Because wewe Loved Me

Season 4: Gangman Style, I Don't Know How to upendo Him,
Hung Up


Season 2: Sing!, Dog Days Are Over

Season 3: L-O-V-E, Flashdance... What a Feeling

Solos in a Group:

Season 1: Push It, Proud Mary, My Life Would Suck Without You, Express Yourself, Bad Romance, Give Up the Funk, To Sir With Love

Season 2: Toxic, One of Us, Time Warp, Start Me Up/Livin on a Prayer, Marry You, The Most Wonderful siku of the Year, We Need a Little Christmas, God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen, Deck the Rooftop, Born This Way, Pure Imagination,...
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Well, this chapter was one that took so long. I'm so sorry for that. It didn't come that easy. Now it's done. It's an extra-long chapter and every character has an interview featured.

Enjoy and don't forget to review!


Chapter 4: Tribute scores and interviews

Brittany district 5

Brittany waited for her name to be called. Yet she had no idea, what she had to onyesha them. Brittany was not known in town as the smartest au the strongest. If someone was going to look for a winner, Brittany wouldn't be the person they would submit. Brittany was a sweet kind spirit, but most people in district 5...
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 Finchel, Klaine, and Brittana, the three main ships of Glee.
Finchel, Klaine, and Brittana, the three main ships of Glee.
Over the last two years, the fandom has become divided and so dependent upon inayopendelewa ships and characters that there's no fun anymore. That's the problem when wewe have a phenomenal onyesha whose quality starts to downfall. In Season 2, the writers started to depend zaidi heavily on relationship-powered storylines rather than group plot-powered ones. They presented your pairs to root for: Finchel, Klaine, Brittana; of course the fandom fell in upendo with these pairings. They started to differentiate between 'endgame' relationships and temporary ones (ie. your Fuinn au Luck au Emma/Carl). The writers...
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posted by ninjacupcake88

Rachel: "Look guys, these steps are not hard! I’ve been doing them since preschool!"
Kurt: "I’m sorry, did I miss the election for queen. Cause I didn’t vote for you."

Finn: "Look, I owe wewe guys an apology. I never should have quit. I don't want to be the guy that just drives around throwing eggs at people!"
Rachel: "That was you?"
Kurt: "You and your Marafiki threw pee balloons at me."
Finn: "I know."
Kurt: "You nailed all my lawn furniture to my roof."


(To bullies) "One siku wewe will all work for me."

(To Mercedes) "You look like a technicolor zebra."

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 Being as cute as ever.
Being as cute as ever.
I may not know Lea's tarehe of birth. I may not know her inayopendelewa preformance. I may not know any of her Broadway plays. I may not have ever seen them. I may not know everything about Lea. But what I do know is the way I feel about her. I'm in upendo with this incredible woman. She's so bold and funny. She's amazing. She's who I dedicate my life to. She's who I look up to. She's who I want to be exactly like in life. Even though I'm nothing like her, neither bold au funny, I still think I am. I have a passion for imba and acting, even though I don't onyesha it. Lea Michele is my inspriration and I follow my hopes and dreams after her. May God bless this wonderful person and I pray to be like her when I grow up.
 Being as bold as ever.
Being as bold as ever.
 Being as hot as ever.
Being as hot as ever.
posted by fetchgirl2366
(Sam, Mercedes, and Quinn are in a classroom having a conversation together. A student, Joe, is standing outside making sure he came to the right place.)
Joe's Thoughts: From what I've seen so far, this school seems okay. The most awkward moment is when people are looking at me, wondering why the homeless dude with the guitar, gitaa came here. Well, I'm not homeless. I can care less about what they say. If there's one thing God taught me, it's that wewe don't need fancy things to be happy. It's just love. In fact, he's the reason why I'm going to jiunge the God Squad team. we go.

(The door...
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(All of the Glee boys--Cory Monteith, Kevin McHale, Chord Overstreet, Mark Salling, Harry Shum Jr., and Chris Colfer--were backstage looking at their scripts. Damian McGinty stepped into the room with Samuel Larsen, one of his friends.)
Chris: Who's the new dude?
Damian: This is my friend, Samuel. He won "The Glee Project" along with me and will be the new face of "Glee".
Samuel (smiling): Way to introduce me, Damo.
Harry (to Mark): Didn't we see him before?
Mark: Wow, you're so difficult to remember things.
Cory: I think he's gonna do great on the show. I heard his music. He's pretty good.
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posted by fetchgirl2366
Hairography- Eleventh episode in the first season of "Glee"
 Harmony (portrayed kwa Lindsay Pearce)
Harmony (portrayed kwa Lindsay Pearce)

Hair- Originally from the musical "Hair", sung kwa New Directions in the episode 'Hairography' (solos: Artie, Mercedes, and Tina; mash-up with the song "Crazy In Love")
Halo- Originally kwa Beyonce, sung kwa the New Directions girls in the episode 'Vitamin D' (solos: Mercedes and Rachel; mashed up with the song "Walking on Sunshine")
Hank Saunders- Former Glee club student from the episode 'Pilot'
Happy Days Are Here Again- Originally kwa Barbra Streisand, sung kwa Rachel and Kurt in the episode '...
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posted by pompeybabe
{These are the lyrics to Santana's song from the Season 2 episode, "Original Song". She sung it to Sam and I personally think that she should have finished because it is freaking funny!!!!}

Guppy Face, Trouty Mouth
Is that how people's lips look where youcome from in the South ?
Grouper Mouth, Froggy Lips
I upendo suckin' on those salamander lips
Wanna put a samaki hook in those lips so cherry red

If wewe tried hard enough wewe could suck a baby's head

{Its so short but God, I wish she got to finish that :D)